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2014 Art Journaling Creative Goodness: 21 SECRETS LIVE!

December 21, 2013

As December begins to wind down and 2014 approaches, one of the awesome art journaling happenings I am really looking forward to and super excited, honored to be involved with is 21 SECRETS LIVE!  I announced this a few months ago and was even able to give away a couple of free spots on this blog last month, but along with 2014, 21 SECRETS LIVE! is almost here now!  Yay!

Here’s a re-cap of the creative goodness we’ll be up to during the upcoming year: Beginning January 15 (through June!) co-hosts Connie Hozvicka, Lisa Wilson, and Hali Karla along with a past 21 SECRETS teacher will be meeting every Wednesday at 6pm EST for a LIVE! video broadcast where you’ll be able to art journal along in real time, ask us questions through a chat format, and feel like we’re right there with you in your studio LIVE!

My LIVE! broadcast hosted by Hali, is scheduled for February and I can’t wait to hang out with you to chat about & do some art journaling together through Spreecast.

21 SECRETS LIVE! Instructors

21 SECRETS LIVE! Instructors

Also joining in on the fun are these past (and amazing!) 21 SECRETS Instructors: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Dion Dior, Jane Davenport, Andrea Schroeder, Aimee Myers Dolich, Alma Stoller, Carissa Paige, Dale Anne Potter, Violette Clark, Roben-Marie Smith, Rachel Whetzel, Natasha Reilly, Rae Missigman, Diana Trout, Rachel Awes, Traci Bunkers, Kate Crane, Tracy Verdugo, and Kelly Barton.

I recently got to view a Spreecast art journaling session in action with Connie, Lisa, and Hali and it looked like so much fun!  I’m looking forward to some pre-21 SECRETS LIVE! spreecasting fun with the inspiring Hali as we get ready for my broadcast on February 26.


Spreecast is a social video platform that connects people together through live broadcasting, photo sharing, and online chatting. According to the Spreecast’s mission, they “believe people obtain a deeper understanding of each other and a more emotional connection when they interact face-to-face.” The site is also a great way to meet others who share your interests (like art journaling!) and discover new ones!

Can’t make the LIVE! broadcasts? No worries– Each 21 SECRETS LIVE! broadcast is recorded and available for members to save, keep, watch on your own schedule, and time!  Members of 21 SECRETS LIVE! will also have access to a private Facebook group and Flickr gallery–for sharing your work, giving/receiving feedback, and staying connected to the inspiring 21 SECRETS LIVE! community!

There’s still time to join us (here)!  I hope you will!  What a nice way to start off 2014 and keep dedicating weekly time, energy, and inspiration to your art journaling practice!


You’re Invited: 21 SECRETS Live! Art Journaling Spreecast Celebration

August 12, 2013

The fabulous, awesome online art journaling workshop 21 SECRETS hosted by Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio is turning 5 in 2014 and to celebrate there’s gonna be a super special art journaling bash like no other:

Cue the confetti for 21 SECRETS LIVE! 

Come join a group of past 21 SECRETS teachers including yours truly — starting January 15 for a weekly (Wednesdays, 6pm EST) LIVE! 90 minute art journaling video spreecast. Each spreecast will showcase a different 21 SECRETS teacher with Connie as our beautiful host.  You’ll be able to art journal along with us in real time, ask us questions through a chat format, and feel like we’re right there in your creative space LIVE!  How cool is that?

And…there will also be a private Facebook group and Flickr gallery to keep the 21 SECRETS LIVE! party going 24/7, as well as recordings of each spreecast in case you can’t make the LIVE! broadcast or want a party souvenir to takeaway for future reference.

21 SECRETS LIVE!  Art Journaling Workshops & Spreecast

Consider this your official save the date & e-vite from me!  I hope you’ll make plans to join us in this creative celebration and party it up in your art journal with us!!!

Learn more about the 21 SECRETS LIVE! deets and check out the discounted Pre-Sale happening right now HERE.

I am so very honored to be returning with such an amazing group of inspiring artists & art journalers from the 21 SECRETS teaching community and to work with Connie again.

What a fun, artful way to celebrate together!  Woo hoo!


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Answering the Call: Cleveland Creative Women’s Circle

August 5, 2013

This week-end I answered Connie Hozvicka’s call to join a special Creative Women’s Circle gathering in Cleveland.

I was super looking forward to meeting Connie and expressing my gratitude to her in person for all the good vibes, creative goodness, and nurturing connections she’s offered me and so many others through her beautiful presence and amazing on-line art communities, workshops, and retreats with Dirty Footprints Studio.

This gathering in Cleveland was a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with some familiar local faces, as well as meet more like minded women with inspiring, creative spirits.

Cleveland Creative Women's Circle w/ Dirty Footprints Studio | creativity in motion

The Circle’s Grateful Light (no filter!)

The day was beautiful, our setting along the waters Lake Erie relaxing, and the energy among the group was so open and encouraging.  It was very cool to meet up with this group of women mixed media artists, art journalers, painters, and more who also have such respect, gratitude, and have been inspired by the DFS community.

