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Daisy Yellow’s ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3×5 Adventure Begins

June 7, 2014
Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Some of my ICAD Week 1 Supplies

This week was the beginning of Daisy Yellow’s ICAD Challenge!  Yay!

I know I’ve been creating on index cards everyday this year as part of my 3×5 365 project, but participating in ICAD is like a new, exciting chapter to this creative process. This challenge hosted by Tammy Garcia is in its 4th year, but this is the first time I am participating!

My first seven ICAD Challenge cards are inspired by Week 1’s Text Theme:

Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 1- My ICAD boarding pass


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 2- Dictionary inspiration


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 3- Choose your words


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 4- Journey to eesilience


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 5- Text collage


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 6- learning the art of how we learn


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 7: stay close to your inner self

I tried to purposefully use simple materials to visually explore text: from dictionary and old calendar pages, a page from a paperback’s index, an old airplane ticket, baggage claim stickers, magazine print, & tiny printed words I already had in my paper stash, as well as scrapbooking paper.  Other materials I mostly used were distressed or stamping ink, washi & masking tape, and wite-out strips.

I really enjoyed working on a theme dedicated to text and discovering different ways to express it. I don’t think in the consecutive 520+ days I’ve been doing my 365 projects that I have spent an entire week intentionally focused on just one concept.  As I reflect on this week’s collection, I connect to the strength & liberation in the single cards, the images the words collectively create, and the series all together.

I’ve also enjoyed the community, connection, and inspiration of the Daisy Yellow ICAD Group and the awesomeness of seeing so many different index cards of art, materials, techniques, and ideas. It’s refreshing and inspiring to have probably 90% of my newsfeed taken over by a creative flood of 3×5 or 4×6 art.  Love!

I am looking forward to starting ICAD’s Week 2 Theme dedicated to all things collage and my favorite creative superpower of gluing stuff together!

Thanks to Tammy at Daisy Yellow for all the inspiration, enthusiasm, & index card love we get to enjoy together over the next two months. 🙂


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Creative Planning: Mind Mapping

February 26, 2014

Below is my valuable mind mapping guide I’ve been using for creating this round of 6 Degrees of Creativity online workshops.

6 Degrees of Creativity Mind Mapping | creativity in motion

Creative Planning: Mind Mapping

Over the last year, I’ve started to use this visual technique to organize ideas and thoughts and have found it super helpful for projects, meetings or presentations, and things I need help in better understanding or making sense of. Simply said in this article from LifeHacker, “a mind map is basically a diagram that connects information around a central subject.”

The article’s author Melanie Pinola describes mind mapping is way more than “just note-taking” and “can help you become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.”  She recommends that mind mapping can be used for an endless amount of thought related, learning, or planning activities.

One of the benefits she highlights is that creating this type of visual tool combining images and words can “be more memorable and enjoyable to create and review“.  Pinola also points out the value of the Picture Superiority Effect: “the combination of words and pictures is six times better for remembering information than words alone“:

For my 6 Degrees of Creativity mind mapping fun above, the 6 workshops surround and reach out from the center with all their different parts….ranging from idea content, art making prompts, intention, PDF and video resources, as well as ways for participants to engage this workshop community.

Creating this in visual form was fun to organize everything (to focus on in pieces, as well as a whole) and provided clarity on the purpose of each workshop space.

It’s nice to see what is on paper now ready in virtual form.  Lots more creative goodness begins here this week to artfully enjoy together during the rest of the year– Yay!



How to Use Mind Maps to Unleash Your Brain’s Creativity and Potential

Mind Mapping for Positive Health


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Creative Mentors & Inspiration Re-Visited

September 22, 2013

This semester I’ve been teaching Art Therapy Studio I for Ursuline College’s Art Therapy and Counseling Program, which focuses on the exploration of creativity and self expression through engaging students in their own personal art making, creative practice, strengthening their relationship as an artist, and how this impacts art therapy framework.

