Creative Deed 365: August Offerings

September 4, 2015

Wow- Month 8 of Creative Deed 365 has come and went- it flew by!

So here are some of my favorites from this month:

Creative Deed 365: August Offerings

And I was excited to discover that one of August’s creative deeds that I left at a local gas station was found. It’s always nice to know that a creative deed that was left behind found a home!  🙂

Creative Deed 365: August Offerings

This month I also created my first Flipagram to review August’s offerings, which was lots of fun to play with and make…

Click on the image below to view:

Creative Deed 365: August Offerings

It’s hard to believe there’s just 4 months left of this project!

Hello September….  🙂


2 Responses to “Creative Deed 365: August Offerings”

  1. beverlydyer Says:

    I love doing art drops. I do it rather anonymously, but would sort of like to know who finds it. Do you put a message on the back for them to find you?

  2. Hi Beverly— Awesome to hear that you also do art drops for others to find!

    I do include a short message on the back with a label I attach to each— you can see examples of these in past posts here: . There’s been a few throughout the year I’ve discovered on social media with the #creativedeed365 hashtag or through the specific e-mail for the project, which is a nice!

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