Art Journaling Is… 21 SECRETS LIVE! Giveaway

October 24, 2013

I’m doing a giveaway here on Creativity in Motion for TWO free spots in 21 SECRETS LIVE!, an art journaling spreecast hosted by Dirty Footprints Studio:

Art Journaling Is... >>> 21 SECRETS LIVE! Giveaway via creativity in motion

21 SECRETS is turning five years old in 2014 and there’s a special workshop happening to celebrate…(!)

Come join a group of past 21 SECRETS teachers (including me!) in 21 SECRETS LIVE!…Starting January 15 your host Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio and a past 21 SECRETS teacher will meet every Wednesday at 6pm EST for a LIVE! video broadcast where you can art journal along with us.  Learn more information about 21 SECRETS LIVE! here

It’s easy to enter this special giveaway!  Just complete this sentence in the comment section below: “Art Journaling is……” between now and next Friday.

For me personally, art journaling in the form of smashooking, gluebooking, altered art book-making, my 365 project, and more has been (and continues to be) so many wonderful things.  Art journaling has been a way for me to experiment with simple, yet fun art materials & new ideas, a form of self-care, and a tool to help me honor & stay grounded with intention, gratitude, and a daily creative practice.  I also very much enjoy the community and spirit from art journaling friends I’ve connected with from all over the world!

What does art journaling mean to you? I’d love to hear!

Art Journaling Is... >>> 21 SECRETS LIVE! Giveaway via creativity in motion

I will randomly pick two entries from the responses below next week on November 1 at 5 pm EST and will contact the winners directly.  Good luck!

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16 Responses to “Art Journaling Is… 21 SECRETS LIVE! Giveaway”

  1. jen Says:

    Art Journaling is a way for me to process…to center myself, gain insight, clarity and motivation for the next step. A way for me to better express myself, and to loose track of time…to tap my creativity and relieve stress and negative emotions while nurturing positive ones! Recently it has moved into the digital world for me with photo editing apps because it’s so hard to get an hour with my traditional art supplies and my phone is almost always with me and I don’t have to wait for glue to dry 🙂

  2. Heather Randazzo Says:

    I would be so grateful to be chosen to participate!! I want to experience this, connect it into my creative practice and share it in my community. I think I fear the potential power art journaling it but need to just do it and welcome the energy of the amazing people willing to share! My fingers and toes are crossed hoping its meant to be ~thank you!

  3. Christy Says:

    Art journaling for me is a way for me to express and process my thoughts. On an upsetting day I write my feelings fast (almost eligible) and then paint collage and stamp over the words. On a positive day I start with collage pictures of positive things I have been thinking about and then add paint and text about feelings, goals, hopes, or gratitude.

  4. Annette Maloney Says:

    Art Journaling is life, for me, it is literally, life! After suffering from PTSD and severe depression several years ago, my therapist recognized an “artsy” side of me and suggested “soul cards” to help me through my grieving process. First of all, I did not know I even had an “artsy” side, so you can imagine my surprise when I started “creating” . At one point I was standing on a chair, with a rope around my neck . . . Therapy and Art literally saved my life. Art Journalling is such a great avenue to keep those creative juices flowing, to get those thoughts down AND out! I especially LOVE painting over the ugly thoughts and making something nice on top.

    How kind of you to offer 2 free entries! Thank you for the opportunity to expand my new and growing passion!


  5. Hannah Says:

    Art journaling is the winding labyrinth that leads me back to my soul (which never went anywhere–I just couldn’t see it!) I also like to think of my journal as a guide rope, and I hold onto it, finding my way back home, hand over hand, word over image.

  6. marynbtol Says:

    Art journaling helps me unwind and refresh. It restores my energy and keeps me from coming “unglued”. It is also another way I connect with God. Art journaling is my breathing space!

  7. Yvonne Says:


    Art journaling is freedom to express yourself.

  8. playcrane Says:

    Art journaling is a way for me to express myself and increase self-awareness in a fun and creative way.

  9. Art journaling is soul food for my senses. Like poetry it allows me to express feel, and heal things in a way that no other medium can. It is part of the Beauty that has and continues to save my life.

  10. Art journaling allows me to blend my love of words with my love for creating art. Words and art combine to express my feelings and to document my adventures, goals, hopes and dreams. In my art journal I find the freedom to try out new techniques which if successful I then use in pieces outside of my journal — usually collages on stretched canvas. As a book artist I also use my art journal to work on ideas for creating new handmade books. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway. Should I be one of the lucky 2 winners please contact me at Thanks SO much for this opportunity, Gretchen, and for your 365 days project that I’ve followed all year. I hope to do something similar in 2014.

  11. Rachel Says:

    Creating in an art journal allows the still small voice inside to be seen and heard, over and over again. What is released takes on its own life to be peeked at weeks later from a new vantage point.

  12. I would love the opportunity to Art Journal with your Tribe of 21 Secrets! I am a licensed professional counselor and I am wanting to walk thru an art journal experience to then share with my individual, group and couple clients that are healing for a variety of traumas.

    I will be on a missions trip to South Africa Nov 1-15 so if I were lucky to win, please know that I will be digitally challenged for those 2 weeks!

    Thanks for your blog!

  13. Andrea Davis Says:

    Art Journaling is my treat in the day. A space where. Can experiment with art supplies and express myself however i like!

  14. Beverly Says:

    Art Journaling for me is complete relaxation. I do a little every day, and when I do all my worries vanish. Who would have thought paper, scissors and glue could be so therapeutic!

  15. Leeayn Says:

    Art journaling is……….difficult, intense, and not yet liberating. I’m trying so hard to be able to freely put stuff down on paper, but am ultra-judgemental about my own writings and thoughts. I’d like to learn more about how to be free!

  16. It has been so lovely reading everyone’s responses to the Art Journaling Is…. prompt throughout the last week– Thank you for contributing your thoughts and reflections…. I wish we could all art journal together! 🙂 I’ve put everyone’s names on a little piece of paper and randomly selected 2 winners from this batch…….. Congrats to Rachel and Jen! I will contact you both directly via e-mail w/ more info– yay! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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