Dictionary Art Inspiration, Branch Strengthening, & Smashbooking

June 2, 2013

I recently stumbled upon this Dictionary Art Journaling Prompt posted by Bebe Butler and couldn’t wait to create something inspired by this idea!  I grabbed the closest dictionary to me, did some photocopying, opened my smashbook, and got out some of my favorite art journaling materials to create this:

Dictionary Art Prompt | creativity in motion

Dictionary Art & Branch Strengthening

The word and definition I chose for this prompt was “bough” (i.e. the branch of a tree). I was drawn to this word because I remembered Christine Arylo’s self branches concept introduced in her book Madly in Love with Me (Chapter 3).

Arylo encourages strengthening the branches of our self love tree: “care, awareness, acceptance, trust, esteem, compassion & forgiveness, empowerment, expression, honor & respect, and pleasure” (p 55). This image focuses on self-trust, which is the topic of Chapter 8.

Dictionary Art Prompt-Detail

This was fun to work on! Thank you Bebe for the prompt and introducing this inspiration for using more dictionary pages in my art journaling…  🙂


3 Responses to “Dictionary Art Inspiration, Branch Strengthening, & Smashbooking”

  1. Bebe Butler Says:

    So beautiful Gretchen! love love love it!

  2. Laura Burlingame-Lee, Ph.D. Says:

    Hi, Gretchen! Just started following you a little while ago, and this post really spoke to me. I’m a therapist working my psychologist licensure, and work with borderline personality disorder. This project seems like it could be really useful. (It speaks to me personally, too!) I like working with art journaling with my clientele, as they can express things they can’t put into words – very helpful with people who self-harm. Anyway, thanks for sharing your projects and ideas. I really enjoy them and look forward to your posts!

  3. theresazip Says:

    This is so beautiful- thank you Gretchen for your unwavering commitment to making and posting nourishing art…

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