Linking Up More Creative Blog Love: Round Up #2

It’s time for my second round up of Link Love …. a blog sharing love fest started over @ Daisy Yellow….

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I share the below blogs with lots of love, appreciation, & admiration. Check out their creative goodness:

Link Love Round Up #2
Link Love for April 15
  • artsyville–  There is always loads & loads of colorful inspiration to discover over at Aimee Myers Dolich’s Artsyville!  There’s a little something for everyone: A doodle shop,  creative experiments, artful sightings, and home of my favorite weekly cut & paste happening, Glue It Tuesday;
  • the altered page– For a good dose of all things mixed media, altered, and distressed, check out the work of Seth Apter on his very cool blog The Altered Page.  Here you’ll find lots of Seth’s current projects, ideas, happenings, and more- including the Art Blog Directory, which is the ultimate expression of Link Love with 400+ links to a big chunk of the creative blogosphere!
  • bebe butler– Bebe’s art journaling and reflections are sooo good for my revo’lution making soul.
  • jamie ridler studios– So much awesome creative living is always happening over at Jamie Ridler Studios!

Stay connected for two more link love round ups this month (April 22 and 29) where I’ll feature 5 more blogs that inspire me! If you missed last week’s round up, check it out here.


Inspiring, Artsy Link Love- Round Up #1

Not only did I discover Tammy’s awesome Link Love initiative last week, but that she also kindly included Creativity in Motion and my 365 Project on her list of five blogs in her recent post.  Thank you Tammy! 🙂  I want to contribute towards her search for fun this April and pay the shout out I received forward to other blogs I am inspired by… and you can too…. Read more about Tammy’s mission to share the link love here and how to get involved!

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Every Monday for the rest of April (8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th), I’ll be posting five blogs to help spread some link love … Blogs that I hope inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Here’s my 5 for this week..Check them out:

Link Love for April 8
  • {stargardener’s} right brain planner: I’m really drawn to Teresa Robinson’s creative mojo of art journaling, quotes, photo goodness and her doses of beautiful light… I smile when I see Teresa’s stuff pop up in my newsfeeds….
  • art evolutions:  For more good vibes, I look forward to seeing posts from Lizzie Bellotto, whether this is her Inspiration Monday or Mid-Week Pondering updates.  I’ve also really enjoyed her recent work of mandalas!
  • a big creative yes: I loooove Dan James’ inspirational writing and reflections… it’s one of the few blogs that I go back and re-read past posts from his archives.
  • inner canvas: For the art therapist in me, reading Lisa Mitchell’s blog is super nuturing!

Creativity in Motion : Beautiful Blogger Award

I was happy to learn that Bebe Butler nominated Creativity in Motion for a Beautiful Blogger Award.  Bebe’s an active follower of CiM posts, art journaler, mixed media artist, storyteller, and more! I appreciate Bebe’s support, as well as thoughtfulness for including my blog on her nominee list as an inspiration. Thank you!

To accept the award, it’s my turn to pay the recognition forward & nominate 15 bloggers I love, along with sharing 7 things about myself.  I think this is a playful way to show my gratitude and acknowledgement to those who have inspired me in the blogosphere!

I’m nominating a list of blogs & artists that I admire for their art journaling, mixed media ideas, and overall positive vibes for creative, art-making goodness. Check these blogs out….

…and… 7 Random Creative-esque Things About Me:

  • I’m addicted to using distressed ink
  • I have a growing sock monkey posse living in my creative work space
  • I collect Mexican folk art: calaveras, ofrendas, loteria cards, papier-mache diablos
  • I enjoy making altered books from children’s board books
  • My favorite media for my own art making is collage
  • I usually carry a black sharpie marker & gluestick somewhere in my bag
  • I find handsewing paper and cardboard relaxing

Thanks again Bebe!

Creating a Dialogue & Resource for Domestic Violence: Trauma Network Blogging

It’s official! I’ll be blogging as a core contributor for The Trauma Network,  a growing community of therapists coming together to learn new ways to advance their clinical practice, exchange resources, interventions, and find support related to trauma informed work.

My posts for the network will focus on considerations, strategies, best practices, and ideas for  therapists working with children, adolescents, families, and women impacted by domestic violence, including the benefits of using art and creative interventions with this population.

I hope my blogging will start a dialogue and create a trauma informed resource within this community connected to domestic violence and offer practical information useful for this area of work.  

To learn more about The Trauma Network and how to join (free!), please visit Re-designing & Re-visioning

My official website was recently updated with some re-designing and re-visioning.  The site highlights my work, services, and interests:

Content featured on includes:

  • Autobiographical Information: Learn more about my work as a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist and Certified Trauma Consultant, my educational training, clinical experience and specializations, interests, as well as professional affiliations with organizations such as The Combat Paper Project, The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, and community organizing with The Art Therapy Alliance and Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc.
  • Information and Resources About Art Therapy– Learn more about what art therapy is and what art therapists do, including definitions, resources, and links from organizations such as The Art Therapy Alliance, International Art Therapy Organization, Art Therapy Without Borders, The Buckeye Art Therapy Association, and The Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc.
  • Services– Learn more about art therapy services that I provide in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area, which includes working with agencies and organizations serving traumatized and grieving children, adolescents, and families who have experienced illness, loss, and family violence. Other services highlighted include art therapist supervision, providing art therapy workshops and professional continuing education for agencies, schools, and community groups.
  • On the Grid– Information about my love and passion related to art therapy and technology, including blogging, on-line art therapy communities, podcasts featuring my work and interests, and the art therapy e-zine FUSION.
  • Presentations– View some of my SlideShare presentations about art therapy with children from homes of domestic violence, working with youth coping with grief and loss, as well as the impact of Bruce Perry’s work on my practice as an art therapist and trauma specialist working with traumatized youth.
  • Film/Art Gallery– Watch some of my favorite short videos and films featuring my collage art, altered books, community art events, and initiatives of The Art Therapy Alliance and Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc.

