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creating a new revo’lution: re-discovered meaning + intention for 2010

December 28, 2009

No Evolution Without Revolution

I’ve been posting recently on my 2009 rev o’ lution and recent reflections on this from the past year… I was excited to see the rev o’ lution action also take form on Lani Puppetmaker’s Blogspot, where Lani Gerity started her own rev o’ Lution inspired by the concepts of Friendship, Stillness, and Simplicity. Check it out!

So the time has come for me to create my new rev o’ lution for 2010- which I honestly have been looking forward to all month.  My process includes first creating a list of words/concepts/intentions I want develop and cultivate more in the new year, that I then narrow the list down to eight words.  From there, I create a special altered book where each page is dedicated to the intentions chosen. 

This year, an image that I usually keep on the nightstand by the bed kept grabbing my attention as I started to form 2010’s rev o’ lution. It’s a small mixed media image on canvas board that I created sometime in 2006 when I was thinking about running for President of Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association, after my name was thrown in for nomination consideration.  At the time, I remembered having a lot of anxiety and self-doubt about this. I wondered if this was something that I could really do?  It’s one thing to be a board member and focused on your specific committee tasks and commitments. I’m good with details, following through on projects and tasks at hand, but was uncertain about my abilities to be responsible for the “big picture” and setting the overall tone, energy, organization, and leadership of an entire board and its members.

The idea frankly freaked me out a lot.  And when I’m freaked out, one of the things I do is make art.  In response, I created this image of my intentions and anticipations connected to what I wanted to bring to being a leader at this level.  It helped stabilize my anxiety, doubt, and create meaning behind my decision to move ahead on this path if given the opportunity.


Encourage. Care. Hope. Create. Learn. Dare. Wonder. Listen. 

These were all important concepts that I wanted to develop, contribute, and inspire.  I also remember at this time wanting to bring an energy and enthusiasm to move efforts forward through action, dedication, and hard work.

That was three years and two terms as President ago.  To date, that’s 14 board meetings, 17 board members, over 200 members, 2 Symposiums, 1 national art therapy conference, introducing 2 art therapy legsilation bills, 2 strategic plans, a new mission statement, a new website, and too many e-blasts, e-mails, follow up phone calls, newsletter and meeting reports, and website updates to count.  Most  importantly, I believe this collective work and everyone’s participation has contributed to energizing our community, connection, and hopefully truly serving the needs of art therapy in Ohio and our members.

I reflect on all of this because 2010 will be my last year finishing this term.  In creating this year’s rev o’ lution, I thought a lot about this journey and its impact on my life over the last few years, including how other experiences and expectations of good vs. bad leadership have ultimately influenced and shaped future desires, intentions, priorities, and decisions that I face in the here and now.

I have learned *a lot*.  And there are many good friends and supports who have helped, encouraged, and taught me so much along the way.  This journey and those who have walked with me over the last few years have been invaluable to keeping me on course and reminding me of the “big picture” during times that were uncertain, difficult, and challenging.  Where I stand today is with gratitude, strength, and a renewed passion connected to what and who matters most.  I believe there’s lots more great work still to come in this upcoming year- not just here in my own backyard, but also on a bigger scale.  I’ve gotten a little better with seeing the “big picture”.

I am looking forward to what this new year will bring as I remember some of my old intentions with re-discovered meaning to create new ones for this year’s rev o’ lution.

So here’s my rev o’ lution for 2010: Create Dare Balance Encourage Wonder Learn Sustain Transition

To celebrate the launching of this new rev o’ lution, watch a short film I created featuring the altered book I made about each of these concepts.  During these last few days of 2009, it’s time to kick off next year’s rev o’ lution and believe me, I am ready to go!!!  Look for more rev o’ lution reflections throughout this week.

What does your 2010 rev o’ lution look like?


My Year in Review According to Facebook

December 20, 2009

2009 was the year I finally joined Facebook… I used an app today (thanks Gioia!) on Facebook that randomly selects your status updates throughout the year to create a word collage from this content.  Here’s what Facebook chose for me, based on what I have been telling Facebook and my friends all year:

My 2009 Year in Review According to Facebook

I found what was selected very appropriate to summarize my year and so true:  lots of work, being busy, attempts to take breaks/rest, big initiatives and commitments with BATA, eating  junk food,  social media life, and watching stuff saved on the DVR… and now, preparing for my 2010 rev o’ lution and what this upcoming year hopefully will bring…  More on that later!

