Make, Swap, & Meet Up: San Antonio Art Therapy Artist Trading Card Exchange

Coming this Summer….. An Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange and Meet Up in San Antonio, Texas co-organized by Andrea Davis, LPC, ATR-BC and me….

Make, Swap, & Meet Up!

This Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange coincides with the annual American Art Therapy Association Conference this July in San Antonio, Texas.  If you’ll be at this year’s conference, you are invited to participate and spread the word to others who might be interested in this swap and networking opportunity.
Meet up in a fun, creative way with others from the art therapy community to swap some art!
San Antonio Artist Trading Card Swap | creativity in motion
ATC Exchange Overview:
  • You will create 3 Artist Trading Cards to exchange with 3 other community members who are participating in this exchange in San Antonio. Create 3, Receive 3!
  • Please make sure your ATCs are created prior to the swap.
  • Your ATCs can include the same image, but all must be original.
  • This swap’s theme: Art Therapy Dreams: What wishes & dreams do you have for art therapy and your work as an art therapist?
  • The dimensions of your ATCs should be 2.5″ x 3.5″.  Tips, examples, techniques, and more can be found via this how-to.
  • On the back of each ATC you can include your name, city, state, and contact information in the form of a blog, website, or email.

 Exchange Site: Participants will bring their ATCs to the Conference’s Marketplace of Ideas (Exhibit Hall) on Thursday, July 10 during lunchtime.  A great time to eat lunch, meet up, swap, and network together!

Gather to Meet up/Network/Eat lunch: 11:30-12:30
ATC Swap begins at 12:30.

To Sign-Up: If you’ll be in San Antonio for the Conference and are interested in participating, (or have any questions) please e-mail me at with your name and e-mail address to sign up.

See you in San Antonio!


In Bloom: Glue It Tuesday

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

In Bloom: Glue It Tuesday | creativity in motion

Happy Glue It Tuesday! I started this mini collage, originally for gluing down as part of my smashbook… but after sitting with the image I’m going to transform it into an artist trading card and add the intention bloom to my 2013 revo’lution:

[flowering, blossoming, growing]
[glowing with healthful vigor, warmth, and freshness]
[flourishing, prospering, thriving]


Be sure to check out what other Glue It Tuesday-ers inspired by Aimee at Artsyville are up to this week, here.


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Twentythirteen Revo’lution Cards of Intention

Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention: Anchoring

After some time away from working in my self-care art journal, I’ve worked on a couple of new pages:

Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention:  Anchoring | creativity in motion
Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention: Art Journal

As mentioned in my last post, I was inspired by Cherie Spehar‘s reminder at this year’s National Institute for Trauma in Loss in Children’s Assembly about anchoring– and its role in journaling & trauma informed practice. In Cherie’s workshop, she mindfully highlighted that the process of journaling in connection to inner thoughts, strong emotions, intense memories, and painful experiences can trigger overwhelming responses for trauma survivors.  Part of proceeding with emotional caution includes anchoring, which involves creating a mini safety plan (before starting to journal) about what the client can do or go to, to help re-establish safety and ground themselves to the here and now if needed.

This resource (Reconnecting to the Present-Anchoring PDF) provides a really good overview about the process, benefits, and tips about anchoring from SASC. Another great reference is Babette Rothschild’s “applying the brakes” content in relationship to trauma intervention.

Self-Care through Creative Practice & Intention: Anchoring | creativity in motion

One anchoring consideration is to re-connect to a positive past image.  A sensory based symbol (a smell, sound, taste, feeling, something you see) can be chosen for recall when feeling out of control and overwhelmed. This can help re-establish a sense of safety and well-being in the present.

For this art journal, I created an Anchoring Artist Trading Card that helps ground and re-connect me to the here and now.  The sensation, feeling, and reflection of light often does this me.

You could also create a Portable Safe Place Artist Trading Card as another form of your personal anchor!

Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention: Mind Mapping | creativity in motion
Some self care mind mapping

I also did some mind mapping for my art journal in the form of a tri-fold to help expand on my self care plan and anchoring related to my professional self. I identified 4 important areas in honoring my own self care: Safety, Creativity, Support, and Well-being.

Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention:  Anchoring | creativity in motion
Tri fold notes to myself

This was an easy and fun way to create a visual self care plan!

Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention:  Anchoring | creativity in motion
Self-care plan made visible

Prompt: What would your personal anchor and self-care mind map look like?


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Pocket Change Power & The Art of Kindness

Pocket Change Artist Trading Card Swap

Today’s the mailing deadline for Pocket Change!  Below are my artist trading card contributions for this swap, inspired by the important intention Kindness is a Choice.  I used some of my assorted ATC stock, as well as a couple of playing cards for the cards’ foundations…then collage bits & pieces, words from an old dictionary, some distressed ink and stain, and a gold paint pen for edging:

Pocket Change Creative Goodness
Kindness is a Choice

As a summary from my previous post about this project, this ATC swap aims to create good vibes in the spirit of transformation & giving through making small pieces of art for one another, as well as an invitation to keep spreading acts of creative kindness to others in our lives and community.

Just think about the awesome power & positive Pocket Change energy coming in from around the world and its potential impact…Here are some thoughts by Wayne Dyer:

Research has shown that a simple act of kindness directed toward another improves the functioning of the immune system and stimulates the production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness and the person extending the kindness. Even more amazing is that persons observing the act of kindness have similar beneficial results. Imagine this! Kindness extended, received, or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved! 

Wonderful results!

Now that Pocket Changers have collectively made & extended their acts of kindness in the form of hundreds of ATCs, stayed tuned for more on the receiving and observing benefits as Hannah, Beth, and I begin to exchange and post the affirming mini works of art and stories sent in for this project… Lots of creative goodness to be shared and to be continued soon…  🙂

Now playing: 2013 revo’lution in motion [VIDEO]

I’ve been putting the final touches on this year’s revo’lution making and I think my six intentions for 2013 are ready to go!

Sweet Stuff : 2013 revo'lution cards

This neat SMASH bag is going to safely hold this year’s revo’lution that I created in the form of intention cards.

Check out my 2013 revo’lution in motion- Revo’lution #5 (!):

And here’s another 2013 revo’lution from AJ, who has continued the practice as well in her art journaling! Always inspiring!

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2013!  Soooo….What does your revo’lution look like?   🙂

What does your revolution look like?

Pocket Size Creative Goodness: Creating Change through Small Creative Acts

I’m super excited to be collaborating with Hannah Klaus Hunter and Beth Rommel on a new art adventure that’s being announced today and hosted by 6 Degrees of Creativity called Pocket Change.

Pocket Change: Artist Trading Card Exchange
A 6 Degrees of Creativity Artist Trading Card Exchange

Pocket Change’s intention is to focus on the concept of creating change through making something small (in the form of artist trading cards) to exchange with one another, as well as to encourage simple acts of creative kindness with others.

During our project brainstorming, I remembered fondly my artmaking for Operation Random Acts of Creative Kindness during Lani Gerity‘s 6 Easy Lessons for a Happy’s Artist’s Life 6 Degrees eWorkshop where she encouraged practicing acts of kindness for others and the health benefits behind altruism.  It was so much fun to create a series of artist trading cards to release out into the universe with good vibes and wishes for others.  P.S.- You can learn more about the benefits of participating in online art exchanges in this great article [free PDF download available!] written by Lani, Gioia Chilton, Maria LaVorgna-Smith, and Huyen MacMichael.

Another example is the community kind over matter, which was also created on the same foundation and has grown with awesomeness from the idea of kind acts of love and intention.  I recently shared KoM’s free printables and ideas on this blog as a great resource for the #26acts movement in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Pocket Change is inspired by the same spirit and intention:

Pocket Change is all about how simple and small acts can create and instill kindness, gratitude, and change.  Think about the power of your mini artworks as a means to express and share a positive image, message, or intention with others (and the world!) that can make a difference, bring hope, or inspiration.

