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Creative Deed 365: May Offerings

May 31, 2015
Creative Deed 365" May Offerings | creativity in motion

Day 152 :: Artful Intention

It’s Day 152 of this year’s 365 Project!  As I reflect on this past month’s creative deed activity, I think about how each piece of art is created with hopeful possibility for its finder or new home.

Below are the offerings made throughout May:


With the nicer weather, I’ve been leaving many more creative deeds outdoors- often in random spaces along a street. Sometimes propped on a storefront window, stuck in between planks on a wooden fence, or left behind in a flower bed. I also continue to use my creative deed mailing list to send out more through the postal mail.

As always, it’s super fun and inspiring to see what other creative deeds are being made and released into the world through the Creative Deed 365 Group on Facebook!  I am grateful for these daily affirming, artful intentions that pop up on my news feed and to see the support & enthusiasm of community members helping and encouraging one another.

I also invite you to take a look at these posts from this past month:

Random Acts of Creative Kindness

May They Keep on Coming! #creativedeed365

With Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day Challenge (ICAD) beginning tomorrow for the next 61 days, I am excited to participate again this year, this time incorporating creative deed making as a nice twist.

Daisy Yellow's ICAD 2015

During ICAD, I’ll be working with 3×5 index cards to give away and let go into the world.  If you are new to the concept of ICAD created by Artist Tammy Garcia, the intention is focused on “the doing”, not on “the keeping” and having a commitment to create art everyday.  I definitely recommend you check this annual summer challenge out– It is so much fun!  🙂   Look for an update on June’s efforts & offerings next month!


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Daisy Yellow’s ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3×5 Adventure Begins

June 7, 2014
Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Some of my ICAD Week 1 Supplies

This week was the beginning of Daisy Yellow’s ICAD Challenge!  Yay!

I know I’ve been creating on index cards everyday this year as part of my 3×5 365 project, but participating in ICAD is like a new, exciting chapter to this creative process. This challenge hosted by Tammy Garcia is in its 4th year, but this is the first time I am participating!

My first seven ICAD Challenge cards are inspired by Week 1’s Text Theme:

Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 1- My ICAD boarding pass


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 2- Dictionary inspiration


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 3- Choose your words


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 4- Journey to eesilience


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 5- Text collage


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 6- learning the art of how we learn


Daisy Yellow's ICAD Challenge: An Exciting, New 3x5 Adventure Begins | creativity in motion

Day 7: stay close to your inner self

I tried to purposefully use simple materials to visually explore text: from dictionary and old calendar pages, a page from a paperback’s index, an old airplane ticket, baggage claim stickers, magazine print, & tiny printed words I already had in my paper stash, as well as scrapbooking paper.  Other materials I mostly used were distressed or stamping ink, washi & masking tape, and wite-out strips.

I really enjoyed working on a theme dedicated to text and discovering different ways to express it. I don’t think in the consecutive 520+ days I’ve been doing my 365 projects that I have spent an entire week intentionally focused on just one concept.  As I reflect on this week’s collection, I connect to the strength & liberation in the single cards, the images the words collectively create, and the series all together.

I’ve also enjoyed the community, connection, and inspiration of the Daisy Yellow ICAD Group and the awesomeness of seeing so many different index cards of art, materials, techniques, and ideas. It’s refreshing and inspiring to have probably 90% of my newsfeed taken over by a creative flood of 3×5 or 4×6 art.  Love!

I am looking forward to starting ICAD’s Week 2 Theme dedicated to all things collage and my favorite creative superpower of gluing stuff together!

Thanks to Tammy at Daisy Yellow for all the inspiration, enthusiasm, & index card love we get to enjoy together over the next two months. 🙂


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Creative Challenge: ICAD 2014 is Coming!

April 25, 2014

Get ready!  Daisy Yellow’s Index Card a Day (ICAD) Challenge for 2014 is coming! I cannot wait to officially participate this year (my first time!) and enjoy all the 3×5 inspiration and creativity from Tammy and the ICAD community.

Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge: Get Creative!

The challenge is simple: Create one 3×5 index card a day for 61 days!

ICAD begins June 1 through July 31, but you can start preparing for it now! Get geared up with a stack of 3x5s, gather some art materials of your choosing (simple stuff is encouraged!), and check out Daisy Yellow’s ICAD FAQ to learn more about how the challenge works. The ICAD 2014 FB Group has been lots of fun already to see the variety of  3x5s, material use, and prompt ideas from past years.  It’s awesome to see my FB Newsfeed full of artsy index cards!

In the 4 months I’ve been working on my 3×5 365, I’ve experienced a great fondness for creating in this simple rectangle space. Larger than last year’s 365 space (1 x 2.5), it’s been super nice to have more breathing room to create in everyday.  And…. for me, this (expanded) space also creates manageable containment, so my commitment to daily art-making does not become overwhelming.

It is a great balance and win win!

Some of April's 3x5 | creativity in motion

Some of my April 3x5s


Day 91 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 91 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion


Day 104 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 104 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion


Day 113 : April 3x5 | creativity in motion

Day 113 : April 3×5 | creativity in motion

Now it’s your turn! Discover your own 3×5 magic and the ICAD love with Daisy Yellow’s two month challenge:

Index-Card-a-Day | Daisy Yellow Challenge


More related inspiration here:

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Daily Paper Prompt: Dictionary Inspiration

Inspiring, Artsy Link Love- Round Up #1

Daily Paper Prompt: Dictionary Inspiration

August 17, 2013

I was thrilled to be invited by Tammy at Daisy Yellow to contribute a DPP [aka a Daily Paper Prompt]:


Each day, a daily prompt.  A technique, an experiment, something to do with paper. The Daily Paper Prompt is a prompt that you can do on paper of any size. The prompts are mostly techniques-based but some involve a color theme or a particular style of art. [Daisy Yellow]



After brainstorming a variety of ideas, I chose to dedicate my DPP to dictionary pages and ways I love to use their inspiration in my art journaling and collage work. Especially throughout this year, I’ve been using lots of dictionary bits & pieces in my 365 revo’lution project.

Check out my DPP (#16): Dictionary Love here.

DPPs started this month and will go until September 30, creating a collection of 61.

View all the DPPs here.


Thank you to Tammy for the opportunity to guest post for this challenge!  If you’re looking for art prompts, projects, link love, and inspiration for sparking or sustaining your daily creative practice – be sure to visit Daisy Yellow!


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Creative Goodness Continues: Link Love Round Up #4

April 29, 2013

On this last Monday in April, I have 5 more creative blogs for Daisy Yellow’s Link Love Mission…It’s been lots of fun being a part of this effort this month!  It’s also nice to see the Mission is going to continue in May too if you’re interested in joining.

Link Love

Check out more creative inspiration I would like to pass on for others to check out & discover:

Link Love #4

  • realizing your creative life:  This past week I’ve enjoyed reading Jocelyn Paige Kelly’s blog posts and interviews focusing on wellness, self-care, and meditation’s role in our well being & creativity.
  • seth snap: I started following Seth’s blog post links on Twitter this year after being super impressed by his photography- especially photos of light.  Last week Seth’s post, Your Story: Morning Sun and his invitation to write a story about a sunrise he had taken on the way to work really inspired me as a way to further develop the connection & narrative behind the photos of light I’ve been taking or what I’ve been witnessing from others sharing their light seeking ways.
  • drawing the self out: Lizzie Bellotto’s blog shared this link love from Petrea Hansen Adamidis and I loved it so much, I had to give it another shout out here!  Read more about Petrea’s musings on vulnerability, creativity, and Brene’s Brown’s daring greatly wisdom here.
  • hannah klaus hunter arts: I learned a new term from Hannah: Blogsence and the importance of “taking time to catch up” with ourselves, our work, relationships, and life…. sans blogging…

It’s been great fun blogging about the creative people and spots in the blogosphere where I receive good energy, inspiration, and creative goodness from….and there are many more! Hopefully in May, I’ll be able to share a little more link love!