Rev o’ lution Reflections

December 17, 2009
Similar to last December and my 12 Simple Words for 2008, I have already started to reflect on what words would be on my list for this year.  Many of these words come from my 2009 rev o’ lution which really helped me focus on change and transformation concepts important to me this year.  I thought I would spend this posting reflecting on these eight words….overall, I feel like “operation rev o’ lution” was a success this year!

My 2009 rev o' lution

Trust – This year I learned a lot about what trust really means to me and the relationships I choose to invest in.  Accountability, authenticity, integrity, and responsibility are important qualities I highlighted around this concept when developing and reflecting on my 2009 rev o’ lution.  However throughout the year, this concept strongly developed into how trust in its basic form connects to my experiences of feeling safe, protected, and secure from outside crazymaking.  I have made a lot of difficult choices this year around stopping my involvement with toxic environments and relationships that at one time I believed in and valued, but now, I can no longer support and need to break free from. No more crazymaking.  I saw a D.Waitley quote come through on Twitter recently via @MindtheD that I thought really related to my thoughts around this:  “Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.

Change–  During this year I engaged in a lot of discussion and energy around the topic of change.  I believe in being part of change, living  it, and visioning it, particularly related to my love of the art therapy profession.  Most of this year I was trying to figure out where I might fit in related to this big picture.  How could my work and my efforts reflect my authentic self, values, passion, and a purpose rooted in trust, innovation, compassion,  equality, and empowering community?  After much reflection, I made the decision to invest my direction and commitment towards developing efforts that reflect a vision, understanding, and meaning that I can really believe in for art therapy.  I have really enjoyed the work I have contributed in co-developing new and refreshing opportunities during this year through the Art Therapy Alliance and supporting the mission of the International Art Therapy Organization.  I am proud of these efforts, connection, and the future possibilities that social media and technology can create to help bring art therapists together and showcase art therapy.

Leadership–  According to my rev o’ lution post last year, good leadership is something I wanted to see, be, and understand more in 2009.  Throughout this year seeing, being, and understanding this kind of leadership included figuring a lot out about what this means to me, really understanding the influence of internal and external intentions, and honoring the priorities and values in my life and what/who/where I choose to commit my energy and ideas towards to make a difference. 

Leadership Intention- Something New, May 2009

Openness– At the beginning of this year I had lots of hopefulness and a longing for more opportunities that would bring collaboration, exchanging of innovative ideas, and building community.  This concept in my rev o’ lution has surfaced many exciting things throughout the year in co-creation with International Art Therapy Organization Founder Cathy Malchiodi, such as our Art. Peace. Sustainability Interactive Art Event, launching the art therapy e-zine FUSION, and altered domino making are only a few of the highlights. More are on the horizon for 2010.

Gratitude– Focusing on this concept throughout the year has reminded me to appreciate so many people in my life and what there is to be thankful for despite day to day stresses, expectations, politics, and to-do lists.  These relationships inspire and remind me what is really important in life and what the bigger picture is all about.  In my rev o’ lution this year, I wanted to create more art connected to exploring gratitude and expressing this to others through my art making.  One of the art-based activities I participated in to focus on this theme was  an altered art gratitude book round robin that I found really rewarding.  

Hope Seek Dream Fly- Altered Book Page, June 2009

Health- Over the last seven years I have come to understand better to not take my health for granted and am very thankful for another year free of major issues related to my myelin behaving.  While I still have days where having an auto-immune disease is something I do not have time for, do not want to deal with, or try to forget about- I have actually been slightly more accepting, accomodating, and open (than I have ever been) about what I need to do to keep myself healthly and continue doing all the things I love to do in life.

Calm-  Cultivating calmness in my life always seems to be challenge because I am always up to something and for the most part, enjoy this…  I do feel that I made much progress connected to this rev o’ lution concept (see Trust and Change for starters).   I did finish my mini altered book on detachment earlier in the year, which has continued to be a great visual reminder when I need it.  I have also become better at letting go and saying good-bye to those parts and relationships that are not healthy for me or no longer fit. But still  need to remind myself of these lessons.  My discovery of and addictive art-making with Polyvore this year really helped me reflect and focus more on these concepts too.

