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Become an Ambassador of Peace: Priority Boxes Project on Kickstarter

May 26, 2011

Back in March I posted about receiving my box of hope (above) from Franck de las Mercedes’ Priority Box Project.  This global community arts project dedicated to spreading hope, peace, and change through painted mail art boxes celebrates its 5th anniversary this week, having mailed 9500+ boxes all around the world during this time.

The Priority Boxes is currently being featured on the creative funding platform Kickstarter to help support this self-funded initiative. Funding will go toward getting boxes currently on the project’s wait list out and help financially support the project for another year with shipping and supply costs.

This week Franck posted a short film that I remember watching when I first discovered the project last year and requested my box.  It reminds me again why I love this project and why I find it important:

As of this writing, over $3,300 has been pledged via Kickstarter, but for the project to receive any funding, the $5,000 pledge goal must be met.  There’s still time!  You can be an Ambassador of Peace through becoming a Kickstarter backer today and also help spread the word to others during this final week of pledging.  Pledging ends June 2, 2011 at 8:58 P.M. EST.


Special Delivery-The Priority Boxes Art Project

March 29, 2011

Yesterday I received a very special delivery from artist Franck de las Merecedes: an abstract painted cardboard box containing hope. This box was created as part of Franck’s inspiring community mail art series The Priority Boxes Art Project.  Franck paints, makes, and mails boxes of peace, love, hope, and more ” to anyone who asks him, anywhere in the world, for free” to challenge our thinking about  our role in creating change and our ability to take action.  You can learn more about The Priority Boxes in this March 2011 article from the Christian Science Monitor or this NJN Public Television news clip:

On Franck’s website, he encourages that “the recipient consider what the box suggests it contains, to realize the fragility of what they are holding, and as a result become aware or activate their ability to take action and influence change. Reflecting on my arrival flooded me with so many welcomed good thoughts.  My box serves as a visual reminder to not only keep holding a vision of hope, but also the encouragement to keep engaging in and put my energy towards game changing initiatives that can make a difference.

Thank you to Franck for the beautiful box and message of hope!    To receive your box, you can make a request here.

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