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Creative Goodness Gratitude

December 23, 2012

In just about two weeks, the second round of workshops for the online art-making community 6 Degrees of Creativity will be coming to a close after our six months together.   This time full of creative goodness has really flown by!

Here’s some “Top 10 6 Degrees of Creativity Goodness I Love” (in no particular order!) created from one of my SMASH Pads.

6 Degrees of Creativity Top Ten

My 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Top Ten

Thank you to everyone who participated in this offering, especially to the Instructors of 6 Degrees of Creativity 2: Hannah, Kelly, Sara, Fiona, and Magdalena who brought so much inspiration, encouragement, and connection with each of their workshops.  Lotsa fun in the positive spirit of community, collaboration, and creativity!

6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Gratitude Cards

Gratitude Cards

Throughout my e-workshop in 6 Degrees of Creativity 2, I’ve worked on a variety of gluebooks including my twentytwelve on the go adventure file folder gluebook documenting my 2012 fun, a brown paper bag gluebook, and just finished another file folder gluebook dedicated to 6 Degrees of Creativity. It includes paper,  notes, & mementos from community members or creative goodness inspired by the community.

6 Degrees of Creativity Gluebook

6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Gluebooking

Reflecting back on Creative Goodness for Gluebooks and member posts or images, it’s been such an artful journey about the different ways and ideas art journaling in the form of a gluebook can be used: on the go, in celebration of a special moment, or to focus on a meaningful theme or personal topic.

It has also been neat to see something as simple and ordinary as a file folder or paper bag be transformed into bookmaking art.  Equally fun was to learn more ideas about what to use to glue and create for the outside cover, the inside pages, or what to stash in gluebook pockets.

You can see past posts featuring Gluebook Inspiration here:

Paper Stash Swap

Paper Stash Swap

One of my favorite parts of the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 gluebook e-workshop was the paper stash swap and gluebook page exchange many community members participated in this past August and November.  With much gratitude, I’m still using the fun and artsy paper goodies from the swap in my gluebooking! The swap & exchange was also a wonderful way to further connect to others from the workshop when making our art.

Gluebook Page Exchange

Gluebook Page Exchange

With 2013 approaching quickly, I’ve started to get a new SMASH Book (the Doodle Red one!) all ready to use for new year art journaling.  One of the first things I glued on some SMASH tabs and dividers I’ve collected, were these playful paper elves from Lani Gerity. Very nice! Now I have some happy tabs!  Thank you!

My 2013 Smashbook

My 2013 Smashbook with Happy Elf Tabs

In January, you’ll be able to find my Creative Goodness with Gluebooks e-Book here to download (for free!) and use for gluebooking inspiration and fun!  More coming soon…

Wishing everyone a joyful holiday full of creative cheer!

A Collection of Creative Goodness: Gluebook Page Exchange Fun

November 10, 2012

This afternoon I finished exchanging all the pages that came in for the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Gluebook Page Exchange.  What a wonderful collection of creative goodness!  Thank you to Jolie, Susanna, Lizzie, Cathy, Bailey, Suzanne, Julie, Lynette, and Nancy for contributing to this project!

Each participant created a series of 5 x 7 pages on cardstock and used a varietyof gluebook material to fill each page: magazine photo images, scrapbooking paper, old book pages, sheet music, as well as inspiration received in our Paper Stash Swap held a couple of months ago.  What a great use of these creative goodies that we received!

Stack o’ Gluebook Pages

Swapped pages were made into books that participants will receive back in their mailbox soon.  I used metal o-rings to assemble the pages together and created covers for each book as my page contribution.   My gluebook pages included a variety of collage paper stuff from in my creative workspace and  paper stash fun from our swap.  It was really neat to re-purpose these treasures and share them again in this form with the group.

 This exchange was a great reason to make art together!  It was also a fun opportunity to create something meaningful and full of good vibes for group members, as well as receive this same act and positive messages in return.

In the Making: My Best Revolution Yet

December 23, 2011

I started working on my 2012 revolution book last night to hold the intentions authenticity, attention, creativity, joy, kindness, perspective, re-connection, and sincerity. This will be my fourth revolution book and engaging in this year-end tradition to create & invite chosen intentions into my life throughout the upcoming new year.