Our last class dedicated some time for a creative show & tell of each student’s Artist Mentors and Inspirations.  Classic artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent VanGogh, and Ansel Adams to local artists, art educators, past art instructors, contemporary artists, and more were presented with lots of art, stories, and reflections about the important influence these mentors have had on the students’ creative life and artist identity.  Very inspiring!

This assignment inspired me to reflect on my own artist mentors, particularly who helped me own and claim my struggling artist identity.  Throughout childhood I had always been involved in and active with some form of the arts, but I never really saw myself as an artist– I saw this activity more as something I just did “for fun” in a social context  and really minimized its overall connection to who I was as individual.  In the visual arts, I had this pre-conceived notion that my art needed to be technically awesome drawings or well executed and rendered images to claim any kind of serious and real talent as “an artist”.

But then, when I was in high school,  I spent my senior year in Mr. Bontempo’s  (aka Mr. B.) art class, where I had the freedom to create whatever I wanted and worked on some really interesting paper cut out collages loosely inspired by the work of Stuart Davis.  I think working in collage this way started to re-set my brain about my potential contributions as an artist.

One day Mr. B privately commented to me that art  wasn’t all about drawing an image in realistic detail like some of my classmates, but was also about playing with & having creative ideas, using color, and not being afraid to experiment– three qualities that he saw as strengths in my creative process and work.  It was like a light bulb switched on!  Wow!  Yes!

Me & Mr. B- circa 1991

Me & Mr. B- circa 1991

This moment and words of wisdom planted seeds that continued to grow when I was in college during art school and starting my undergraduate education in art therapy and then my future training as an art therapist in graduate school.  Even now I continue to embrace and remember Mr. B’s strength based approach in my art, creative practice, projects, and work as an art therapist. I have sincere gratitude for Charles Bontempo and what he helped cultivate in me.

Earlier this year I shared 20 of my current artist blogger inspirations as part of Tammy Garcia’s Link Love Mission. These artists, art therapists, and creatives inspire me every day with their active practice, blogging, art challenges, status updates, Instagrams, or tweets of their art, creative space, projects, and so much more!  When I’m having a hectic or stressful day, being able to take time to connect to all their wonderful content through social media brings me to a state of enthusiasm, wonder, and receive a huge dose of grateful, good energy for my creative soul.

Who is someone who helped inspire your artist self, inspires your current creative process, or excites you about art?


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Spring Forward Art Making

March 8, 2013

There’s been lots of art-making happenings right about now with the anticipation & energy of spring starting to grow!  It’s almost time to “spring forward” with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time this week-end and to begin breaking out of winter hibernation.

Creative Pay It Forward: March

Earlier this week, I sent off March’s Creative Pay It Forward goodies to Erin, a paper stash of colorful and printed papers for her to play and create with! I also recently joined in on a Spring It Forward Mail Art Exchange organized by Art Therapist Christine Scott Hudson, focusing on the theme of spring to “flower power” our mailboxes this month.  A dozen participants signed up for us to make art for and in return, we’ll receive art back.

Spring Forward in progress

I decided to use a collection of old library book cards I received in a paper stash last fall (thank you Amy!) for the foundation of mixed media art I created with distress ink, stain, and magazine photo collage (including some from Lani’s Creative It Forward uppercase magazine art seeds I received last month- TY!).

Spring Forward

Creating these cards for this exchange was very fun- I experimented with using my bottles of distressed ink as a media for stenciling the circles around the cards.  I also used my SMASH stamp to currently date each piece, just like the various cancelled inked dates already stamped on the card.  I hope each one arrives safely to their new home in California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, and Colorado.

Spring Forward Mailing Art Exchange

There’s a couple of more artsy projects in the works for the rest of this month as winter continues to slowly thaw out.  I also have one more opening left for anyone who would like to participate in the 2013 Creative Pay It Forward fun we’ve been having!  Check out the link to claim your spot! Spring It Forward with some creative goodness!

