Surrounded by Creative Goodness

I’ve spent the last week exchanging and just yesterday started to mail out artist trading cards for the Pocket Change swap-Fun!

Pocket Change Mail
Some of the Pocket Change ATCs received on my end for exchanging

 Read more about my reflections and a collection of some of the blogging inspired by this project via 6 Degrees of Creativity’s blog.

Pocket Change ATCs
Pocket Change ATCs received by Kristin, Janie, Eliza, & Lisa

It was a sincere pleasure and an honor to be surrounded by, hold in my hands, and pass on these mini works of art infused with creative goodness, hopefulness, and positive energy created by a third of the Pocket Changers participating. Gratitude!

Surrounded by creative goodness

It’s exciting that the next step of receiving starts to unfold in this process, as exchanged ATCs go out from not only here in Ohio, but another third in Georgia with Beth and in California with Hannah.  Thank you to everyone who contributed! I’m also curious and super eager to learn more about Pocket Change reflections and stories.  They will be shared through an eZine publication along with the ATCs received for the project so we can share and spread the good vibes and inspiration with everyone!  Yes!!

21 Days of Blessings: Artist Trading Cards [VIDEO]

I recently made it to Day 21 of Hannah Klaus Hunter‘s Mindful Studio Practice e-workshop– woo hoo!

Check out my Blessings Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) from Week 3:

Mindful Studio Practice ATCs: Days 15-21

The last few days of the adventure I was a little iffy about if I would get time to focus on making art and the day’s prompt because I was traveling, but I remembered to bring Hannah’s instructions and my Ziploc bags of 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 paper stash swap stuff with me.  These have been my mobile creative companions over the last 3 weeks no matter where I am going!

Day 19‘s ATC was created and photographed in flight from Cleveland to St. Louis, which made for the quickest and calmest airplane trip yet as the tray in front of me transformed into my mindful studio space:

Day 19 : Give & Rediscover

I was up early on Day 20 and before I started my busy day, I spread out all my Blessings themed ATCs I created throughout this workshop on the hotel window sill beaming with morning light.  This was the day’s prompt suggested by Hannah as an opportunity for celebration & reflection:

Day 20 : Reflection

I stood in silence in front of what seemed like a makeshift altar for this amazing collection full of love, truth, light, and positive energy reflecting back to me with heart, gratitude, & comfort.  Images glowing with sunshine & passion softly whispered back to me with a re-awakening that was so familiar and a message to take notice.  I was thankful for this re-connection, this journey…this moment.  21 days of blessings and then some before me.

For Day 21, Hannah encouraged us to share our collective images with the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 community and in response, I created this short video:

What an experience!  Thank you again to Hannah for inspiring this incredible  3 week adventure and the supportive, positive community over at 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.

Mindful Studio Practice Continues: 2 Weeks Strong!

Mindful Studio Practice Creative Work Space

I just finished Day 14 of my artist trading card adventure with Hannah Klaus Hunter’s Mindful Studio Practice. I thought I would continue to share the art and my reflections from this journey with you here. This past week presented a lot of emotional expression, truthful perceptions, and challenges for me as I created each ATC inspired by Hannah’s prompts and beautiful quotes.

Day 8 : Simplicity Within Blessings

Day 8‘s prompt and ATC left off at the previous day’s practice of stripping things down. I started to notice on this day that simplifying my chosen theme of “Blessings” was a beginning to clarity.  I was surprised how easy it was to create and feel connected this ATC. I experienced a deep sense of calmness and acknowledgement about simplifying and synthesizing things down.

Day 9 : Seeds Planted-Blossom

When I started reading Hannah’s “Be the Bud” inspiration for Day 9, I remembered that some of the dictionary words I cut out (but didn’t use) during Week 1 included text about blossoming, flowering, and the concept of seeds being planted, their growth, and feelings of gratitude. This ATC absolutely reflected my feelings in this moment. I also reflected a lot about Day’s 6 ATC again and the importance of feeling grounded.

Day 10 : Act of Love & Light

This ATC for Day 10 (and Hannah’s quote included on my card) was created on the same day this blog post was published on kind over matter about letting go of againstness. I really reflected on Jo Anna Rothman‘s (Creator of The Receiving Project) concept about change being an act of love (one of my blessing brainstorming words from Day 2) and the Hafiz quote I cut up for placement on this day’s ATC. I reflected in this instant about the “encouragement of light” surrounding me.

Day 11 : ♥ Clarity ♥

I must admit I didn’t follow the art-making prompt for Day 11 and again was captivated by the words and quote Hannah included for this day, which was rooted in the role of judgement.  I had the intentions of generosity, clarity, and radiance on my mind to help lead me in that moment.  