Stuff She Didn't Need Anymore- Polyvore Art, September 2009

Voice– My 2009 rev o’ lution and all the above concepts helped make my voice stronger this year through being myself, focusing on what’s authentic to me, and meaningful.  I believe this year I figured out how to best use my voice in a way that I am finally good with.  I am dedicated to using this voice to help, support, and work with others who share the same vision and energy in the spirit of  the three C’s (connection, collaboration, and creativity) to do good and amazing things! 

rev o’lution 2009: change/transformation

December 31, 2008

My rev o’ lution for 2009 is starting with those qualities I want to cultivate, build on and attract more of in this New Year:

Change–  Here’s a quote from the Philosophy of Andy Warhol that sums this one up for me:  “They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself“.  In 2009, I want to see change, be part of change, and live that change.

Gratitude– To keep recognizing who and what I have appreciation for  in 2009.  Even in my most stressful days, not to take the simple things for granted and be thankful.  The Gratitude List  speaks about gratitude “being like a key” that opens, inspires, heals,  and develops feeling, relationships, decisions, and possibility.  I hope to also engage in more of what Psychology Today blogger Cathy Malchiodi calls “random acts of art“. Creating art or other creative goodies for others in the spirit of kindness and thankfulness to honor special times, occasions, or just because. 

Calm– If you read my last posting, 12 Simple Words for 2008, you know that letting go is not something that comes easy to me.  I am sure this year will also be challenging. I hope to keep working on relaxation and having increased calmness in my 2009 life.  Gotta finish my altered book on detachment for starters.  

Health–  Here’s to another year of my myelin behaving and keep doing what I have to do to help make this happen.   

Leadership– I’ll be posting more on this in 2009- dont’ worry, stay tuned.  I have been thinking a lot about leadership, creativity, and what these needs mean to me. I have strong beliefs about the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding this topic. Good leadership is something I want to see, be, and understand more in 2009.

Openness– This one is very important for my 2009 rev o’ lution.   I thrive in an environment where I can work with others who value the philosophy of openness. Openness involves having free access to information, sharing resources, and welcoming the opportunity to contribute and collaborate on projects and goals together.   It’s very different from working in a “closed system” where people often experience isolation,  there is a lack of transparency, and the only interaction with surroundings are restricted to moving inside the system.  I believe the philosophy of openness has great potential for my 2009 life, especially after breaking free in 2008 from some closed systems and making some decisions on how to best direct my energy elsewhere.  I also view openness as how we relate to the world: with imagination, emotional awareness, curiosity, and a need to seek diversity, the creative arts, and strive towards innovation.  I have high hopes that lots of open collaboration, amazing ideas and new opportunities will present itself.  And I know that from this, great things will happen.

Voice– Here’s to a 2009 where I can use my voice to build, empower, and work on taking action through crafting new possibilities and awareness.  I hope this includes mastering my voice, understanding more about the power of my voice, its connection to myself, others and stimulating change, as well as how my voice can impact what’s important in my 2009 life.

Trust– What is trust? One definition that offers is, “being able to predict what other people will do and what situations will occur. If we can surround ourselves with people we trust, then we can create a safe present and an even better future”.  To develop this in my own life, this year I will continue to nurture myself with those people I respect, who value integrity, compassion, well-being, authenticity, and are accountable to their choices and decisions.   I hope to live up to the same to what/who is important in my life. reminds us that if  “you do it (trust) well, other people will give you the earth.  If you betray them, they will hunt you to the ends of the earth.”  I absolutely agree.

Soooo….. that’s my rev o’ lution for change/transformation during 2009. What does your rev o’ lution look like? For more on how to start your own, check out the e-book Piece to Peace: Collage Your Way to Inner Harmony and other cool stuff to feed your artist soul on Artella.

Here’s to the beginning of an incredible, creative, and successful New Year!

