Creative Pay It Forward Adventures

October 10, 2013

Back in January, I answered Lani Gerity’s invite to play Creative Pay It Forward.  Part of this fun included not only receiving an awesome paper stash surprise from Lani, but also keeping my commitment to spread the creative goodness to at least 5 other people throughout 2013.  So here’s an update on this adventure…

10 people answered an invite through this blog and on Facebook to also join in on the fun- Yes!  Since January I have been mailing out art to one of the individuals on my Creative Pay It Forward list.  At the beginning of each month I would randomly select someone from this list to send art to: Sarah (January), Emery (February), Erin (March), Julie (April), Rachel (May), Peg (June), Susan (July), Janet (August), Claudia (September), Bailey (October). Art goodies that I made and sent included a slide mount accordion mini book, an altered domino, a sock monkey, artist trading cards, paper stashes, an altered index collage card, and a mini canvas painting. This Creative Pay It Forward effort reached 8 different US states and 2 countries. I hope the creative giving just kept on (and keeps) going from there!

Creative Pay It Forward | creativity in motion

2013 Creative Pay It Forward

All of these art gifts were a joy to create and send throughout this year!  The paper stash of collage and magazine photos I received from Lani earlier in the year I still regularly use with gratitude in my 365 revo’lution making and smashbooking.

Many thanks to everyone who played Creative It Forward with me throughout the last ten months… I look forward to more creative adventures inspired by kindness and eudomonic happiness… Stay tuned for more!

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2 Responses to “Creative Pay It Forward Adventures”

  1. Oh, to be as superbly organized as you, or even only HALF as, Ms Gretchen! Bit by bit, I’ve accumulated all my pay-it-forward thingies for others, tucked them carefully into a box — a box which itself holds boxes — nearby. Now to make the appointment with myself to get them packaged and sent while it is still 2013, eh?! Methinks your blog is the necessary gentle kick in the tuckus to send these treats on their way asap!


  2. sounds like you are organized too Kit- everything has its process! And there’s still time left in 2013- no worries! 🙂

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