Spectrum 2016 Give-Away Blog Hop!

January 20, 2016

I have some exciting news to share today: I am going to be a returning contributor in Spectrum 2016 this year – and I have 1 spot to give-away here at my blog as part of Spectrum’s Give-Away Blog-Hop!

Spectrum Blog Hop Giveaway!

If you’ll remember from last year, Spectrum is an online Holistic-Creative workshop– now going on its third year, and organized by Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts. Spectrum 2016 will be guided by 20 NEW featured teachers and more than 20 returning contributors offering a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations – all intended to empower, nurture and celebrate your innate creative expression, healing journey, and personal development!

There will be weekly inspiration & reflective activities related to mixed-media art-making and journaling, guidance on integrating your creative process and holistic awareness into your day-to-day life, and a variety of opportunities to connect, support and share with others in the growing Holistic-Creative online community.

The themes that will loosely guide our 2016 Spectrum experience are Forgiveness, Shifting Perspective, Navigating Uncertainty, Integration, Alchemy, Connecting with Nature, Honoring Body, Trusting Joy, and Expressing One’s Truth! You can expect a variety of perspectives on these – and so much more.

To learn more about the details, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course GO RIGHT HERE.

Spectrum 2016 Contributors

As a returning contributor of this year’s Spectrum, I am looking forward to participating in an exclusive interview with Hali around a topic I am super passionate about: Creative Motivation: The Gifts of Online Community Participation that will be offered as a bonus during the first month of Spectrum!

Pre-registration for Spectrum 2016 officially opens on February 1, 2016 (and the program will begin on May 2). So be sure to bookmark this blog post so that you can check back to see if you win the giveaway here or sign up just as soon as it goes on sale.

About the Give-Away:

  • I have one spot for Spectrum 2016 to give-away to a lucky winner in our January blog-hop – but if you follow the awesome blog-hop list below, you will have an even better chance of winning a spot by entering the other giveaways as well. All of the new teachers are playing along – and quite a few of the returning contributors volunteered to join in the fun, too – so there are over 30 chances to win a free pass!

Here is how to enter my give-away:

  • It’s simple! Leave me a creative hello below in the comments section between now and January 30, 2016. I’ll randomly pull a name from this group and will announce the winner of my free Spectrum pass via this post on February 1, 2016 – the same day pre-registration opens for Spectrum 2016!

Just below is a list of the other amazing, inspiring teachers who are playing along in the Spectrum 2016 blog-hop, with the dates their giveway goes live – be sure to visit their site and enter there, as well- all giveaways are open until the end of the month:

13 January:
Hali Karla http://www.halikarla.com/blog

14 January:
Andrea Schroeder http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/blog
Angelique Arroyo

15 January:
Bebe Butler http://www.bebebutler.com
Beth Morey http://www.sheofthewild.com

16 January:
Briana Goetzen http://www.orangespiralarts.com
Carissa Paige http://carissapaige.blogspot.com

17 January:
Cat Caracelo http://catcaracelo.com
Catherine Anderson http://catherineandersonstudio.blogspot.com

18 January:
Chris Zydel http://creativejuicesarts.com
Effy Wild http://effybird.com

19 January:
Elloa Atkinson http://www.elloaatkinson.com
Grace Howes    http://www.redbarn-studios.com

20 January:   
Kara LC Jones http://motherhenna.blogspot.com

21 January:
Kelly Johnson http://www.wingswormsandwonder.com
Kitty Oppegard http://handoverheartstudios.blogspot.com

22 January:
Kristal Norton http://kristalnorton.com
Lisa Hofmann http://dandelionseedsanddreams.blogspot.com

23 January:
Lisa Wilson http://www.beingbreath.com
Lucy Pearce http://dreamingaloud.net

24 January:
Malini Parker http://www.maliniparker.com
Meghan Genge http://www.meghangenge.com

25 January:
Melissa Harris http://www.melissaharris.com
Michelle Turbide http://michelleturbidestudios.com

26 January:
Petrea Hansen-Adamidis http://www.arttherapist.ca/blog
Rachael Rice http://rachaelrice.com

27 January:
Robin Hallett http://www.robinhallett.com
Shelley Klammer http://www.expressiveartworkshops.com

28 January:
Suki Ciappara Ka’Pinao http://sukihealingarts.com
Tara Leaver http://taraleaver.com

Enjoy the blog-hop, good luck on the give-aways, and I hope to see you in Spectrum in a few months!


39 Responses to “Spectrum 2016 Give-Away Blog Hop!”

  1. Dear Gretchen, I’m happy to find this spectrum e-course.This is the first time I hear about it from a fellow artist and I’m happy to find a place where there are similar thinking woman and where the heart and soul is important. Hope to be part of this wonderful team. Very warm wishes from Budapest, Hungary.
    Big hug and love to You
    P.S. thanks for your generous soul that you offer a free spot, my fingers crossed

  2. Uli Day Says:

    The blog hop is so fun and the chance to win a spot on Spectrum is great, thank you for hosting this.

  3. elenizl Says:

    Hi Gretchen ! Happy you’ll be part of Spectrum! Fun…..consider this my entry to the free pass. Wow! Sweet.

  4. carolynmehlo Says:

    Hi Gretchen! Spectrum looks awesome and I can’t wait to check out all of the other blogs too!

