Call for Art : Art Therapy 360 : Join the Celebration!

July 21, 2014

Art Therapy Alliance

Art Therapy 360 | Art Therapy Alliance

In recognition of the Art Therapy Alliance reaching 36,000 likes on FacebookArt Therapy 360 invites community members and supporters to create a mandala (in any media) celebrating the awesomeness & power of art therapy.

To contribute to this community project, please e-mail your own original mandala art photo (no larger than 1000 dpi) to with a brief statement describing how your 360 image celebrates this amazing field and practice around the globe!  Please also include your name & where your mandala was created.

Art Therapy 360 mandala images will be posted on the Art Therapy Alliance’s Facebook and Pinterest pages to help spread the word!  You can also share your art and positive message about art therapy using the #arttherapy360 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Join the #arttherapy360 celebration through art & social media!

Here are some art therapy & mandala resources to help get you…

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