3×5 365 Begins

January 1, 2014

New Year, New 365! Woo hoo!

I’m upsizing from last year’s 1 x 2.5 inch card to an index card and beginning a 3×5 365 adventure today….

3x5 365 | creativity in motion

3×5 365

There’s lots o’ inspiration out there for index card art journaling to help and guide me in this new journey, including the amazing Tammy Garcia’s ICAD (Index Card a Day) Challenge and Daily Paper Prompts on her site Daisy Yellow.  Tammy’s an ICAD inspiration and pioneer to so many involved in this art journaling movement!  Thank you Tammy!

To begin (creating a safe space!), I’ve purchased a simple expandable plastic file, a little similar to this to hold and organize the cards I’ll be making.  This kind of card containing system also makes it very easy for me to take the project on the go, an important consideration for how I like to work and for following through with this daily creative practice.

I’m looking forward to creating within a larger space, incorporating more writing (on the flipside), as well as experimenting with more materials, techniques, and prompts in my 2014 creative life!  Look for 3×5 365 art to be posted here weekly. Yay!

How are you launching or nurturing your creative daily practice in 2014?


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5 Responses to “3×5 365 Begins”

  1. Well I have bitten the bullet and taken a very scary decision to stop going out on markets and fairs selling my work and to return to the classroom – my classroom. I have just finished signing up to most of the courses I have wanted to do for ages, my investment in myself, and am in the process of writing myself a creativity school timetable and contract for the next year which I am entitling ‘Restoring my creative-self – covering creativity, health, rest, art, writing, fitness, gentle retreat giving,soul coaching and living a life less hectic less fraught less emotionally attached and more gently leaning into creative days. Well that’s the plan x

  2. gypsy999 Says:

    Yippee! Your 3×5″ index cards will literally rock your world! Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to seeing your creations in the days ahead.

  3. deborahehDe Says:

    Congratulations on your new adventure! Do you feel that last year’s self discovery was amplified by the daily art-making practice?

  4. @Debbie: I definitely think (for me) that being consistently connected to daily art-making enhances or helps reinforce aspects of self discovery…. I love your commitment Bernadette to return back to basics and restoration through creative self care…. @Tammy: so excited to be on this 3×5 journey– I’m all in for your ICAD this year (finally!!!) 🙂

  5. I had a pile of unused [and defunct] business cards that I kept looking at and wanted to do something with – I was also looking for inspiration to keep me engaged on a daily basis with ‘playing’ in my art room. AJ pointed me to your blog and I joyfully found both issues answered in one! I am taping two cards together and using both sides [if required] with the intention of documenting the relevant word or phrase of each day. It will keep me conscious and it will keep me playfully working and will not require hours of time. I can’t thank you and AJ enough for this entirely serendipitous meeting!

    I look forward to following along and seeing your index cards unfold 🙂 Pauline

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