As I worked on each page, the feeling I had about this process and my intentions for 2012 was very powerful and full of so many good vibes. Beginning my work on this book was humbling and provided an emotional connection never experienced before in my past revolution making.

My plan is to still have my new revolution book finished in the next week and ready to go for 2012… I am looking forward to more work on each of my pages and continued connection with my 2012 intentions…my best revolution yet…

Peace Paper: Papermaking, Art Therapy, and Social Action On the Move in 2012

December 12, 2011

A new project and team that I am very excited to be involved with is Peace Paper, founded by Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan to empower bereaved international communities through engagement in collaborative art processes addressing peaceful reconciliation and positive forward thinking.  Through paper, writing, book, and printmaking activities, Peace Paper workshop participants transform significant articles of clothing into works of art which broadcast their stories.

Peace Paper announced its 2012 Tour Schedule last week, which includes a variety of workshops, conferences, teaching, and training across the US (Massachusetts, Michigan, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York , Kansas) as well as international visits in Eskulan, Kosovo, Turkey, India, and more with the project’s amazing creative team.

There are a few art therapy focused offerings for 2012 that Drew, Margaret, and I will be facilitating:

  • May 14 – 18- Arts and the Military Conference, Washington, D.C.– As part of The Arts and Military Conference hosted by George Mason University, Drew and I will be offering a five-day papermaking workshop for art therapists and survivors of trauma. This workshop will focus on technical training, practical applications, and hands-on demonstrations of papermaking and implementation for trauma intervention.
  • September 6-8- Buckeye Art Therapy Association Symposium, Dublin, Ohio–  Margaret, Drew, and I will be in the Columbus area as part of the 2012 BATA Symposium. This will include a full day pre-conference workshop for a limited audience to provide participants an understanding about how the papermaking process can be beneficial with populations as a form of social action and therapeutic transformation in trauma and loss intervention.  During the BATA Symposium, we will present a keynote presentation on the topic of art as social action, focusing on lecture and visual content related to utilizing papermaking and creative expression as a cathartic process to give meaning, create transformation, and provide empowerment through releasing and reforming fibers into new stories and new beginnings.   A workshop offering entitled, “Expressions for Peace” will invite Symposium attendees on the following day to create their own reflections and expression for peace on handmade paper flags created from Peace Paper’s recent travels.
  • October 12 & 13- Kansas Art Therapy Association Conference, Emporia, KS– Margaret, Drew, and I will be conducting a two-day workshop for art therapists, including a lecture highlighting Art as Social Action and Papermaking as Trauma Therapy.  This event will also include an exhibit of Peace Paper artworks.
I am so looking forward to teaming up with Margaret and Drew again in 2012 for these events.  Save the date(s) and stayed tuned for more details on each of these offerings!  You can also stay connected to Peace Paper updates and news on Facebook, on the web, and follow the project’s travels through the Peace Paper blog.

File Folder Art Journal [VIDEO] How to Tutorial

November 27, 2011

During a recent art therapy supervision session, I was re-introduced (thanks Mary!) to the technique of taking a basic file folder and re-purposing it into a mini book that could be used as an art journal.  I wanted to remember the folding sequence and steps involved, so I decided to do a quick, short how-to video and thought other creatives would also be interested in trying this fun, easy, and inexpensive idea.  Materials you will need to get started include a file folder (with side tabs, not a middle tab) and some glue:

Here’s some written steps:

1. Start with the tab in the upper right hand corner.

2. Fold the folder up from the bottom straight across so the tab curves line up.  This will create four pockets inside of the journal.

3. Next start with the right side and begin to fold this into the middle, making sure the bottom of the tab lines up with the file’s center seam.

4. Fold the left side to the middle, lining up the upper left section with the center seam.  Note the file’s tabs will be extending out of the journal.

5. Squeeze the folder/journal in together- Glue the middle together and the folder’s edges.

6. Embellish with paint, collage, fabric, and mixed media materials.  The thickness of the file folder surface is great for painting, sewing into, and doing lots of collage!  The pockets are the perfect size for Artist Trading Cards, tags, and other creative keepsakes!


