Creative Resilience Link Round Up

January 20, 2017
Creative Resilence | creativity in motion

make&do 365: Resilient Insights

I’ve put together a round up of recent links and posts that highlight the role of creativity in managing challenging times, finding hope, and empowering resilience. I hope you find them as inspiring and helpful as I have.  As I was reading these posts over the last couple of months, they have been comforting messages about the importance of creative expression to make sense of new shifts, uncertain moments, and distressing times. They have also been amazing reminders of the power art and creative expression hold to connect us to our voice and each other.

On this day, I am grateful for all of this.


Creative Resilence | creativity in motion

make&do 365: Change Agent: Artful Entry


Creative Resilence | creativity in motion

make&do 365: Creative Evolutionists

4 Responses to “Creative Resilience Link Round Up”

  1. Thank you. I am bookmarking this post and will come back to it to follow the links when I have more time.

  2. Thank you, Gretchen. It’s helpful to have resources on standby in tough times.

  3. Oh fabulous Gretchen! I intend to include the link to this helpful post in my next Art and Soul Space blog coming out this Friday, along with a couple of other art therapist pieces about creativity in this challenging time.
    Thank you once again –
    with warmth and gratitude

  4. […] Gretchen Miller’s Creative Resilience Link Round up in which this ultra-connected art therapist has […]

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