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Creative Pay It Forward Adventures

October 10, 2013

Back in January, I answered Lani Gerity’s invite to play Creative Pay It Forward.  Part of this fun included not only receiving an awesome paper stash surprise from Lani, but also keeping my commitment to spread the creative goodness to at least 5 other people throughout 2013.  So here’s an update on this adventure…

10 people answered an invite through this blog and on Facebook to also join in on the fun- Yes!  Since January I have been mailing out art to one of the individuals on my Creative Pay It Forward list.  At the beginning of each month I would randomly select someone from this list to send art to: Sarah (January), Emery (February), Erin (March), Julie (April), Rachel (May), Peg (June), Susan (July), Janet (August), Claudia (September), Bailey (October). Art goodies that I made and sent included a slide mount accordion mini book, an altered domino, a sock monkey, artist trading cards, paper stashes, an altered index collage card, and a mini canvas painting. This Creative Pay It Forward effort reached 8 different US states and 2 countries. I hope the creative giving just kept on (and keeps) going from there!

Creative Pay It Forward | creativity in motion

2013 Creative Pay It Forward

All of these art gifts were a joy to create and send throughout this year!  The paper stash of collage and magazine photos I received from Lani earlier in the year I still regularly use with gratitude in my 365 revo’lution making and smashbooking.

Many thanks to everyone who played Creative It Forward with me throughout the last ten months… I look forward to more creative adventures inspired by kindness and eudomonic happiness… Stay tuned for more!

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Mail Art & Dictionary Inspiration

May 12, 2013

I’ve been working on a collection of summer themed art cards for another one of Christine’s mail art exchanges:

Summer Mail Art

I used some sturdy 4 x 6ish cards then cut & paste some paper bits to create suns, as well as added some distressed stain, ink, acrylic paint, sheet music scraps, ink, and of course, one of my collage loves: dictionary page pieces.

Summer Mail Art

Sunshine, sunlight, sunrise, sunbeam, summer….

My Dictionary

It always delights me that whatever words I am looking for (depending on the theme, emotion, need) can still be found in my tattered  dictionary dedicated to this art making purpose.  So many of the pages are torn out, missing, previously used- but the right words always seem to be there waiting for me.

Painting Dictionary Pages

This Creative Dictionary Paper Techniques tutorial and video inspired me to experiment some more with not just word bits & pieces from my dictionary, but with the sheets I’ve torn out.  I had fun playing with some Dr. Martin’s concentrated watercolor, which added a nice touch of color to the pages.  Once I get some more gel medium, I’m going to experiment more with its effect as seen in the Joggle‘s video!

Painted Dictionary Pages

Keeping with the dictionary inspiration, I also worked on art for this month’s Creative Pay It Forward recipient: collaging dictionary pages on a large file card with some handstiching around the edges:

Creative Pay It Forward May

Are there fun ways you’ve been inspired to incorporate dictionary pages into your art-making?

From My Smashbook: April Inspiration

April 21, 2013

Thanks to Artsyville’s Glue It Tuesday and the revival of a local Saturday art-making get together I enjoy attending, my smashbook has been filling up with lots of the things I love to stick, collage, and glue down during the month of April:

April Smashbooking: Gretchen Miller | Creativity in Motion

Here I’ve used magazine photo images sent by Lani in 2013’s Creative Pay It Forward, pages from a vintage Reader’s Digest book I discovered, dictionary pages, and other collage bits & pieces I’ve been collecting.  Looking for to this week’s Glue It Tuesday’s fun!

Alcohol Inking Love

February 10, 2013

I’ve been using a lot of my alcohol ink stash lately for various projects, which inspired me to do a summary here of my most favorite ways to use this fun and easy material.

Alcohol lnk Stash

My first alcohol inking love is for making altered dominoes.  In my own creative practice I find the blending and mixing of colors on the domino’s smooth surface a relaxing and soothing process.  I often like to also add printed words or magazine photo collage to embellish the domino’s intention.  This past week, I just mailed out an altered art domino I was working on for Emery who is on my 2013 Creative Pay It Forward list.  In my art therapy work with women survivors of domestic violence and trauma, making altered dominoes can be an empowering way to create meaningful symbols of affirmation & strength for themselves or to give to one another.

Altered Domino: Create It Forward

Create It Forward Altered Domino for Emery

If you’re interested in learning how to get started with your own altered domino making with alcohol inks, download this how-to:

Altered Dominoes with Alcohol Inks How to

Making Altered Dominoes with Alcohol Inks

Other things I’ve discovered that feeds my alcohol ink addiction includes using it for altering glossy photographs, as well as to make artist trading cards that are coated with a glossy surface.  And just recently, I was super excited to experiment with my inks on plastic slide mount covers when working on a small accordion book.

Alcohol Inking Examples

Oh…Let me ink the many ways…

What are some of your favorite ways to use alcohol inks?

Create It Forward

January 12, 2013

Last month I joined the #26acts movement to help honor victims of the Sandy Hook shooting with creating 26 Paper Hearts and then incorporating each one into works of art for others as an act of creative kindness.


I’m not completely done with all 26 acts yet, but about half of the tags, envelopes, and cards have already been mailed to friends, given to co-workers, or left randomly around the city. I’ll be finishing up the rest of the paper heart art for this project over the week-end and will thoughtfully send out the remaining hearts into the world with the intention of remembrance, gratitude, and honor.

I also got in on some 2013 Creative Pay-it Forward fun this week (thank you Kit & Lani!) and look forward (ha!) to this adventure throughout the year.  It was really neat to see these Creative Pay-it Forward requests spread with re-postings and eager interest to give & receive.

I’m inspired to also extend this fun here to Creativity in Motion as well: The first 5 people to comment on this blog posting will receive sometime in 2013 an artful surprise from me.  It might be a paper stash collection, artist trading card goodies, or maybe a sock monkey!  There will likely be no warning & it will happen whenever the mood strikes me over the next 12 months.  The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer on their blog to pay forward the creative goodness…

Create It Forward | Creativity in Motion

Also on my create it forward list this month is starting to work on artist trading cards for Pocket Change: Creating Change through Small Creative Acts, which will be cultivating the same spirit and concept through making, exchanging, and mobilizing art for good among its participants and others in need of some creative goodness.  There’s still time to sign up for this ATC exchange (by January 15) if you are interested in joining us!

Let’s see how we can keep creating it forward all year long!

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