Answering the Call: Cleveland Creative Women’s Circle

August 5, 2013

This week-end I answered Connie Hozvicka’s call to join a special Creative Women’s Circle gathering in Cleveland.

I was super looking forward to meeting Connie and expressing my gratitude to her in person for all the good vibes, creative goodness, and nurturing connections she’s offered me and so many others through her beautiful presence and amazing on-line art communities, workshops, and retreats with Dirty Footprints Studio.

This gathering in Cleveland was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with some familiar local faces, as well as meet more like minded women with inspiring, creative spirits.

Cleveland Creative Women's Circle w/ Dirty Footprints Studio | creativity in motion

The Circle’s Grateful Light (no filter!)

The day was beautiful, our setting along the waters Lake Erie relaxing, and the energy among the group was so open and encouraging.  It was very cool to meet up with this group of women mixed media artists, art journalers, painters, and more who also have such respect, gratitude, and have been inspired by the DFS community.

Cleveland Creative Women's Circle w/ Dirty Footprints Studio | creativity in motion

Cleveland Creative Women’s Circle | August 3, 2013

Creating art together in this safe space and meeting up in this creative fellowship was good for the soul!


revo’lution making by the lake

I spent some of my artmaking time working on Day 215’s revo’lution art. Also good for the soul! 🙂

I look forward to the new connection inspired by this experience and what grows from our personal creative seeds and among each other as a result of this awesome gathering.

Read Connie’s reflections from the gathering here on the DFS site.


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One Response to “Answering the Call: Cleveland Creative Women’s Circle”

  1. Hannah Says:

    This is pretty awesome Gretchen–I think the idea of a Creative Women’s circle is wonderful-embracing by its very nature.

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