Creative Pay It Forward’s Paper Stash Surprise

February 3, 2013


I responded to Lani‘s Creative Pay It Forward request last month and as part of this fun mail art activity, I just received an inspiring paper stash surprise from her with these instructions on the package:

1. Spill Contents

2. Play with Glue and Scissors

3. Have Fun!

I did very well at accomplishing directive #1 which also already started to put accomplishing directive #3 in motion.  I sat with much wonder and excitement as I started to look through the spilled contents.  Some of what was included:  images of natural and neon light, calm landscape scenery, earthy & sacred objects,  modern & retro-esque print sheets, and… lots of  butterflies…which made me smile inside and out (lots!) when thinking about the future idea of using them in my collage work.

Little Butterfly

The contents of this Creative Pay It Forward delivery are all wonderful ingredients for more 2013 revo’lution making!  Many, many thanks Lani… So many possibilities here!

On to directive #2 and more of #3:  Time to play with scissors and glue!  I also need to start working on my second Create It Forward goodie to send out this month to someone on my list.

Playing Some Creative Blog Tag

April 7, 2012

AJ over at one of my favorite art journaling blogs, recently chose me and Creativity in Motion to play in a game of blog tag with a series of creative and fun questions to answer!  Thank you AJ!

Here are the rules I’ve received to play:

  • You must post the rules
  • Answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
  • Create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
  • Tag 11 people
  • Let them know you’ve tagged them
These are AJ’s questions and my answers:
  1. Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to have a 1 to 1 with?  David Lynch.
  2. How do you silence your inner critic?  I remind myself to just do the best job that I am able to do.  I remember my parents told me the same thing when I was younger, so this is probably where this comes from!
  3. If you could only use three colours which would you choose?  Right now: Black, blue, orange.
  4. If you could own any one piece of art in the world (money no object) what would it be?  Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31, 1950.  I stood in front of this painting breathless for what seemed like hours.
  5. What is your most treasured inanimate possession?   My iPhone.
  6. Given the choice of fruit or chocolate which would you pick?   Definitely chocolate.
  7. Where in the world would you most like to visit?   Tokyo, Japan.
  8.  Is your art room tidy or messy?   On the tidy side.
  9. What gets you up in the morning?   Ideas. 
  10. What makes you laugh out loud?  KK.
  11. If you could time travel which period or event in history would you like to experience?   1977 music scene in NYC and the UK.

I’m tagging these art therapist blogs that I follow for inspiring creative reflections and ideas:

And here are my “Creativity in Motion-esque” questions for each of my “tagees”:

  1. What is your most favorite art material or media to use in your personal art-making?
  2. Favorite source for creative inspiration?
  3. Any tips for making the time to focus on your creative practice?
  4. What artsy project are you working on right now?
  5. Is there a particular art material, technique, or process you would like to learn more about or spend more time with?
  6. Biggest creative challenge you’ve experienced?
  7. What does creativity mean to you?
  8. Favorite art related book you’ve read or would like to read?
  9. Do you prefer to create alone or with others?
  10. What role has social media and networking played in your creative practice?
  11. Finish this sentence:  “To create is to _____________________.’

I’ll use the same disclaimer AJ gave me for those I have tagged: There is no obligation to play along, so please don’t feel pressured because I tagged you!   I just love your blogs so I wanted other to see them too!  🙂

My Creative Spaces, Places & More #wherewecreate

January 29, 2012

The Art Therapist Is In

This past week, I’ve started to upload preview photos for the art therapy photo documentary project Spaces & Places: Where We Create.  It has been very inspiring to see and learn about the creative spaces of the project’s endorsers who are offering a sneak peek into their work, spaces,  and favorite tools of the trade.  I am looking forward to learning even more from future submissions when Spaces & Places: Where We Create officially launches to the art therapy community on February 13.

I’ve been working on getting my photos together for the project, both my own personal art-making space and favorite materials, as well as the different spaces and such that I use as an art therapist.   Here are some initial pics that I have taken:

My Own Creative Space

These series of photos (above) show my creative space and office used for my own art-making, art therapy supervision, and small group art meet ups with friends & colleagues. The space is packed with my favorite art supplies (for collage, art journaling, altered art & bookmaking, painting, & drawing), inspiring photos, art, notes, toys, books, and more.

