In the Presence of Now: Creating One 3×5 At a Time

January 11, 2014

[Things end because…. something else is ready to begin.]

The last 10 days of my 3×5 365 project has been an interesting transition from 2013’s 365 project. A mixture of loss (from the familiarity of what was) mixed in with much excitement (about what can be), along with a reminder (to just be present in the here and now).  A helpful, simple tool I’ve started to use for this gentle reminder into the “presence of now” is this handy (and free!) Gratitude and One Minute Meditation app.  For me, this added practice helps re-frame and create a moment of pause before beginning to work on the day’s 3×5.

As I’ve started to embark on this new 365 adventure, these beginning days have been spent getting to know and being present to this project’s new form, being, and structure…a building of rapport and flow connected to this project’s voice.

I’ve already noticed how much I really do enjoy having the 3×5 space to [breathe], create, and play in.

I am eager to see what develops in these sacred spaces over time.. remembering to embrace this process one 3×5 at a time.

[ “Tomorrow will always hold curiosities but it is the enchantment of today’s possibilities which has me true to the present.” ] ― Truth Devour, Wantin


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5 Responses to “In the Presence of Now: Creating One 3×5 At a Time”

  1. What an awesome idea. I think I need to go create something now. 🙂

  2. Theresa Zip Says:

    Accustomed to enjoying your 365 cards, I scrolled down to the photo of your first 3×5′s– and every cell in my body expanded- – – Thanks for the reflection, Gretchen 🙂

  3. I’m not ready for a 365 anything project yet but you are an inspiration for more frequent art projects and eventually a 365 project of my own.

  4. […] begun working with a concept I found on Gretchen Miller’s site Creativity in Motion: her 365 day revo’lution project from 2013 has sparked one of my own. So far, I’ve […]

  5. Hannah Says:

    Gretchen–your words: “a building of rapport and flow connected to this project’s voice” are very helpful–I forget that when beginning anything, esp. art, that it is about building rapport rather than exerting control!

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