Creative Chain Reaction

November 1, 2014

 Month #10 just came to a close for my 3×5 365 project and in reflection I’ve decided to put together some of the words & phrases from days 274-304 in a poem of sorts:

Creative Chain Reaction | creativity in motion

Creative Chain Reaction


An artful perception

Of enoughness re-framed

Before & between

To challenge my adventure into imagination

A new day…. Always.

Believe! Work creatively!

Permission granted to do the things you love to do.

To honor the stories behind these stories

With mindful power and an abundance of hope

To reclaim with mercy & inspiration.

The next thing, a newness, re-birth….

Re-forming and finding grace

For a creative reveal, full of growth.

This is it:

A creative opening to fall into this rhythm.

Creative Chain Reaction | creativity in motion

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2 Responses to “Creative Chain Reaction”

  1. ginapoet Says:

    Wow! Incredibly beautiful!

  2. Gretchen, this is so awesome, I love it 🙂

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