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Introducing 6 Degrees of Creativity

July 28, 2011

I’ve been planning and prepping for this announcement for weeks!  It is so very exciting to finally share the news… As announced on The Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous earlier today, save the date for my next interactive community collaboration: 6 Degrees of Creativity.  

6 Degrees of Creativity is inspired by the “Six Degrees of Separation” concept that each of us, no matter where we live in the world are only about six relationships away from one another, as well as features the power of  social networking, the arts, and interactive creativity to making a difference through art-making, creative goodness, and community.

6 Degrees of Creativity is a 6 month on-line workshop opening October 10, 2011 and running until March 1, 2012 that will include 6 different workshops, offered by a group of 6 inspiring instructors from the art therapy community to explore hands-on concepts, techniques, and ideas related to themes about transformation, social change, collaboration, and using art for good. Because 6 Degrees of Creativity is a virtual workshop, this offering can be done at your own pace. You can participate from anywhere in the world, anytime, and on your schedule, whether it is on your laptop, notebook, desktop, or even on the go via your mobile device!

Workshop content from each instructor will include PDFs,  video tutorials, written instruction, photos, art sharing, and on-line chats that will be available within the 6 Degrees of Creativity community during the entire run of the workshop.  6 Degrees of Creativity includes a social networking community to share creative goodness, discuss & support ideas, and deepen connection.
Find out who will be instructors for  6 Degrees of Creativity below…I am very grateful that this group will be part of this experience with me and excited about what each of the instructors have to offer to the 6 Degrees of Creativity vision and community:

You can learn more information about each instructor and their interests via the Art Therapy Alliance website. Workshop descriptions will be announced in early August. 6 Degrees of Creativity goes on sale September 1, 2011.  All 6 workshops will only be $49!   Save the date, stay connected, and make plans to join us for lots of art-making and creative goodness!


Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly: Trauma-Informed Resilience-Focused Practice

April 20, 2011

TLC Rubber Duck Safety Art Experience

Registration is now open for TLC’s Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly being held this summer July 12-15, 2011 in Clinton Township, Michigan.  I’ve attended this enriching and quality trauma conference for several years now and have learned so much from TLC about how to incorporate a more trauma informed approach in my art therapy work with traumatized and grieving youth.  Check out these past posts from the Assembly in 2010 and 2009 to read more about my experiences.

This year’s theme is Trauma-Informed Resilience-Focused Practices and will introduce participants to interventions, programs, tools, and best practices to best help traumatized children. In addition to the Assembly’s keynote featuring Jeffrey M. Georgiwho will be presenting on The Adolescent Brain the program schedule also includes daily workshops and courses for trauma certification.

I am honored to be included as a workshop presenter for this year’s program. On Thursday, July 14 I will be presenting a morning workshop  about group strategies and interventions with youth exposed to domestic violence.  This workshop will focus on strategies and interventions important to facilitating group work with children and adolescents who have been impacted by domestic violence.  Participants will learn practical tools and important themes to consider when working with youth exposed to domestic violence, including the introduction of activities that incorporate sensory-based intervention, therapeutic books, and art expression. Content presented will help participants gain a trauma informed understanding about how these strategies and interventions promote safety, emotional expression, coping, validation, and normalizing related to working with youth from violent homes. Participants will also engage in activities and experientials to enhance their awareness and insight about the benefits of using hands-on and creative interventions in group work with traumatized youth.

To learn more, visit the Assembly’s information pageTLC is also offering Art and Play Therapists a reduced registration fee.  Check out this page to register using the discounted rate.

Spring 21 SECRETS Art Journaling Workshop

January 31, 2011

It’s official!   A special announcement from Dirty Footprints Studio has just been made to let art journalers everywhere know 21 SECRETS will be gearing up again this spring!  Woo hoo! Get ready!

What’s 21 SECRETS?   Created by Creative Juicy Maven, Fearless Painter, and Dirty Footprints Studio Founder Connie Hozvicka, 21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, art journaling workshop.  Participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a stellar group of 21 artists beginning April 1 through August 1.

Check out the announcement and information about instructors for this round of 21 SECRETS here.

I am so very excited to be teaching for 21 SECRETS this spring and in such great company, which also includes fellow art and expressive therapists Erin KeneppKelley Brown, and Silky Hart.  21 SECRETS registration opens March 14 and workshop offerings will be available in early March to preview. Stay tuned for more of these details and what my secret will be!

I leave you with some of my favorite finds related to the benefits of art journaling to motivate you even further to join in this spring!

Be sure to also check out the inspiring websites & blogs of all the 21 SECRETS instructors chosen for this incredible workshop!  Get ready for lots of art journaling fun!

Trauma, Recovery, & Growth: Art Therapy & Other Therapeutic Approaches

January 25, 2011
Saturday, March 12, 2011
Hosted by The Seton Hill University Graduate Art Therapy Program and Student Art Therapy Association
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

This one-day conference at Seton Hill University features a 3 hour keynote workshop presented by Linda Gantt on Using the Graphic Narrative for Trauma Processing, in addition to other trauma focused offerings addressing attachment and mind/body approaches through art, music, dance, and movement therapy.

I am looking forward to being part of this program through presenting an afternoon workshop about Art Therapy Group Strategies and Interventions with Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence. This presentation will focus on strategies and important themes to consider when facilitating group work with youth exposed to domestic violence. Content presented will help participants gain a trauma informed understanding related to safety, emotional expression, coping, validation, and normalizing through art expression in a group setting for this population.

6.5 continuing education credits are available for this full day conference. If you are interested in learning more and how to register, download the brochure and registration information here.