Inspiring Art Therapy Spots on the Web

Today’s posting is dedicated to highlighting art therapy/art therapist sites and blogs that I want to spread the word about and encourage you to check out for inspiration, perspective, and connection. As an art therapist who loves to navigate around the Internet, it is great to see these art therapy sites/blogs/films/photostreams showcasing art therapy, building community, and sharing experiences.

turning*turning- This blog features an art therapist’s postings on creativity, healing, and the power of making. As described @, it’s a place for exploring, discussing, and considering the creative process- the power of making- and its place in modern life.  Check it out!

The Latent Lens ( from art therapist Carmen Gomez features insights and reflections provoked by her photography and using her camera to help make sense and express experiences.

When We Were Made ( from Pratt Institute art therapy graduate student Megan Ashley Graf describes her journey to become an art therapist and preparing to enter the world as a mental health professional.

Elizabeth Beck-Art Therapy ( highlights art therapy news, research, and current happenings in the field.

Denver Art Therapy Counseling Co. (  was founded by Colorado art therapist Erin Brumleve and her blog brings awareness about art therapy counseling, psychotherapy, art, and well-being in general.

AT-Jobsearch on Flickr– Art Therapist Robert Ryan and another art therapist colleague used Flickr to support one another in search for their first art therapy jobs out of graduate school. They posted responsive art and comments about their experiences here:

Open Art Studio Film– This below video is intended to raise awareness about the importance of open art studios in our communities:


Art Therapy and Social Media’s Top 3

It probably comes to no surprise that I am a big fan of using the Internet to network, meet new people, share resources, and learn new things- especially related to my work as an art therapist. This interest started over ten years ago when I was in graduate school and I wanted to connect to or stay in touch with other art therapy students all over the country or share news important to what was happening in the field. Creating an e-mail list-serv for students and then  networking forum on Delphi for several years, helped with this need. These days the Art Therapy Student Networking Forum continues on LinkedIn (see the Art Therapy Alliance link below) for students interested in art therapy or enrolled in an art therapy education program to ask questions and network with other students and art therapists.

Ten years ago there wasn’t the buzz word “social media” used to describe this kind of activity or various platforms, but it was the beginning (for me) to the world of art therapy engaging in the possibilities and benefits of Internet forums, e-groups and on-line networking.  Now there is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogging, podcasting, and  so many other forms of social media- it is amazing!  Within the art therapy field, I am seeing great things happen with these tools and the activity that comes from it.   In this posting, I wanted to highlight some of these considerations, as well as provide ways in which art therapists not involved (yet!) with the social media scene can acquaint themselves, get started, and find resources to help with networking and promotion.


This week I read the article, Are You Taking Advantage of the Social Media to Promote Your Business? by  E.G. Sebastian and his thoughts on the top three social media sites to grow and build the work that you offer, services you provide, and create a following about your business, company, or cause. I agree with Sebastian’s top three choices (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and can already see how these sites are having an impact on art therapists and the field of art therapy:

LinkedIn– I have mentioned LinkedIn in previous posts and have found this professional networking site really valuable for enhancing and promoting my work as an art therapist and these related interests.   LinkedIn is a social media site dedicated to helping build your professional relationships, promote your work and service through your profile, and provide networking opportunites by making connections, introductions, and giving/receiving recommendations related to your work with those you trust and who trust you.  LinkedIn also incorporates many application programs to help promote your work, such as, but not limited to: posting/viewing PowerPoint presentations, synching your blog, sharing files, and letting others know “what you are working on”. For me, these updates and exchanging of information has been helpful with staying up to date on what colleagues are working on or looking for.

LinkedIn also has many Groups that you can join based on your career or special interests. Joining a LinkedIn Group provides additonal networking around a similar skill or area with other professionals who share this same interest. Group members can post news links, start discussions, and access group members for help with questions, feedback, or support.  This past week celebrated the one year launching milestone of The Art Therapy Alliance, a professional group on LinkedIn for art therapists, art therapy students, and professionals interested in art therapy and want to network, exchange ideas, and discuss related news and happenings.

Facebook– Sebastian also identifies Facebook as another platform to help spread the word to the masses about your work, services, upcoming events, current news, network, with a personal touch.  I enjoy when my art therapy friends post news links, event information, websites, and blog postings related to our work, as well as find the support and community that is exchanged really helpful and encouraging. Facebook also has Groups to join and there are many, many art therapy focused groups available to join by keyword searching  “art therapy”.

Twitter- Lately, I have been most impressed with the reaching power of Twitter, another social media site that provides updates to those following you about your status and what you are up to. If you “tweet” (post) on a regular basis with content for potential followers to become interested in, it’s easy to build a group of people curious about your postings.  Becoming a follower of others also contributes to strengthening your network opportunities and keeping informed. Go to to start tweeting!  This NYTimes article, Putting Twitter’s World to Use also describes examples on how people are using this social media site.

To learn even more about the power of social media, view the brief video below. I think the residents of Scoopville, ice cream, and the future of art therapy have a lot in common! By the people, for the people!