12 Simple Words for 2008

December 28, 2008

Recently I was going through some old computer files and stumbled across a list of saved words.   I can’t remember where they came from or who wrote it, but reviewing and sharing my thoughts about the list seemed very timely with the New Year quickly approaching and reflecting back on 2008.

BEGINDo something you have always wanted to do.  Something that I have always wanted to do that I did in 2008 was learn how to make small films.  This has been on my “to do” list for many years now and I just never got around to it. In July, I taught myself through researching tutorials on-line and did a short film of my Visioning Collages and a few others since.  I’ve discovered that I really enjoy this new form of self-expression and the creative process involved with putting the film together.

LAUGHLaughter is the direct route to the soul.  It broadens your perspective, keeps you healthy, and makes an unbearable situation easier to deal with.  I find that laughter is a huge coping mechanism for me and seriously contributes to my overall well-being.  I think there’ s a lot in my life that I couldn’t manage unless laugher was involved or I was surrounded by people in my life that make me laugh and remind me not to be so serious all the time.

BELIEVETell yourself you will succeed at whatever you are doing at the moment.  I think many of my collages over this year and the past reinforce this attitude. They become a visual affirmation for me to stay focused, work hard, do my best, and make my own reality. 

TRUSTTrust your inner voice.  Trusting my inner voice was a BIG one for me in 2008.  I made some difficult decisions early in the year that had me walking away from something I really loved doing, in the name of integrity. Speaking out about what influenced this was even more important.  Standing up for what is right is important to me and just being a silent bystander on the sidelines was something my inner voice was not going to be OK with.  I am very proud of trusting my voice this year.

PLAYDon’t forget to have fun. In 2008, this included going to Vegas  in April and playing blackjack, meeting Crispin Glover in May and seeing his slideshow again,  watching Lost (over and over and over), subscribing to satellite radio, listening to the Cure’s new album, 4:13 Dream (gotta love The Only One), making altered art books, and laughing at Kevin’s simple, yet very funny take on situations that stress me out.

CREATECreativity maintains balance in our lives. I did A LOT of art-making this year- for myself, for others, for my sanity…

CONNECTNurture the connections that uplift you. This year I was inspired to dive into the world of LinkedIn and to create the Art Therapy Alliance, a professional networking group for art therapists, students, and like minded individuals who support art therapy and want to connect more with others who share this same interest.  LinkedIn and the Art Therapy Alliance has connected me to so many new and interesting people, as well as help me strengthen my existing professional relationships and contacts.  

SEEKDon’t live strictly inside your comfort zone. Allow yourself to grow by exposing your vulnerabilities and insecurities. There’s something to be said about courage, taking risks, and doing something that has never been done before.  2008 presented many opportunities for me to go outside of what is known to me and work hard to rise to the occasion with authenticity, confidence, and leadership.

CHOOSEWe can’t always choose our circumstances, but we choose our attitude towards them.   While this has not been easy for a control freak like me, I have had to learn a lot about this over the last few years.  I had a better attitude in 2008 and I hope 2009 will be even better.

APPRECIATIONAppreciate the good in yourself, others, and what you appreciate about your life in this moment. What comes to mind here is thankfulness and gratitude for friends and family in my life.  What’s truly good in my life are the relationships and friendships I have. So many who have helped, empowered, supported, encouraged, and listened to me throughout the year-  and this has not gone unnoticed-thank you!

WRITEPutting your thoughts on paper can organize thoughts and make dreams more concrete.  I use to keep a daily journal for years and years, but in the last 5 years or so what use to be daily entries have become lists. Every year I make a list of things that I want to do- for fun, for my professional life, artist self, for my health, others, goals, crazy ideas, etc.  Things on the list that I did well this year were managing my health better, saving $, doing more art, going on vacation, as well as presenting and teaching more.  I suppose launching this blog provides me a nice opportunity to begin writing more!

RELEASEGive yourself permission to relax and let go. I must admit that I have not done very well with this one in 2008– I have really tried to work on letting go and relaxing more (I swear!), but this is so very hard for a workaholic like me.  I even started a mini altered art book on detachment in October that is still not anywhere finished.  I did try to say no more- if that counts for anything.  I hope I can take letting go a little more seriously in 2009.

What words helped you survive and thrive in 2008?  Stayed tuned for 2009 and my rev o’ lution!

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