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Spaces & Places: Where We Create Now Accepting Submissions | Art Therapy Photo Documentary Project

February 13, 2012

Spaces and Places: Where We Create is now accepting submissions from art therapists, art therapy students, expressive art therapists, and art organizations for this photo documentary project that aims to provide education, awareness, inspiration, and understanding about the spaces & places, settings, populations, and materials that the art therapy community works in and uses within their practice.

This collaborative event using social media and digital photo sharing via Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram invites participants to submit a photo or photos of their creative work space and favorite tools of the trade.  The project will be accepting submissions until May 31, 2012.

Learn more via the Art Therapy Alliance website for more information and details about how to participate:

Papermaking, Art Therapy & Combat Paper Project Workshop @ Edgewood College

March 27, 2011

I just returned from spending two days in Madison, Wisconsin to help conduct a papermaking and art therapy workshop with undergraduate art therapy students at Edgewood College with Combat Papermakers Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan. This two day workshop exposed students to the Combat Paper Project, papermaking practice, art therapy, trauma intervention considerations, and using art as a form of self-transformation.  Students engaged in break out groups, art-making, writing exercises, and hand-ons demonstrations to learn more about how papermaking can help the veteran community cope with emotions and experiences connected to military life.

On Saturday, students also had the opportunity to check out Combatpapermaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where workshops were also being held while the Combat Paper Project was in the Madison area.

Thanks to Janice Havlena for bringing us to the Edgewood College campus to work with her art therapy students and all the students who attended throughout these two days!  Thank you to Edgewood College’s Art Department, Edgewood College Art Therapy Students (ECATS), EPB. and the School of Integrative Studies who sponsored this event.

In a couple of weeks at The Society for the Arts in Healthcare 22nd Annual Conference me, Cathy Malchiodi, and Pam DeLuco will be presenting Combat Paper Project: Helping Soldiers Use Papermaking to Reclaim & Reconstruct Their Lives” on Friday, April 15.  This panel presentation will highlight Combat Paper Project and a partnership between artists, art therapists, and veterans to assist returning military personnel in transforming combat uniforms into paper, helping them to reclaim and reconstruct their lives, post war.

If you’re interested in learning more about Combatpapermaking & art therapy check out this resource:

Trauma, Recovery, & Growth: Art Therapy & Other Therapeutic Approaches

January 25, 2011
Saturday, March 12, 2011
Hosted by The Seton Hill University Graduate Art Therapy Program and Student Art Therapy Association
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

This one-day conference at Seton Hill University features a 3 hour keynote workshop presented by Linda Gantt on Using the Graphic Narrative for Trauma Processing, in addition to other trauma focused offerings addressing attachment and mind/body approaches through art, music, dance, and movement therapy.

I am looking forward to being part of this program through presenting an afternoon workshop about Art Therapy Group Strategies and Interventions with Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence. This presentation will focus on strategies and important themes to consider when facilitating group work with youth exposed to domestic violence. Content presented will help participants gain a trauma informed understanding related to safety, emotional expression, coping, validation, and normalizing through art expression in a group setting for this population.

6.5 continuing education credits are available for this full day conference. If you are interested in learning more and how to register, download the brochure and registration information here.

Postcard Art Batch #2 for ATWB Exchange

December 9, 2010

Postmarks from Planet Art Therapy

I just finished up my second batch of postcard art for Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange. This batch includes postcards going to destinations such as Australia, Canada, and throughout the US.

The postcard above includes a collage of some of the used postage and mailing stuff I received from postcard art sent in envelopes from Italy, Australia, and the US.

This 6 month exchange just passed the 1 month mark and postcard art continues to arrive via ATWB’s mailbox from all over world!  I am really enjoying this global collaboration and connection with art therapists and art therapy students everywhere! Check out postcard art as it arrives via ATWB’s Facebook page or on Google.

Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Art Exchange

November 6, 2010

Creating Postcard Art!!

Create: To bring into being, to cause something to come into existence, bring about

In September I started to organize an International Postcard Art Exchange on behalf of Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc and wow (!), the response and interest has been amazing!  The goal of this collaborative global art event is to allow community members from the Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Organization, and Art Therapy Without Borders to receive postcard art from art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world.

Over 350 art therapists and art therapy students from 30+ countries are geared up to make postcard art and receive some in return! During this six month event, art therapists and art therapy students will be sending one postcard of art to each of the people in their assigned group.  On the back of the postcard art, participants will be writing a paragraph about their work as an art therapist or studies as an art therapy student where they live.   This will be great to learn more about art therapy & the work of art therapists worldwide!

The exchange officially started this week and now that I’ve finished with providing everyone with their mailing lists, assigned group, and getting everyone set up to start exchanging, I have started to work on my own postcard art that I will be sending out soon.  This first batch will be going out to destinations across the US (New York, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California) and to the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Australia.

On the back of my postcard art I’ve written about my interest in organizing on-line opportunities where the art therapy community can connect, network and my love of using technology and social media to bring art therapists and art therapy students together. I also highlight my work as an art therapist working with children, adolescents, and families impacted by childhood trauma, domestic violence, and grief & loss.

Excited to make more postcard art and to see what future postcard art I will be receiving!

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