Postcard Art Batch #2 for ATWB Exchange

December 9, 2010

Postmarks from Planet Art Therapy

I just finished up my second batch of postcard art for Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange. This batch includes postcards going to destinations such as Australia, Canada, and throughout the US.

The postcard above includes a collage of some of the used postage and mailing stuff I received from postcard art sent in envelopes from Italy, Australia, and the US.

This 6 month exchange just passed the 1 month mark and postcard art continues to arrive via ATWB’s mailbox from all over world!  I am really enjoying this global collaboration and connection with art therapists and art therapy students everywhere! Check out postcard art as it arrives via ATWB’s Facebook page or on Google.

Gratitude Rolled Up in Canvas

November 29, 2010

This week marks an important transition related to finishing my second term as President of Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association (BATA). Back in December 2009 when I was starting to create my 2010 revo’lution, I knew this moment to-be was going to be an important piece to this year’s events in my professional life.  And now the moment is here.

As my tenure as BATA’s President comes to a close, I am most proud of the hard work that has been done related to increasing BATA’s membership, Symposium attendance, creating more financial stability, enhancing BATA’s web presence and resources/tools on-line, as well as cultivating service, leadership, and advocacy in the Ohio art therapy community.

I am not only grateful to members of BATA for their support and entrusting me to lead this Association throughout these last few years, but I also have tremendous appreciation for the BATA Board of Directors I have served with for their help to make the above successes happen.  I am thankful for their commitment to BATA and assisting this organization to continue on as one of the largest and most active state art therapy associations in the country.

This coming Saturday will be our final board meeting together and a time to pass the leadership torch onto the 2011-2012 BATA Board of Directors.  To express my appreciation of their service, support, and help, I created gratitude scrolls for each board member to receive at our last meeting. This idea was inspired by Leilani Pierson’s pocket scrolls featured in the July/August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and a gratitude project that Cathy Malchiodi introduced in her Courageous Creativity course taught at this year’s Prescott College Expressive Art Therapy Summer Institute.

These scrolls were created from pieces of canvas that were sewn, gessoed, painted, stamped, embellished with trinket pins and wire, as well as included layered messages of thankfulness and gratitude that will be rolled up inside.

During my six years involved with the BATA Board of Directors, I definitely have a new appreciation for leadership’s bigger picture and the teamwork success requires,  I have also learned important lessons about service that have contributed to strengthening my future purpose and intention about how I can continue to serve the art therapy community.

Looking forward, I am excited to focus more of my time to Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc. and the communities of The Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization to help promote, develop, and support art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide.

Best wishes to BATA’s new leadership and continuing the important mission of advancing art therapy in Ohio.

Postcard Art Batch #1 for ATWB Exchange

November 10, 2010

Yesterday I mailed out my first batch of 15 postcards for Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange:

Postcard Art Batch #1

Postcard art going to California, New York, Colorado, & Pennsylvania

Postcard art going to Ireland, Italy, Australia, and the UK

In addition to being able to follow postcard art as it comes in to ATWB on Facebook, you can also view it here on Picasa.

Ready to start working on Batch #2!

Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange

November 6, 2010

Creating Postcard Art!!

Create: To bring into being, to cause something to come into existence, bring about

In September I started to organize an International Postcard Art Exchange on behalf of Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc and wow (!), the response and interest has been amazing!  The goal of this collaborative global art event is to allow community members from the Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Organization, and Art Therapy Without Borders to receive postcard art from art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world.

Over 350 art therapists and art therapy students from 30+ countries are geared up to make postcard art and receive some in return! During this six month event, art therapists and art therapy students will be sending one postcard of art to each of the people in their assigned group.  On the back of the postcard art, participants will be writing a paragraph about their work as an art therapist or studies as an art therapy student where they live.   This will be great to learn more about art therapy & the work of art therapists worldwide!

The exchange officially started this week and now that I’ve finished with providing everyone with their mailing lists, assigned group, and getting everyone set up to start exchanging, I have started to work on my own postcard art that I will be sending out soon.  This first batch will be going out to destinations across the US (New York, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California) and to the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Australia.

On the back of my postcard art I’ve written about my interest in organizing on-line opportunities where the art therapy community can connect, network and my love of using technology and social media to bring art therapists and art therapy students together. I also highlight my work as an art therapist working with children, adolescents, and families impacted by childhood trauma, domestic violence, and grief & loss.

Excited to make more postcard art and to see what future postcard art I will be receiving!

Collage Unleashed- Part 2!

September 16, 2010

I wanted to showcase the Artist Trading Cards I received in the mail this week from the Art Therapy Alliance‘s second ATC swap, Collage Unleashed! Below are ATCs from host Melanie Glassey, Annice Johnson, Diane Menna, and Natalie N. Coriell.   Love them!  Thank you!

As reported over on the Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous, over 70 art therapists participated in this exchange, which provided another great opportunity for art therapists in this community to collaborate and network through art!

ATC Give Backs for Collage Unleashed!

Big thanks to Melanie for organizing this ATC exchange for the Art Therapy Alliance!  I enjoyed having another art collaboration to participate in with other art therapists.  Exchanging art this way provides a wonderful professional connection while having fun and taking the time to be creative!

Ready for Calm, Transition, Change

September 14, 2010

The BATA Symposium is quickly approaching!  The registration for The Making of Mindfulness through Art has received a strong response, with over 140 art therapists, art therapy students, and interested professionals coming from not only across Ohio, but also several states and Canada.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Columbus next week!

As I work on my final to-dos and  tie up loose ends for this year’s event, this mixed media piece I created to donate to the Symposium’s Silent Art Auction has extra special meaning to me:


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