Through a Grateful Summer Lens: Honoring Our Light

August 8, 2013

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.  ~Celia Thaxter

Through a Grateful Lens: Summer Light | creativity in motion

Behold (!) the collection of my most favorite filtered light captures I’ve taken throughout this summer on my iPhone and then posted on Instagram. Over the last 14 months, it’s been fun, rewarding, and grounding to keep up this practice of “following the light” as a simple, visual reflection of being in (and honoring) the present moment, as well as a creative expression to pay gratitude to the love & light energy that shines all around.

This week I stumbled upon this lovely news article about the photography of Charles Blackhall and his view of photography as a form of mediation to “open the good eye”.  Blackhall uses photography as a process to “regain fresh eyes”, slow down the moment, practice here and now focusing, attunement, and more:

“This practice, in my opinion, is really mindfulness meditation with visual perceptions as the object of attention rather than watching one’s breath.”

— Charles Blackhall


It’s also comforting when I take these photos and so very often during this practice I think of other “light followers” who also post their amazing captures with such warm & inspiring intentions.  I sometimes reflect on how we are all under the same giant sky no matter who & where we are. For me, this awareness creates a refreshing simplicity and a humbling perspective.

Through a Grateful Lens: Namaste | creativity in motion

“The light within me bows to the light within you.”

As the summer light begins to slowly fade, it’s a little hard for me to adjust to shorter and shorter days. This transition helps create an appreciation for the remaining moments of evening light…


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3 Responses to “Through a Grateful Summer Lens: Honoring Our Light”

  1. theresazip Says:

    So true! I love the thought that we’re all beholding the same light- a beautiful meditation. Thanks Gretchen!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Gretchen, your photographs of light have an eternal quality to them; as if they could have taken years ago, or today. I think that aspect of timelessness points to being present, to being of and in the moment.

  3. Patricia Says:

    What a beautiful post! My word for this year is “light” so your post had extra special meaning for me. Found you via Daisy Yellow’s guest DPP post – wonderful technique that I am sure to try! You have a great site!

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