Cleveland Creative Women's Circle w/ Dirty Footprints Studio | creativity in motion

Cleveland Creative Women’s Circle | August 3, 2013

Creating art together in this safe space and meeting up in this creative fellowship was good for the soul!


revo’lution making by the lake

I spent some of my artmaking time working on Day 215’s revo’lution art. Also good for the soul! 🙂

I look forward to the new connection inspired by this experience and what grows from our personal creative seeds and among each other as a result of this awesome gathering.

Read Connie’s reflections from the gathering here on the DFS site.


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Ringing in the New Year with Revolution Art Making

December 31, 2011

All week I have been in denial that 2011’s 21 SECRETS is closing on December 31, 2011, but today that day is finally here.  I still can’t believe it.  I’ve sooo enjoyed being part of and teaching in this art journaling community organized by Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio…21 SECRETS has truly been a highlight of my 2011.  The creative connections, art journaling ideas, inspiration, and encouragement have been amazingly wonderful and I will really miss this community!

I will especially miss everyone who participated in my 21 SECRETS workshop ready for revolutionIf you haven’t already checked out this post from November, it features many of the revolution art journal pages and books created since 21 SECRETS opened in April.  So inspiring!  Definitely worth another mention (and watch)!

With 21 SECRETS coming to a close, I’ve invited ready for revolution participants to share their 2012 intentions or any of their revolution art in the works:

Janet's 2012 Revolution Intentions

I created this image on my computer to share my Revo’lution words for 2012. The background image is of a Pohutukawa tree flower bud.  Here in New Zealand we call them the NZ Christmas tree as they have bright red joyful flowers that are out at Christmas time. This bud is about to burst open and “OPEN” is a big word for me this year.  To be authenticially OPEN to  vulnerability, love, joy, gentle kindness, compassion, gratitude, connection and belonging, so I can allow my resilient spirit to live whole-heartedly    ~Janet


Janette's 2012 Revolution-Page 1- Inspire

I have started my Revo-lution 2012 book, I’ve only done one page so far but I thought I would share it…The book is a 5″ by 5″ board book stripped back to the board and then gesso’d and I’ve used images that inspire me.  The couple on the left are my parents who have loved and inspired me all my life; the sunset at Castara bay in Sunny Tobago (one of my favourite places on earth); a bit of an old map of Ryde which has a fascinating history; Albert Einstein – who was a genius, deep thinker and often a little playful, I would have loved to have met him; Joan Miro is one of my favourite artists and so is Keith Haring.  The little image bottom right says Plant a Seed, because that’s what inspiration is – the potential for something great.  I’ve included ArchBishop Desmond Tutu because he is another highly intellegent man, deep thinker, has a heart the size of a planet and a ‘wicked’ laugh.  I would love to meet him.  ~Janette 

(See more of Janette’s revolution book making forthcoming on her blog.)


Lani's Revolution Page for Joy

I was also very excited to see Lani Gerity share her completed 2012 revolution book on her blog.  Check out Lani’s wonderful revolution book for twentytwelve and reflections on her intentions here.


And this great idea from Phoenix was posted yesterday:  I’m hoping to spend 12/31 contemplating and creating pages for my revolution journal for 2012. I ran out of time to make one during 21 Secrets, but my goal is to have photos of the pages on my phone or Ipod so I can look at them regularly and remember my priorities for the year.  Honestly, thank you so, so much for your class. I’ve always been big on resolutions that vanish within a day or so of real life. I hadn’t realised just how exhausting it all was until I sat and watched your workshop and something inside me seemed to just relax at the idea of visual reminders of the direction I’m heading (not the dress size I’m wanting!!!)

I looooove all these good vibes for ringing in the New Year with revolution art making….  and here’s some more good stuff for art journaling in 2012:  A new 21 SECRETS line up has been announced for 2012 and goes on sale January 2.   Yay!

Happy 2012!

More Handmade Revolution Making Meets Art Journaling [VIDEO]

November 13, 2011

Ready for Revolution Book Cover by Eva Miller

To celebrate and honor all the awesome revolution making happening in my workshop ready for revolution, I put together a short video montage dedicated to the fabulous and inspiring art journaling that has been created throughout the last 8 months as part of Dirty Footprints Studio’s art journaling playground 21 SECRETS.

I sincerely hope, like me, you are moved by the hopeful, positive, and good vibes bursting from these pages and the intentions that workshop participants have thoughtfully crafted, released on paper and into the world as part of their personal, handmade revolution:

I know I’ve said it here before, but I continue to be so honored and in awe by the art, reflections, and support exchanged in this community and look forward to seeing more revolution making in 21 SECRETS until the end of this year.

Much gratitude to the 200+ participants who have joined ready for revolution, the amazing art journalers who have shared their art here, and again to Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio for connecting us all together in such a fun and creative space! Thank you!

