3×5 365 2014 Creative Goodness

December 31, 2014

3x5 365 | creativity in motion

3×5 day 365 is here!  Yay! To help celebrate the completion of this year’s creative daily practice, I put together a short video with all the index card art I created over the last 12 months:

I feel a deep amount of gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has helped support my 3×5 creating efforts…. Thank you!  This has been in the form of generous encouragement, interest, & feedback via social media, this blog, and 6 Degrees of Creativity Paper Stash Swappers who helped provide some of the collage material I’ve used.  And a big thank you to Tammy of Daisy Yellow, who has been such a huge inspiration in all things index card art related!  One of the highlights of this year’s project was finally being able to participate in Daisy Yellow’s ICAD this summer.

This has been a fun, creative adventure!  As I review the video and each of the days, weeks, and months from this project, it’s awesome to see the year come together and end in this way.

Looking forward to new creative adventures in 2015!


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