Creative Challenge: ICAD 2014 is Coming!

April 25, 2014

Get ready!  Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day (ICAD) Challenge for 2014 is coming! I cannot wait to officially participate this year (my first time!) and enjoy all the 3×5 inspiration and creativity from Tammy and the ICAD community.

Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge: Get Creative!

The challenge is simple: Create one 3×5 index card a day for 61 days!

ICAD begins June 1 through July 31, but you can start preparing for it now! Get geared up with a stack of 3x5s, gather some art materials of your choosing (simple stuff is encouraged!), and check out Daisy Yellow’s ICAD FAQ to learn more about how the challenge works. The ICAD 2014 FB Group has been lots of fun already to see the variety of  3x5s, material use, and prompt ideas from past years.  It’s awesome to see my FB Newsfeed full of artsy index cards!

In the 4 months I’ve been working on my 3×5 365, I’ve experienced a great fondness for creating in this simple rectangle space. Larger than last year’s 365 space (1 x 2.5), it’s been super nice to have more breathing room to create in everyday.  And…. for me, this (expanded) space also creates manageable containment, so my commitment to daily art-making does not become overwhelming.

It is a great balance and win win!

Some of April's 3x5 | creativity in motion

Some of my April 3x5s


Day 91 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 91 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion


Day 104 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 104 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion


Day 113 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 113 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion

Now it’s your turn! Discover your own 3×5 magic and the ICAD love with Daisy Yellow’s two month challenge:

Index-Card-a-Day | Daisy Yellow Challenge


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4 Responses to “Creative Challenge: ICAD 2014 is Coming!”

  1. Fiona Fitzpatrick Says:

    Hey Gretchen , my 9yr old Mr Daniel and I joining the ICAD community and just bought our index cars yesterday. We both can’t wait to get together, and with others, to create little pieces of art everyday!

  2. This is great Fiona! Yay!

  3. I tried the ICAD last year but was not able to finish the challenge but since then I’ve always had index cards in my art stash. Lately, I’ve been using them mostly as journal / filler cards for my Project Life

  4. gypsy999 Says:

    Gretchen, Thank you for the shout-out and thrilled to share your enthusiasm for the ICAD challenge. I love that you are doing 365 this year!!!

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