Some of my favorite materials to use in my own art

I have also started to take photos of the art therapy spaces,  favorite materials and approaches I use in my work as an Art Therapist with survivors of domestic violence in Cleveland, Ohio:

Art Therapy Spaces, Paper House Making, & Art Journaling

Part of my work at DVCAC includes providing community based art therapy to youth exposed to domestic violence through individual or support group services.  I also offer individual and group art therapy to youth and women who come to shelter to escape domestic violence.   As seen in previous posts here, I often use Paper House Making to explore and address safety planning, safe places, and to help contain overwhelming feelings associated with the worry,  fear, and terror that children and adolescents from violent homes experience.   Another photo I included is a material pic connected an art journaling group I recently started for women in shelter as a non-threatening space and means to manage traumatic stress and strengthen coping.

If you are interested in checking out the other photos that have been submitted so far (or future photos), check out the Art Therapy Alliance’s Set on Flickr for the project or follow photos via the Art Therapy Alliance’s Facebook page.

Open Heart Creating, Connecting & Community

January 20, 2012

In a couple of weeks, the 6 Degrees of Creativity Artist Trading Card (ATC) exchange will be underway and I’ve just finished creating a batch of ATCs to include as an extra ATC for each participant.  As the facilitator of this ATC workshop and organizer of the exchange, I wanted to make an ATC for each individual participating in the swap:

When creating my ATCs I reflected on the 6 Degrees of Creativity community as a whole, from each of the wonderful workshops being offered and instructors, the inspiring photos of art, comments, discussions, and overall community, connection, and spirit of creativity.

I chose a series of words to describe this experience and included six dots on each ATC to represent the concept of 6 Degrees and how we are all connected through our creativity, as well as having the opportunity to spread this energy and inspiration among ourselves and to others in our personal and professional lives. The words highlighted on each of my ATC cards express my collective response I’ve witnessed.

I recently re-read the post Creating with an Open Heart, Creating a Movement on one of my favorite creativity blogs, A Big Creative Yes which reminded me about my intention behind bringing together 6 Degrees of Creativity.  Dan Goodwin writes about the experience, importance, and sharing of creating with “an open heart” and how this practice inspires others to also create:

“By your example of creating, they then muster enough courage to try it for themselves. Then maybe this same thing happens with a couple of other people over a few months, and they too come out in public with their journals, their camera, their sketchbooks, because of your example. Maybe then each of these people you’ve directly inspired are then seen by three others, and they are encouraged to create more.  In a short space of time, your act of creating with an open heart has lead to nine others doing the same. A month or two later, each of them are seen, and inspire three others, meaning now 27 people are openly creating, all as a direct result of your initial courage to do so… By creating with an open heart, you’ve created a movement.”

It’s been a pleasure to actively engage with so many excited about creating, sharing, and experiencing this joy within this creative community. Creating with an open heart happens at 6 Degrees of Creativity everyday and that is awesome.  Lots and lots of creative goodness spreading everywhere… to our friends, colleagues, family, clients and more….And very soon, the sending out  of our ATC mail art exchange will create a little more- I can’t wait!

I look forward to sharing how the ATC exchange went in a couple of weeks so stay connected for more!

Celebrating Creative Goodness with Artist Trading Card Fun @ 6 Degrees of Creativity

September 21, 2011

My Artist Trading Card (ATC) Workshop for 6 Degrees of Creativity is all ready to go!  I can’t wait!   I am super excited to create more community and connection with lots of ATC making throughout the next six months and everything culminating with a global exchange of our art from this workshop in February 2012.  I hope you’ll consider joining me:

What are your 6 Degrees of Creative Goodness?

And… don’t forget, 6 Degrees of Creativity also includes five other workshops– chock full of offerings that will inspire and empower your art making and creative practice with themes of positive psychology, gratitude, transformation, social contemplation, and more!  Registration is open now until December 1.  The 6 Degrees of Creativity fun starts October 10!

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