Introducing: Creative Deed 365

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am excited to introduce my new 365 Project for 2015… Creative Deed 365!

Since 2013, I’ve completed two 365 projects with 730 pieces of daily art as part of my own creative daily practice. This year I am making small pieces of art (3 x 2.5) to randomly gift to others as acts of kindness and to spread creative goodness to others in the spirit of 6 Degrees of Creativity’s 2014 Creative Deed Project.  I want to dedicate 2015 to sharing this process with others and give all the art away with year long positive messages of hope, inspiration, and possibility.

Creative Deed 365 | Creativity in MotionI invite you to participate and become a part of this new creative adventure with me:

  • I’d also love to send you some of my Creative Deed art sometime in 2015!  If you’d like to receive a piece of this project sometime throughout the year, please send a mailing address to

You can make your Creative Deed art with whatever materials, media, and supplies you want!  I am using mini index cards with a label on the back to briefly described the intention of the project. I’ve also purchased (at the local craft store) small ziploc bags to help safely protect the 365 art in the process of gifting to others– whether this be through the mail, outdoor or indoor places & spaces, etc.

Today’s first Creative Deed 365 offering I decided to leave outside of a store I was visiting:

Creative Deed 365 | creativity in motion

Here’s to new creative adventures starting! I can’t wait to see how this project unfolds and what develops throughout the year!

Together, we can make every day of the year full of creative goodness….  🙂


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10 Responses to “Introducing: Creative Deed 365”

  1. iampeacenow Says:

    I must get on WP more often because your blog prompts me to want to “art” more :-). Happy New Year to you.

  2. PA Pict Says:

    What a wonderful project. My art schedule is slammed for 2015 but I would love to leave art in places as a RAOK on a more ad hoc basis. Great idea. Thanks once more for the inspiration.

  3. […] (If not, take a moment to check it out.) Registered Board Certified Art Therapist Gretchen Miller challenges herself and others to make a small piece of art each day to give away. Viewing several of these visual creations […]

  4. Reblogged this on Musings of an Art Therapist/Artist and commented:
    Here it is, the description of Creative Deed 365, which I am participating in, but have not been counting how many little pieces made and gifted. I want them to be like leaves falling off a tree, just spreading love through anonymous free art to strangers and spontaneous gifts to friends and family. big thank you to Gretchen Miller for inspiring us all to be better people and more giving as artists! It really has had a huge impact on me already…

  5. kalicet Says:

    I know its June, but can I still do this?

  6. […] space for self-care through art making. On that blog, you can view her most recent endeavor: Creative Deed 365, inspired by another art therapist, Gretchen […]

  7. […] project was inspired by the work of Gretchen Miller’s Creative Deed 365 Project  Gretchen is a cool cat and a board certified art therapist who has now inspired my artwork. She […]

  8. […] was inspired by Gretchen Miller’s Creative Deed 365 project. Each day in 2015, Gretchen is creating a small artwork that is then dropped off in the community to […]

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