More coming soon about plans in the works for revolution twentytwelve!

21 SECRETS Art Journaling Playground: Last Call

September 26, 2011

October is quickly approaching… and wow– this means that registration for 21 SECRETS will soon be closing.  I can’t believe it has already been six months since Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio opened the 21 SECRETS’ doors! With over 800 participants and now 22 workshops and instructors all dedicated to art journaling, I am so enjoying what this experience has had to offer.  I have met loads and loads of creative and inspiring art journalers from around the world, including the amazing group of teachers I am working with, participants in my class ready for revolution and colleagues from the art therapy community who are participating, as well as many other creatives from all around the 21 SECRETS playground!  The content of techniques, concepts, and approaches to art journaling have been so much fun to learn more about, experiment with, create, see posted in the 21 SECRETS community, and share.

Sooo….if you haven’t registered for 21 SECRETS yet and been thinking about joining us, you still have time this week to sign up and play until January 1, 2012.  And…just announced today, Dirty Footprints Studio is discounting 21 SECRETS to $49.99!

Last call!  Registration closes for good on 11:59 pm PST, Friday, September 30th.  Learn more and how to register here.

Art Journaling Goes On!

May 30, 2011

21 SECRETS continues to keep going strong!  Almost 600 participants have signed up from all over the world since its opening in March to learn new ideas and concepts related to art journaling- so awesome!   It seems like yesterday that I was prepping and getting everything in order for ready for revo’lution and anxiously awaiting for the opening of the playground- and now June is almost here!

I’ve been so honored to be a part of this experience, teach among such an amazing group of women, witness the art, transformation & sharing taking place, as well as be part of the 21 SECRETS creative community, including the friends and connection I’ve already made during this time. Another big shout of gratitude to Connie Hozvicka for bringing us all together!  The first three months have been great and I am looking forward to more…

The last day to register for 21 SECRETS has been quickly approaching this month and the playground set to close on July 31.  I’m very excited to reveal that this group of 21 SECRETS classes will now be open for the rest of this year– closing on January 1, 2012!  Woo hoo- A 21 SECRETS Extension! 5 month bonus!  Lots more time for the art journaling fun, sharing, and connecting….

If you haven’t registered yet or thought you wouldn’t have time this spring and summer to play, 21 SECRETS will now be on sale until October 1Nice!

I am also looking for art therapists or art therapy students to interview and feature for the Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous about their 21 SECRETS experience.  Interviews will also be shared with the Alliance’s Materials & Media in Art Therapy subgroup on LinkedIn and in the fall issue of FUSION, an e-zine for Planet Art Therapy. E-mail me at if you are interested or want more information!


21 SECRETS is an ONLINE, self guided, art journaling workshop where participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a group of 21 artists through January 1, 2012.

My workshop ready for revo’lution will empower you to use art journaling to  explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more.  Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action!

21 SECRETS Art Journaling Workshop: On Sale Now!

March 14, 2011

21 SECRETS: An Art Journaling Playground

Today is the day that 21 SECRETS goes on sale at Dirty Footprints Studio!  As posted here over the last couple of months with much excitement & anticipation, 21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, art journaling workshop where participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a group of 21 artists from April 1- July 31, 2011.  This means you can enjoy 21 SECRETS and experience the art journaling fun from anywhere, anytime, on your schedule, and at your own pace throughout these four months.  How nice is that?

For only $59 you can enjoy the entire art journaling playground and come play with us!   Registration for 21 SECRETS starts today and runs until May 31, 2011.   To learn more about 21 SECRETS and to register, go here.

In case you missed my secret reveal, I’ll be teaching ready for revo’lution which will empower you to use art journaling to create your very own revo’lution!  Explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more.   Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action!

I hope you’ll be able to join me, the other instructors, and awesome creative offerings that this art journaling event has to provide! Register today!

Spring 21 SECRETS Art Journaling Workshop

January 31, 2011

It’s official!   A special announcement from Dirty Footprints Studio has just been made to let art journalers everywhere know 21 SECRETS will be gearing up again this spring!  Woo hoo! Get ready!

What’s 21 SECRETS?   Created by Creative Juicy Maven, Fearless Painter, and Dirty Footprints Studio Founder Connie Hozvicka, 21 SECRETS is an online, self guided, art journaling workshop.  Participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a stellar group of 21 artists beginning April 1 through August 1.

Check out the announcement and information about instructors for this round of 21 SECRETS here.

I am so very excited to be teaching for 21 SECRETS this spring and in such great company, which also includes fellow art and expressive therapists Erin KeneppKelley Brown, and Silky Hart.  21 SECRETS registration opens March 14 and workshop offerings will be available in early March to preview. Stay tuned for more of these details and what my secret will be!

I leave you with some of my favorite finds related to the benefits of art journaling to motivate you even further to join in this spring!

Be sure to also check out the inspiring websites & blogs of all the 21 SECRETS instructors chosen for this incredible workshop!  Get ready for lots of art journaling fun!

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