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I CAN WE CAN Day of Action through Art: Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2013

October 4, 2013

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, use the power of the arts and A Window Between World’s I Can We Can movement as a form of advocacy and empowerment to help end abuse & interpersonal trauma:

I CAN WE CAN Day of Action | A Window Between Worlds

“24 people every minute experience intimate partner violence in the United States. And this figure may be even higher because most people don’t report it. Break the silence surrounding this silent epidemic. Be part of our I CAN WE CAN Day of Action on October 16 during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The Day of Action is a time for all of us to show our solidarity by sparking dialogue and raising visibility either online or in the streets. Join with the I CAN WE CAN community and use art to move our communities towards change.” (AWBW website)


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Survivor’s Hand: Finding Safety through Art: #ICANWECAN

January 9, 2013

A Window Between Worlds has launched a new project to help bring awareness to end abuse through art: I CAN WE CAN.

From the AWBW website:

A Window Between Worlds developed the I CAN WE CAN project where everyone can lend their hand, literally, to help end abuse. Create art on your hands as a symbol of solidarity, a commitment that you will do what you can to help end domestic violence and sexual assault.”


Here’s my painted hand, which I titled Survivor’s Hand: Finding Safety through Art: Healing, Healthy, Safety, & Hope. As an art therapist working with children and women survivors of domestic violence, my hand represents how art provides a healthy and safe way to empower and create a voice for expression and awareness about abuse.  Purple is the awareness color designated for domestic violence and the words I added to my hand come from a word collage sheet I often use in my art therapy sessions for different interventions.

Learn how you can participate in this interactive project and upload your own hand here.  There’s a I CAN WE CAN Toolkit, Virtual Community Gallery, and a How to with prompts, suggestions, and tips for creating your own hand (or with others) and how to promote the project.  There’s lots of fun ways to share and take action for this important cause!

Top 10: Impact of Trauma and Neglect on the Developing Child with Dr. Bruce Perry

April 25, 2012

Yesterday I had the pleasure to hear again (but this time for the entire day!) clinician, researcher, author, and internationally recognized authority on childhood trauma, Dr. Bruce Perry who was in Cleveland as the keynote speaker for the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center‘s Power of Prevention event in honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.   

Below are my Top 10 favorite topics and concepts (in no particular order) that Dr. Perry spoke about throughout the day to address the Impact of Trauma and Neglect on the Developing Child, as well as some links to his writings online or video associated with the content:

My Top 10 from Dr. Bruce Perry's Presentation


Dr. Perry’s three sessions and his examples were so very inspiring, validating, and enriching.  I really enjoyed the amount of time we were able to spend with Dr. Perry to learn in person about his experiences, research, and his considerations for best practices when working with and meeting the complex needs of traumatized children.

I also enjoyed seeing the amount of attendees and agencies who came out for this day (300+ locally and from out of town), who are also interested in learning more about trauma informed work.   There was also a good representation of art therapists who attended- Yay!

For more information on Dr. Perry’s work, additional resources, and training check out The Child Trauma Academy website at

April: National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

March 28, 2012

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.

The start of April is only a few days away and in this post I wanted to provide a head’s up and share some resources, information, and some local professional events in my area recognizing National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families website, National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month is “a time to recognize that we each can play a part in promoting the social and emotional well-being of children and families in communities“.  The site’s Child Welfare Information Gateway includes a free 2012 Resource Guide: Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Well-Being: A Network for Action (as well as other resources, tip sheets, and tool kits) that organizations and providers can use to support their advocacy, prevention, and intervention work with youth, parents, and families around the issues of child abuse and neglect.

There are also Treatment & Trauma Informed Care Resources on the Child Welfare Information Gateway about “building trauma-informed systems, assessing and treating trauma, addressing secondary trauma in caseworkers, and trauma training” that are also worth a look.  Sites such as Child Trauma AcademyNational Child Traumatic Stress Network, and The National Center for Trauma Informed Care are included as additional resources to check out.

In the Greater Cleveland and Lorain County areas there are two upcoming events (with early bird deadlines quickly approaching!) focusing on Child Abuse Prevention that I am looking forward to attending:

  • Lorain County Collaborative on Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention 7th Annual Child Abuse Awareness Conference on April 18th at Lorain County Community College’s Spitzer Conference Center in Elyria, Ohio.  This full day conference includes offerings focused on family violence and child abuse prevention, human trafficking, investigations, and childhood trauma. In the morning, I will be providing a 2 hour presentation highlighting the benefits of using art therapy in trauma intervention with children.  Early Bird Conference Registration before April 11th is $40. After April 11th: $50.  Discounts available for students and agencies who send a group of staff members. Continental breakfast, lunch, and continuing education available.  For more information, visit this event page from the Nord Center.

  • Power of Prevention Conference hosted by Cleveland’s Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center, April 24 will feature an all day workshop and luncheon with national authority on childhood trauma, Dr. Bruce Perry at Landerhaven in Pepper Pike, Ohio.  Dr. Perry is a Senior Fellow at the Child Trauma Academy and is the author of The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Born For Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered.

This conference’s theme will focus on:

  • Effects of Trauma & Neglect on the Developing Child
  • Relational Health and Development
  • Impact of Abuse, Neglect & Chaos
  • Developmental trauma strategies: Program & Policy
  • Effects of Empathy on the Developing Brain and Q & A
  • Difference between maternal and paternal parenting styles with emphasis on developing a father’s empathy

To attend the luncheon only (1 CEU) is $40.00, the workshop & luncheon together (5 CEUs) is only $60.00 before April 13th and $75.00 after.  On-site parking is free and a continental breakfast, as well as lunch are provided. CEUs available.  Visit DVCAC’s website to register or to download the conference brochure.

Both of these conferences are super affordable, include continuing education, and a great line up of content about children, family, trauma informed considerations and more if you are able to attend!

Creating a Dialogue & Resource for Domestic Violence: Trauma Network Blogging

May 15, 2011

It’s official! I’ll be blogging as a core contributor for The Trauma Network,  a growing community of therapists coming together to learn new ways to advance their clinical practice, exchange resources, interventions, and find support related to trauma informed work.

My posts for the network will focus on considerations, strategies, best practices, and ideas for  therapists working with children, adolescents, families, and women impacted by domestic violence, including the benefits of using art and creative interventions with this population.

I hope my blogging will start a dialogue and create a trauma informed resource within this community connected to domestic violence and offer practical information useful for this area of work.  

To learn more about The Trauma Network and how to join (free!), please visit

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