  5. Kate Pickett Says:

    This is very exciting. Looking forward to this amazing lineup of creative teachers.

  6. Since I can’t comment with an image, I’ll share a link:

    Have a wonderful, excellent, creative day!

    wismomworks @ gmail DOT com
    Thank you for this amazing chance.

  7. thecindysutton Says:

    Hi Gretchen, thank you for the opp to win a free spot on this amazing course… Its so full of goodness … Good luck everyone

  8. Anonymous Says:

    “A creative hello” – a hello from a creative soul? Or has the “hello” have to be creative? I was thinking about it and I didn’t find a solution. So I say “hello and thanks for the chance to win a spot”!

  9. Lindsay Rose Says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love the teacher line up and some of the themes this years really resonate with me! It’s exciting! Hope you have a great day!

  10. Oh yes oh yes oh yes please please pretty please choose me please do yes I am ready I am willing I am able and am in dire NEED! XXXX good luck to everyone xxx

  11. Hola! Hello! Bonjour! Kon-nichiwa! Aloha! Guten tag!
    Hujambo! Salut! Goddag!

    Merci! 😉

  12. Hello from Arkansas…. woooo piiiiiiig soooie!!! Check out this link to see what it means, unless you are from Arkansas, then you will already know LOL https://youtu.be/GWMynRGeR88
    I subscribed, tweeted, pinned it, and liked it on FB 🙂 I have a physical disability and suffer from major depression and anxiety. I use art to help deal with these issues and to help me HEAL- which happens to v\be my word for the year. This course is exactly what I need! I would love to win a spot 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity.

  13. How
    Excited I’d be to join you at Spectrum 2106! I’d
    Love to win a spot for a

  14. Howdy from Texas! This looks like such a fabulous workshop – thanks for the chance to win a spot!

  15. Howdy doody! I hope you are having a beautiful week! Whoot Whoot! ❤

  16. Hello 🙂 and thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot, I really hope I can win it. I would LOVE to be part of Spectrum 🙂

  17. I would like to, sometime in the very extraordinary near future, bestoe upon you, with grace and good cheer, a very sincere and kind Hello!

  18. February 1 is my birthday — winning one of these spots would be such an awesome birthday present! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  19. Creativity in motion, I love that and would love a spot in Spectrum 2016. Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. Spectrum sounds like a big juicy “HELLO” to my creative soul. I’d love to win a spot!

  21. crystals622 Says:

    Hello from a creative soul who is would love to be fed by Spectrum 2016. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot.

  22. I loved being a part of Spectrum 2014 and 2015. Wonderful teachers and inspiring projects! I would love to win a spot in this year’s Spectrum! Nurture is my word this year and Spectrum is the perfect nurturing companion! Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. lovingrd Says:

    Hi Dear Delightful Being 🙂 – Would be celebrating with holy happiness to be the lucky winner. 🙂

  24. The themes are totally aligned with what I’m looking for to keep on deepening my connection with my inner guidance through my creativity, so of course I’d love to participate to Spectrum 🙂

    Gratitude for all you are sharing here

  25. Hi there, thanks for this opportunity. It really looks like an interesting line up of contributors. I would really love to explore this. Thanks

  26. Tina Sawyers Says:

    Hello and Happy Day to you! Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win! Wishing you lovelies all day!

  27. Hey Gretchen! I’d love to win a spot in Spectrum 2016. I’m so happy I stumbled across this blog hop!

  28. Serena Kuma Says:


  29. What a wonderful opportunity!! Hello….is it me you’re looking for?! *grin*. Thank you!!

  30. Hi Gretchen!

    I “stumbled” upon this tonight but something tells me there are no accidents! I’d love to join this group and am very excited by the diversity of workshops! Wishing you all the best and I’ll be part of this enriching group of talented artistry come February l!

    Take care! All the best to you and all of the contributors for 2016!


  31. Sending a creativity filled hello to you and crossing my fingers!!

  32. Hello! Always happy to meet a new teacher and I’m so excited about this class and giveway – thank you for the chance 🙂

  33. A beautiful hello to you – May your day be filled with joy! I am happy to discover your blog! I hope to win a spot for Spectrum 2016!

  34. rachelnova Says:

    A heARTfully hello to you lovely earthling! ❤ I am sending everyone lots of love, light, and color.

    So very excited for this chance and what a beautiful offering. What a beautiful cosmic line up of teachers!



  35. Linda W Says:

    Greetings to you, Gretchen. I feel gratitude to Spectrum 2016 for finding your blog. My word for 2016 is “Expand” and this blog hop with all the links has already expanded my community. Thank you.

  36. Kortney Garrison Says:

    Hello, hello! Can’t wait to dive in!

  37. Hello fellow creative soul 🙂

  38. 4tara Says:

    Have your pick:
    Hello – Hey- Hallo – Hej- Hi – Hola – Hei – Helo
    Priya Gopal

  39. A creative Monday morning hello to you all and a big thanks for stopping by, saying hi, and entering my Spectrum blog hop giveaway- so much fun! I chose a winner the old fashioned way- each name on a little piece of folded paper and picking one from the stash: Congrats to Dawna Petersen! 🙂

    If you are still interested in Spectrum, a 3 day early bird pre sale starts today with a $10 discount available: http://tinyurl.com/zrm5kho, as well as a scholarship application program for those in need…..

    Very best wishes to everyone and here’s to an artful week ahead!

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