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Creative Deed 365: February Offerings

March 1, 2015
Creative Deed 365: February Offerings | creativity in motion

Creative Deed 365

In the thick of the winter here, it’s been really wonderful to keep engaging in a little bit of Creative Deed art-making everyday and then releasing the art and its message into the world (snow, ice, sub zero temperatures, and all)!   This month’s Creative Deeds I have left at gas stations, grocery stores, on the street at newspaper stands, banks, my local art supply store, through the USPS mail, and more!  I hope that the expressions I’ve made throughout February warm the hearts of their finders as much, if not more than me….  🙂

Here is a quick look at days 32-59 of Creative Deed 365:

The Creative Deed 365 Group and project contributors there and on social media (using the #creativedeed365 hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) continue to be as well— Full of beautiful art, kindness, creativity, & support!  It’s fun to get multiple doses of creative deed art and intention from everyone that is making, sharing, and commenting in connection to this project….

Creative Deed 365: February Offerings | creativity in motion

#creativedeed365 on Instagram

Artfully onward to March’s creations & discoveries!


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My 3×5 365 Art Adventure …in Progress…

February 16, 2014

My  3x5 365 Art Adventure ...In Progress... | creativity in motion

February’s 3×5 365 art adventure is half way through this month and the project is approaching the day 50 milestone later this week. Woo hoo!

Here are some random snapshots of Days 32 through 47:

My 3x5 365 Art Adventure ...In Progress... | creativity in motion

I’ve been having fun mixing in some paint pens (metallic and white) along with distressed paint, stain, & ink.  I’ve also been adding a little more washi tape here and there.

My 3x5 365 Art Adventure ...In Progress... | creativity in motion

Words included on these 3x5s have been a combination of dictionary pages/text, letter stamping, magazine collage,  word remnant rub transfer sheets & chitchat stickers. 

My 3x5 365 Adventure...In Progress... | creativity in motion

It is inspiring for me to see this month’s work (so far) all spread out as a group and witness what they have in common, their differences, and the energy that exists between each 3×5 space.

“We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity…We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”  ~Max de Pree


My 3x5 365 Art Adventure ...In Progress... | creativity in motion


If you’re looking for some creative practice inspiration, this week’s post over at the 6 Degrees of Creativity blog features a sneak peek of the online offering Everyday Creativity, a virtual space opening on March 1 as part of this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops.

This space is committed to helping participants sustain an ongoing creative practice with ideas, resources, and a supportive community to keep encouraging our artsy spirit throughout this year.

Whether you are currently engaging in your own daily creative practice through 365 art-making, writing, photography, art journaling, doodling, or have an interest in kick starting or activating more/new art making, this workshop will offer a nurturing creative environment for this kind of inspiration!  Everyday Creativity will offer forum discussions, online community chats, and creative prompts to explore concepts and support one another related to creative practice, time, space, routine, materials, and more.

I look forward to sharing more of my 365 work and experiences in this space, as well as learning and being inspired by other participant ideas, practices, & projects!  🙂

Hooray to creative practice!


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59 Days o’ Revo’lution Art Bits

February 28, 2013

It’s Day 59 of my 365 revo’lution art bit project. 2 months of this practice & time of reflection on my core revo’lution intentions continues to unfold as an inspiring process of growth and awareness.

365 Project- February 2013

During the month of February, I upgraded to another metal binder ring, as finished revo’lution art bits were quickly outgrowing their space.  I hope that this larger ring will be able to accommodate all 365 very nicely and securely. I also received 3 more lil’ sketchbooks from Tracy (thank you again!) to add more paper to the original stash I was using for this project.  The support, feedback, and interest I’ve received for this adventure has been encouraging and super helpful!   Much gratitude!

New Binder Ring

 This month I was introduced to the write up, 15 Reasons Why Artists Keep Visual Journals, that I thought was an excellent summary of the benefits for art journaling. The information supported many aspects of this project as a safe holding place for expression, self-awareness, learning, and transformation.  On another resource related note, a HubPage article published by Art Therapist Carly Sullens this month, Writing in a Gratitude Journal to Manage Stress,  provided the idea of  adapting and creating “Gratitude Art Bits” inspired by this 365 project. Super nice!

Here is a collection of  revo’lution art bits completed this month for Days 32-59:

February 2013- revo'lution bits

I am going to take some time later today to reflect & focus more on the themes and connections inspired by this month’s 365 activity.  I feel like each revo’lution bit I create  is an artful seed of effort to foster stillness, trust, service, simplicity, honor, and light into my actions and awareness, as well as into my life for growth, harvesting, and sharing with others.   🙂

Onward to Day 60 and Month #3…. Stay tuned!


January revo’lution art bits: Day 1-31

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