2018 Calendar

Some of the 2018 events and happenings I am offering or participating in…

Winter-Spring 2018

January-March 2018: An online book discussion group for readers of The Art Therapist’s Guide to Social Media! An opportunity for art therapists, art therapy students, and other interested readers to dialogue weekly about each chapter of the book. A great way to spend the cold, winter months at the warm keyboard of your tablet, mobile device, or desktop! So get your copy ready to join the group (any or all!) beginning January 7 through March 2018 every Sunday 5:00-6:30 pm EST. Learn more here if you are interested in a group invitation to participate!

January 19– 2018 NEO National Human Trafficking Day Conference, Notre Dame College Performing Arts Center, South Euclid, Ohio

This full day conference hosted by the Renee Jones Empowerment Center presents valuable information and resources about human trafficking prevention and awareness, including tracks focusing on juvenile court, law clinic, trauma informed care, survivor recovery, law enforcement, education outreach, and youth ambassador training.  I will be contributing to a Trauma Informed Services Provider panel, speaking about the benefits of art therapy with survivors. CEUs pending for social workers, nurses, and educators. To register, visit here.

February 9– Creative Strategies for Coping with Grief & Loss- The Centers for Family and Children, Cleveland, Ohio

I will be facilitating a half day in house workshop for CFC staff presenting practical creative strategies and interventions to use with youth and adult clients experiencing grief and loss. Content will highlight examples of different types of grief and loss clients can experience related to illness, death, separation, and life changes- including therapeutic themes and creative considerations that address emotional expression, managing grief reactions, coping, the difference between grief and trauma, and memorializing.  A hands on art experiential will engage participants in further exploring the training’s topic.

March 3– Social Media and Ethics Workshop- Hosted by the New York Art Therapy Association, New York University, New York City

Morning Program- Bridging Social Media’s Digital Divide: Navigating Ethical Considerations as Art Therapists

This didactic presentation takes a meaningful look at some of the challenges and benefits that social media can have on the clients we serve, the therapeutic relationship, and how to best navigate social media as an art therapist with purpose and ethical responsibility in our own use. Content will explore the role and influence social media can have lives and work both negatively and on our positively, as well as the challenges art therapists may face in their social media use related to privacy and boundaries. Practical suggestions to help minimize potential risks will be presented, including strategies to help empower an art therapist’s digital presence with professional responsibility.

Afternoon Program- Empowering Our Digital Presence: Art Therapists and Social Media

This workshop explores how art therapists can empower their digital presence online with mindful attention to digital boundaries, ones digital footprint, and the ways we navigate social media personally, professionally, and creatively. Attendees will use art making to discover and learn more about these digital landscapes, the challenges art therapists can face, and ways we can leverage social media and ethical frameworks to promote our professional interests, values, and work.

March 23–  Human Trafficking Awareness Youth Prevention Summit, Ohio Statehouse, Columbus

State Representative Teresa Fedor (District 45-Toledo) has been hosting the Human Trafficking Awareness Day for eight years, bringing professionals from across Ohio to the Statehouse to discuss the fight against human trafficking in all forms. Last year, she opened up a second day to students from around Ohio to come to the Statehouse and be a part of the solution. The Second Annual Human Trafficking Youth Prevention Summit will include discussions about self-esteem and health, social media, and legislation and will highlight the role of students and young people in the fight to end all forms of trafficking. I will be helping offer an art experience for youth attendees to use creative expression as a form of advocacy and awareness against trafficking.

April 13– Art Therapy and Trauma Guest Lecture- Ursuline College Undergraduate Art Therapy Program, Pepper Pike, Ohio

Presenting to undergraduate art therapy students in Art Therapy Applications about the use of art therapy in trauma intervention and recovery.

April 16Mercyhurst University, Erie, Pennsylvania- Social Media: Connection, Community, and Creativity Community Lecture, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Learn how social media can enhance and strengthen professional engagement, collegial relationships, and creative practice. Discover how, as mental health professionals we can take a meaningful look at some of the challenges and benefits that social media can have on the clients we serve, the therapeutic relationship, and how to best navigate social media with purpose and responsibility in our own use. The significance and value of digital community for professionals will also be explored and its role in building knowledge, cultivating collegiate relationships and exchange, support, and professional identity. Finally, the role of how social media sites can also support creative drive, artist identity, and enthusiasm for art making and art-based endeavors will be presented. Free and open to the public. 1.5 continuing education available for attendees who pre-register- Contact Heather Denning- 814-824-2212. Meet the author and book signing will follow the event.  I will also be working with the university’s undergraduate art therapy students and offering a workshop that explores the importance of professional digital presence in the art therapy community through the use of social media. Students will be introduced to strategies related to digital boundaries, e-professionalism and considerations for cultivating a presence online that align with ones goals, passions, values, and career interests.


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