Please join us for some pocket size creative goodness and kindness to share with one another and others!  The deadline to sign up for the ATC exchange is January 15.  Learn more about the exchange details and how to get involved on the 6 Degrees of Creativity blog.

Twentythirteen Revo’lution Cards of Intention

Throughout this month I have continued working on my 2013 revo’lution.  This has become an annual practice for me called ready for revo’lution where I identify intentions that I want to manifest and cultivate throughout the upcoming new year and then create an image that represents it that I can keep handy as a visual reminder.

During the previous four years I have created an altered book using a children’s board book and mixed media to feature 8 intentions.  For this 5th year, I was really drawn to simplifying my practice and only identifying 6 intentions in the size of artist trading cards.  I think this was inspired by and and has become an extension of the powerful experience I had this year with creating my Blessing Cards for Hannah Klaus Hunter‘s 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 e-workshop Still Place in a Changing World: Mindful Studio Practice.

2013 Revolution Intention Cards
My 2013 core revo’lution Intention Cards

This year’s revo’lution includes the core intentions Light, Stillness, Trust, Service, Stillness, and Honor.

I’ve also been studying up on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s perspective on intention as “not as something you do—but as an energy you’re a part of.”  The 6 intentions I have named above are energies I want to be connected to, help create, and be mindfully aware of in this new approaching year.

You can learn more about Dr. Dyer’s work and research about the Power of Intention in this lecture:

Soooo….I wonder what would manifest if we developed an intentional revo’lution practice every day in 2013 through art-making? What would your 2013 revo’lution look like?

Mindful Studio Practice : Week 1

Mindful Studio Practice with Hannah Klaus Hunter

With much anticipation and wonder, this week I started my 21 Day journey of Hannah Klaus Hunter‘s e-workshop Mindful Studio Practice in 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.  Hannah’s workshop is dedicated to creating a daily art-making practice for 21 days through prompts that encourage focusing in the here & now, slowing down, and being in the moment with your creative process through a specific object or theme. I can’t begin to tell you how I’ve enjoyed these first 7 days and committing time to making art for this adventure.

Day 1 : Blessings Beginnings

Day 1 included taking time to gather the materials & supplies I would be using throughout the next 21 days.  I decided what would be most manageable for me to create everyday would be an artist trading card (ATC). My first ATC was created using paper stashes I received from Maria & Nancy last month.  My final spontaneous touch to this card was from Nancy’s stash: a quote printed on Vellum paper that included the word Blessings.  I added it as an expression in the moment inspired by feelings of thankfulness, a readiness to begin, and curiousity about this process prepared so thoughtfully by Hannah.

Day 2 : Blessings Brainstorming

Day 2‘s ATC included the brainstorming I did about what I wanted to focus on throughout the next 21 Days.  I used a canvas textured ATC with acrylic paint, a paper heart, pen, and the word LIFE made from my SMASH label maker. The concept of Blessings was still on my mind. As I explored variations of this concept and its meaning with Hannah’s prompt, it was still very strong. It was in this instant I began writing my top 10 words/concepts that really attracted me to this theme: Blessings as a form of redemption, strength, help, a gift, form of hope, permission, love, something out there unknown & in disguise, as well as the fragility/shortness of life to inspire feelings of thankfulness.

Day 3 : What is yours to see?

Day 3 focused my attention and dedicated art-making on one of the Blessing concepts I identified during Day 2, inspired by Hannah’s quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn “to see what is yours to see”.  I chose the perspective of viewing unknown blessings in disguise as a form of resiliency, beauty, and compassion as mine to see in this moment.  This ATC was created on an old playing card with some of my collage stuff and edged with black Staz On ink.

