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[Buried Treasure] What Ought to Be: On Untangling and Putting Fragments Back Together with Art

June 11, 2013

The treasure hunt begins on 6/12 over at The Altered Page, as participating art bloggers come together to share past posts we love & to collaborate as part of Seth Apter’s Buried Treasure Project. The concept is awesome: Seth will be posting a list of all our posts so we and others can discover lots of artsy online hidden treasure and creative goodness.

I’m re-posting one of my favorite blog posts, What Ought to Be: On Untangling and Putting Fragments Back Together with Art from the Creativity in Motion archives in 2010.  I selected this post because it symbolizes many core beliefs I have about art-making’s ability to create transformation out of moments full of uncertainty and vulnerability.

I also decided to create some updated fragments of me to add to the box…

Fragments of Me: Twentythirteen | What Ought to Be: Untangling and Putting Fragments Back Together w/ Art | creativity in motion
What Ought to Be: On Untangling and Putting Fragments Back Together with Art | Originally posted on Creativity in Motion: 2/28/2010

Earlier in the week I was reading a post about what daily meditation can do for your creativity and wrote down these words that the author, Mark McGuinness highlighted: Focus, Patience, Calmness, Clarity, Insight, and Perspective with the intention to reflect on the state of my own mental clarity and what McGuinness described perfectly as “getting tangled up in thoughts”.

As the week went on, I lost track of this intention. What did follow was lots of tangling and static coming from many sources and by the end of the week, my mind felt like it was in tight knots unable to make sense of anything or what to do next.  Except for one thing: to make art.  When I am having a hard time understanding what’s happening around me or within, art-making usually helps me start to untangle everything and invite many of the qualities listed in McGuinness’ post.

This past week in particular, I was really thinking about themes related to shattering, fragmenting and scatteredness… feeling this within and wanting to do something constructive and meditative to make these pieces more containable and start to put them back together for my sanity and my ability to keep moving forward with fresh eyes, a clearer head, and creative mind.

I used several square and rectangle plastic “Fragments”  from Tim Holtz’s idea-ology and adhered the words I wrote down from McGuinness’ list and others important to my untangling process.   Holtz’s “Fragments” are small clear tiles that can be embellished by adhering patterned paper to, inking, or gluing on printed paper for creating “a concept or thought developed by the mind of what is desireable or ought to be“.

I also collaged a box to hold and contain these fragments of “what ought to be”.

Developing and containing these fragments through this process reminded me (again) of my core intentions, purpose, and helped “untangle” most of the “thought knots”, as well as put back and contain all the little pieces of me that were scattered everywhere and ought to be paid attention to for continued creativity, energy, and collaboration.

Playing Some Creative Blog Tag

April 7, 2012

AJ over at one of my favorite art journaling blogs, recently chose me and Creativity in Motion to play in a game of blog tag with a series of creative and fun questions to answer!  Thank you AJ!

Here are the rules I’ve received to play:

  • You must post the rules
  • Answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
  • Create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
  • Tag 11 people
  • Let them know you’ve tagged them
These are AJ’s questions and my answers:
  1. Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to have a 1 to 1 with?  David Lynch.
  2. How do you silence your inner critic?  I remind myself to just do the best job that I am able to do.  I remember my parents told me the same thing when I was younger, so this is probably where this comes from!
  3. If you could only use three colours which would you choose?  Right now: Black, blue, orange.
  4. If you could own any one piece of art in the world (money no object) what would it be?  Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31, 1950.  I stood in front of this painting breathless for what seemed like hours.
  5. What is your most treasured inanimate possession?   My iPhone.
  6. Given the choice of fruit or chocolate which would you pick?   Definitely chocolate.
  7. Where in the world would you most like to visit?   Tokyo, Japan.
  8.  Is your art room tidy or messy?   On the tidy side.
  9. What gets you up in the morning?   Ideas. 
  10. What makes you laugh out loud?  KK.
  11. If you could time travel which period or event in history would you like to experience?   1977 music scene in NYC and the UK.

I’m tagging these art therapist blogs that I follow for inspiring creative reflections and ideas:

And here are my “Creativity in Motion-esque” questions for each of my “tagees”:

  1. What is your most favorite art material or media to use in your personal art-making?
  2. Favorite source for creative inspiration?
  3. Any tips for making the time to focus on your creative practice?
  4. What artsy project are you working on right now?
  5. Is there a particular art material, technique, or process you would like to learn more about or spend more time with?
  6. Biggest creative challenge you’ve experienced?
  7. What does creativity mean to you?
  8. Favorite art related book you’ve read or would like to read?
  9. Do you prefer to create alone or with others?
  10. What role has social media and networking played in your creative practice?
  11. Finish this sentence:  “To create is to _____________________.’

I’ll use the same disclaimer AJ gave me for those I have tagged: There is no obligation to play along, so please don’t feel pressured because I tagged you!   I just love your blogs so I wanted other to see them too!  🙂

Guest Blog Post on SpeakArtLoud | Art Therapy and Domestic Violence

October 12, 2011

Check out my recent guest blog post on SpeakArtLoud:  Using Art Therapy with Survivors of Domestic Violence.

SpeakArtLoud is an innovative social-profit organization that uses the arts to empower women and improve communities.  Learn more about the organization’s vision, mission, and values here.

Thanks so much to Sally and SpeakArtLoud for the opportunity to contribute this posting, especially during Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Revolution (Art) Making : Live Life Fearlessly

September 27, 2011

I love, love, love this art journal page posted a few days ago in my ready for revolution class by Janette Gregson in the UK who just started her revolution book making experience in 21 SECRETS.  I love the image of the woman on the tightrope, included Alan Alda quote, and overall message!  Thanks to Janette for sharing this and letting me re-post here on Creativity in Motion… Check out Janette’s art journaling blog to view some more of her work and read about her experiences.  Nice!

Throughout the last six months in ready for revolution, I am always excited to see what each individual creates, their intention, how this is expressed visually, and reflections posted within our group.  As I’ve posted here before, it’s awesome to see the revolution pages and the entire books (wow!) being created and shared.  After the last few years of annually creating my own revolution book and sharing it with others sorta on my own through this blog, social media, and video,  it’s so powerful to see the hopeful, empowering, and inspiring revolutions shared by others and this group of support, encouragement, and community.

Here’s to much more revolution (art) making!!  Yay!

Creating a Dialogue & Resource for Domestic Violence: Trauma Network Blogging

May 15, 2011

It’s official! I’ll be blogging as a core contributor for The Trauma Network,  a growing community of therapists coming together to learn new ways to advance their clinical practice, exchange resources, interventions, and find support related to trauma informed work.

My posts for the network will focus on considerations, strategies, best practices, and ideas for  therapists working with children, adolescents, families, and women impacted by domestic violence, including the benefits of using art and creative interventions with this population.

I hope my blogging will start a dialogue and create a trauma informed resource within this community connected to domestic violence and offer practical information useful for this area of work.  

To learn more about The Trauma Network and how to join (free!), please visit

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