Covers Started

I remember that the January/February 2011 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors also had an article about making art from office supplies and featured a File Journal (watch the video here!), with another slightly different folding technique and ideas for Journal Cards/Tags to put inside the pockets.  I have also been researching other inspiring examples on the sites Dreamcicle Journeys and Rough Around the Edges, as I continue to keep working on the art journals I have started.

If you try this technique out, I would love to see your journal!   Feel free to comment with a link to a photo, post, etc.!

Exposing & Altering Vulnerability

May 1, 2011

Creativity | Authenticity | Humility | Responsiblity

I created a mini-altered board book to spend time reflecting on four concepts that have been challenging for me lately. I usually think of Creativity, Authenticity, Humility, & Responsibility as strengths I can call on, but in these pages they are exposed to vulnerability, question, and weakness.

Working on each page helped me put some of the internal and external struggles I was experiencing into perspective.  The safe space of the book helped me to reflect more on my positive and negative judgments associated with each these concepts.  This process and the finished pages left me feeling better connected (and accepting) to the role of Creativity, Authenticity, Humility, & Responsibility in my life.

Pulp to Paper: Pieces of Reclamation

September 28, 2010


The film below is about how papermaking can be a transformative, mindful, and reparative process that facilitates and enhances exploration of personal meaning through paper and a handmade book I created.  The paper that was made to create the actual pages of my book were from unwanted personal material and content that was shredded, pulped, re-transformed into handmade paper, and then liberated into new life and meaning for this project.

This video was shown this past week-end at The Buckeye Art Therapy Association Symposium during a presentation by Cathy Malchiodi and me where we discussed the benefits of papermaking for self reclamation and transformation, including the work of The Combat Paper Project (CPP) and testimony about our personal experience with papermaking last March.  Thanks to CPP’s Drew Matott and Drew Cameron for all their help with the papermaking process!!!

Art Therapy Without Borders also premiered Papermaking as Self Reclamation and Transformation: Deconstruction to Reconstruction, a film by The Reel Redwing Studio and Cathy showcasing our papermaking,  inspiration from CPP, and personal story of reclamation.  For a limited time you can view this 10 minute film here through the ATWB website before it is released for purchase.

Six Pages of Dichotomy

January 29, 2010

The pages for the Dichotomy Fatbook collaboration I’m participating in are coming along.   Here’s my progress on six pages.  Only nine more to start by June.  Making good time, I think for the summer swap!   

I enjoy being involved with creative collaborations like this because it provides me more opportunity to engage in art-making and participate with other art therapists and artists involved with the project.   

As more of my pages develop, I hope to share and post…..


Beginnings of a Dichotomy Fatbook

December 13, 2009

I recently was invited to and signed up for a group fatbook project with some art therapists and artists in my area.  The way this collaborative mixed media project will work is that everyone creates a 4 x 4 page for each person participating,  and then at the conclusion of the project, participants will all come together to swap pages and bind our book with the creative content everyone has created.  For more about making fatbooks check out this link here. 

I am looking forward to creating my pages for everyone and excited to see what pages and variations of the fatbook’s theme will be created by everyone else.  The swap won’t be until the summer, so I have lots of time to work on the pages I need to get done!

I started to work on some ideas via Polyvore around the theme of this fatbook: Dichotomy.  Right now I am brainstorming concepts and cultivating imagery related to the dichotomy of right-left brain characteristics, mind-body connection and theory, as well as ideas about the thinking brain vs. the feeling brain that I can incorporate into collage.  I am drawn to these concepts in my art therapy work with clients, especially related to trauma and I think this fatbook project will be a fun and creative opportunity to explore these subjects more and the relationship between them.

Below are some of my sets created with Polyvore that I will print and use for collage in the 15 pages I need to create.  Look for more updates on my dichotomy fatbook as it develops– the process is just getting started!

Dichotomy 1-Think/Feel by Gretchen Miller
Left Right Brain Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Mind-Heart Dichotomy
Mind-Heart Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Logic Intuition-Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller

See more progress on my pages here:
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