Here’s a recap of April’s round up:

April 8 | April 15 | April 22

Shout Out Of Creative Blog Love – Round Up #3

April 22, 2013

Link Love

Here’s my 3rd installment of Link Love-  the mission I’ve accepted for the month of April inspired by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  I am starting a new week of rounding up with a shout out of love to these blogs:

Link Love- Round Up #3

  • 37 days: This “make art“, daily rock post from Patti Digh’s blog was a refreshing reminder to see pop up in my news feed on Friday
  • lani puppetmaker: Last week, Lani Gerity announced the release of her new eBook, Elephant Training and the Happy Artist, 24 chapters dedicated to “developing a creative practice, or fine tuning it to make it more inspiring and joy filled.”  I’ve been following Lani’s blog posts featuring her beautiful images and inspiring writings about the art of elephant training and look forward to receiving this book… My order is in and on its way!

One more round up left for next week on 4/29/13!  Want to catch up on my past Link Love recommendations?  Check them out here.

Linking Up More Creative Blog Love: Round Up #2

April 15, 2013

It’s time for my second round up of Link Love …. a blog sharing love fest started over @ Daisy Yellow….

Share the :Love!

I share the below blogs with lots of love, appreciation, & admiration. Check out their creative goodness:

Link Love Round Up #2

Link Love for April 15

  • artsyville–  There is always loads & loads of colorful inspiration to discover over at Aimee Myers Dolich’s Artsyville!  There’s a little something for everyone: A doodle shop,  creative experiments, artful sightings, and home of my favorite weekly cut & paste happening, Glue It Tuesday;
  • the altered page– For a good dose of all things mixed media, altered, and distressed, check out the work of Seth Apter on his very cool blog The Altered Page.  Here you’ll find lots of Seth’s current projects, ideas, happenings, and more- including the Art Blog Directory, which is the ultimate expression of Link Love with 400+ links to a big chunk of the creative blogosphere!
  • bebe butler– Bebe’s art journaling and reflections are sooo good for my revo’lution making soul.
  • jamie ridler studios– So much awesome creative living is always happening over at Jamie Ridler Studios!

Stay connected for two more link love round ups this month (April 22 and 29) where I’ll feature 5 more blogs that inspire me! If you missed last week’s round up, check it out here.

Inspiring, Artsy Link Love- Round Up #1

April 8, 2013

Not only did I discover Tammy’s awesome Link Love initiative last week, but that she also kindly included Creativity in Motion and my 365 Project on her list of five blogs in her recent post.  Thank you Tammy! 🙂  I want to contribute towards her search for fun this April and pay the shout out I received forward to other blogs I am inspired by… and you can too…. Read more about Tammy’s mission to share the link love here and how to get involved!

Share the :Love!

Every Monday for the rest of April (8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th), I’ll be posting five blogs to help spread some link love … Blogs that I hope inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Here’s my 5 for this week..Check them out:


Link Love for April 8

  • {stargardener’s} right brain planner: I’m really drawn to Teresa Robinson’s creative mojo of art journaling, quotes, photo goodness and her doses of beautiful light… I smile when I see Teresa’s stuff pop up in my newsfeeds….
  • art evolutions:  For more good vibes, I look forward to seeing posts from Lizzie Bellotto, whether this is her Inspiration Monday or Mid-Week Pondering updates.  I’ve also really enjoyed her recent work of mandalas!
  • a big creative yes: I loooove Dan James’ inspirational writing and reflections… it’s one of the few blogs that I go back and re-read past posts from his archives.
  • inner canvas: For the art therapist in me, reading Lisa Mitchell’s blog is super nuturing!
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