Day 12 : Strength

Day 12′s prompt was about destruction & re-construction and seeing/experiencing old or unwanted things from a different perspective. For me, this ATC explored the dichotomy between things breaking apart, but at the same inner observations about my own strength and vulnerabilities, which are all a part of me and pieces I have appreciation for to make me a better person. It reminded me a lot about what surfaced in Day 3‘s ATC about resiliency.

Day 13 challenged me to take an already created ATC and reflect its opposite to present another perspective/awareness to the theme I am working on.  I chose to take Day 2’s ATC about brainstorming around my theme.  Sitting in the moment with my blank ATC to begin this prompt was really hard to start, but once I did- broken pieces of darkness, emptiness that seemed dead and lifeless was mirrored back to me.  I connected in this moment with my theme of blessings stronger than I ever have, as this ATC reflected back to me a powerful message I needed to pay attention to.

Day 14 : Mindfulness Challenge

Week 2’s prompt ends with working on multiples over the next two days as another way to create a different perspective in the moment around our theme.  I started Hannah’s suggestion of working with squares in a quilt/patchwork style.   I tried to incorporate collage paper pieces I’ve used in the ATCs from the last week for Day 14‘s ATC.  I get to work on this one again tomorrow for the beginning of Week 3, so I’m curious how it might transform!

Being at the start of Week 3 (the last week!) brings a combination of excitement and wonder, as well as a little anticipatory grief about this process being over.  I’ve so enjoyed including this practice into my daily activities. Even on days that are super, super busy I worry if I’ll be able to have the time to sit down and do it. It’s always grounding, affirming, validating, and soooo worthwhile. Thank you Hannah for this constant reminder!

ATC Delivery in Route: Creative Goodness x 6

This week-end I exchanged all the artist trading cards (ATCs) I received throughout the last few months for the 6 Degrees of Creativity swap and mailed them all to their new homes in different parts of the globe. Since the moment my ATC workshop started in October for 6 Degrees I have been patiently waiting for this creative moment!  It is such a joy to see all the ATCs that have been sent and then to further connect participants through exchanging and mailing them all back.  We are now truly connected with the mini artworks we will receive ( x 6 ), along with the messages, creativity, and good intentions sent with each of them.  So wonderful and so much fun!

Lots of thanks and appreciation to everyone who was able to contribute and participate in this ATC exchange. It was an honor to host this swap for the 6 Degrees of Creativity community and connect to participants through this experience.

Here are some photos I took before, during, and after the exchanging:

Pre-Exchange ATCs that have been coming in since October 2011:

A sea of creative goodness is ready to be exchanged!

On the way to the post office! It took 45 minutes for the postal clerk to make sure all the postage and delivery methods (first class vs. parcel, international vs. domestic, etc.) were all good…ATCs were mailed out to the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada. Many custom forms were filled out!   🙂

In celebration of this exchange and everyone who contributed I put together a short video featuring one ATC received from each participant:

I also created a collective image of one ATC from each batch:

Creative Goodness Early Arrivals- 6 Degrees of Creativity Artist Trading Card Swap

Over at 6 Degrees of Creativity, my Artist Trading Card (ATC) workshop is getting busy with community members working on their mini artworks for the workshop’s Creative Goodness ATC exchange next month.  Members are encouraged to create a series of 6 ATCs reflecting their interpretation of what creative goodness means to them and select five cards to mail to me and then be exchanged with other 6-degreers in mid February.  Some of the early ATC arrivals are below: coming from Texas, New Jersey, New York, Wyoming, and Michigan.  The most traveled ATC so far is all the way from Australia!

Art Can't Hurt You

Margaret, Texas


Rebecca, Michigan


Brenda, Wyoming

Do it!

Kathy, New York


Eleni, New Jersey

Create & Connect Without Harm

Gayle, Brisbane

Beautiful!  And word is more ATCs are on their way! Look for another update about the exchange in February when it is swap time!

Workshops Revealed! 6 Degrees of Creativity

As revealed today via The Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous, the workshops for 6 Degrees of Creativity have been announced!  Check out what will be offered, the descriptions and get ready for some creative goodness beginning October 10 until March 1, 2012!  The instructors for this offering have planned some inspiring concepts, techniques, and hands on art making ideas to explore transformation, social change, and using art for good!

In addition to organizing this, I am excited to be offering a workshop too!  I’ll be offering 6 Degrees of Creativity to celebrate the creative goodness in your life, work, relationships, & daily practice with the creation & exchanging of 6 Degrees of Creative Goodness Artist Trading Cards.  My workshop will include an exchange of ATCs created in this workshop with other class participants to ultimately create a Creative Goodness Miniature Book inspired by the 6 Degrees of Creativity community.

All six workshops in 6 Degrees of Creativity go on sale September 1 for only $49- Check them all out here!  I hope you make plans to join us!