Day 4 : Vulnerability is a gift

Day 4‘s ATC was dedicated to not only seeing Blessings as a gift, but the vulnerability and fragility that this can also introduce, especially if the blessing is not clearly known or has value at the time. This ATC serves as mindful reminder to myself that this requires openness and nurturing for the blessings awareness to grow.  A watercolor textured ATC was used as the foundation for this piece with more paper stash goodies and a dictionary page for the background.

Day 5 : Blessing Essence

For my Day 5 ATC I layered alcohol inks on a glossy coated ATC, as well as distressed areas of the ATC with sandpaper to create a raw, but vibrant image to examine the essence (heart & strength) of my interest and attention related to the Blessings theme.

Day 6 : In this moment…

Day 6‘s ATC expressed an aspect of the Blessings theme I had not previously considered/been aware of until prompted to notice something different about it in the moment.  What came to mind was the feeling and sensation of being grounded.  I again used paper stash bits and pieces (brown paper bag paper, tissue paper, handmade paper embedded with seeds, painted watercolor swatches) as well as words from old dictionary pages to create this ATC with distressed ink and metallic paint pens.

Day 7 : Quiet Blessings Exposed

Today’s ATC, on Day 7 celebrated my first week with this new journey, an opportunity and invitation from Hannah’s daily prompt to slow things down and spend time simplifying our theme.  ATC media I selected included watercolor, mulberry paper, and dictionary words to collage. I chose to try Hannah’s suggestion of working in one color or tone and was pleasantly surprised how this shifted the energy for my Blessings theme. I quietly observed how the concept of silence & stillness is so essential and how blessings can present themselves in quiet and subtle ways.  In this moment, my awareness and connection around this theme became more exposed and opened with peacefulness and a new level of acceptance.

I’m ready to see what the next 7 days bring… Much gratitude to Hannah for this inspiring adventure…

Find Inspiring Creative Territories

“Be brave enough to live life creatively.”  ~Alan Alda
find inspiring creative territories

I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with my alcohol inks on Inkssentials’ glossy coated artist trading cards as pocket goodies to stash inside a new file folder gluebook I’m gearing up to start about the inspiring ideas, community, and adventures of 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.

It’s only been a few weeks since this new round of workshops, instructors, and creative energy started, but so much fun already!

The paper stash swap for my workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to incorporate what I receive in this exchange into my new gluebook theme. I also hope to share some of the gluebooks and themes that community members are creating and working on in future blog posts, so stay tuned for more gluebooking inspiration soon!

Experience Matters: Inspiration from the 2012 TLC Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly

Experience Matters Gluebook Spread

I just spent the last week in Clinton Township, Michigan attending the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children’s 2012 Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly, Experience Matters.

The above image is a spread from one of my file folder bluebooks I am currently working on to visually document some of my travels and adventures in twentytwelve. This spread includes printed material and paper stuff I collected throughout the week at the conference, some items from the sessions I attended, the hotel I stayed at, a little distressed ink, Staz On ink, as well as using my  Smash Stamp and Smash Stick.  It was lots of fun to collect stuff, play with laying it out, and glue it all together!

I also created the image below as a creative way to take notes on a session I was attending about implementing a trauma group for adults.  The pre-cut figure shape fits really nicely in one of the file folder gluebook pockets!

In the workshop I presented, Finding a Safe Place: Creating Safety for Survivors of Domestic Violence through Art, attendees spent some of the session making a portable safe place in the form of an artist trading card with various collage materials. This special ATC serves as a symbolic safe place or image that can travel, become mobile, or easily be carried as a visual reminder and grounding tool for well being, comfort, and emotional safety. This ATC can also be displayed on a mini-easel, bulletin board, ones workspace, a nightstand, or become part of a journal (or for stashing in a file folder gluebook pocket!).

If you are interested to learning more about the topic I presented on, you can view the SlideShare here:

I’ve also pinned some content inspired by this year’s Assembly and workshops I attended on my Pinterest board about Trauma if you are interested in checking out any additional resources!

I am looking forward to returning back to Michigan next month to present for VCE’s Trauma Learning Series about the benefits of art therapy with traumatized and grieving children & adolescents…