20 Reminders & Discoveries Inspired By My 365 Project

December 11, 2013

It’s Day 345 of 2013, which means  there’s only 20 days remaining in the 365 project I started on January 1…  Wow!  To kick off this bittersweet countdown, I’m sharing the 20 things I’ve learned, discovered, and re-visited so far from participating in this project and my revo’lution intentions this year:

20 Reminders & Discoveries Inspired By My 365 Project | creativity in motion

1. I’m always amazed and astonished by the containment of small holding spaces in art making.

2. Remember to slow down.

3.  Appreciate each day.

4. Trust the process.

5. My favorite 365 making time: Mid-morning, before noon

6. I really do have 20-30 minutes everyday to create.

7. Keep it simple.

8. Most used revo’lution making tools: gluestick & hole puncher

9. Take time to honor the moment.

10. One day at a time.

11. All the pieces are part of the greater whole.

12. Stay in the light.

13. Most Seen Intention throughout the Project: Trust

14. This project helped me strengthen and deepen my connection to others and service.

15. Favorite place for revo’lution making: Home in my creative place

16. Biggest regret:  Not being able to regularly work on my 365 art first thing in the morning. (would be a great way to start the day!)

17. Most inspiring moment: When I reached my first 100 days.

18. Favorite material used: Collage, distressed ink & stain

19. Intentions that have taught me the most: Service & Honor

20. Intentions that have challenged me the most: Stillness & Trust


In many ways embarking on this final 20 day journey is just the beginning as I start to craft my new revo’lution and intentions for 2014…. 🙂

I’ve also enjoyed reading the comments and responses to my 365 revo’lution collage sheet giveaway– Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! A reminder that there’s still three more Fridays left to share your intention(s) and enter!

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2 Responses to “20 Reminders & Discoveries Inspired By My 365 Project”

  1. Gretchen, I’ve been thinking about your countdown! What an amazing commitment to yourself and the creative process. I admire it so. I’m most intrigued by your discovery of your most preferred time of day to make your art. I think that’s a piece of personal information that we could all do well to assess.
    And, pray tell, what you will do with that 30 minutes!!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Hey Gretchen,

    I enjoyed your list–the verbalizing of the process adding yet another layer of meaning to your project. I’m drawn to #1 and 16–the notion of the macro in the micro and the idea that if we look for it, we will indeed find those 20-30 minutes. Thank you for all the inspiration that this project has provided for all of us!

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