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Art Journaling Goes On!

May 30, 2011

21 SECRETS continues to keep going strong!  Almost 600 participants have signed up from all over the world since its opening in March to learn new ideas and concepts related to art journaling- so awesome!   It seems like yesterday that I was prepping and getting everything in order for ready for revo’lution and anxiously awaiting for the opening of the playground- and now June is almost here!

I’ve been so honored to be a part of this experience, teach among such an amazing group of women, witness the art, transformation & sharing taking place, as well as be part of the 21 SECRETS creative community, including the friends and connection I’ve already made during this time. Another big shout of gratitude to Connie Hozvicka for bringing us all together!  The first three months have been great and I am looking forward to more…

The last day to register for 21 SECRETS has been quickly approaching this month and the playground set to close on July 31.  I’m very excited to reveal that this group of 21 SECRETS classes will now be open for the rest of this year– closing on January 1, 2012!  Woo hoo- A 21 SECRETS Extension! 5 month bonus!  Lots more time for the art journaling fun, sharing, and connecting….

If you haven’t registered yet or thought you wouldn’t have time this spring and summer to play, 21 SECRETS will now be on sale until October 1Nice!

I am also looking for art therapists or art therapy students to interview and feature for the Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous about their 21 SECRETS experience.  Interviews will also be shared with the Alliance’s Materials & Media in Art Therapy subgroup on LinkedIn and in the fall issue of FUSION, an e-zine for Planet Art Therapy. E-mail me at if you are interested or want more information!


21 SECRETS is an ONLINE, self guided, art journaling workshop where participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a group of 21 artists through January 1, 2012.

My workshop ready for revo’lution will empower you to use art journaling to  explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more.  Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action!


revo’lution reflections 2010

December 12, 2010

For the last few years I have been practicing a year end tradition of creating my “revo’lution”, a process where I identify concepts that I want to focus on more and bring into my life during the upcoming year.  I then create images in response to these concepts and make an annual revo’lution book as a visual reminder of these intentions.  As 2010 starts to come to a close, it is time for me to reflect on my revo’lution I crafted for this year, as well as start to think about what I want my 2011 revo’lution to look like.

Below are pages from this year’s altered board book and what I wanted to bring into/focus on during my 2010 life:

Here’s a brief summary of my revolutionary actions during 2010:

Create: My hopes for this  intention was for much energy, vision, and meaning for creating, making, and doing in 2010 in the form of art-making, writing, through technology, and opportunities for connecting and collaborating with others.  This year brought much to be enjoyed related to this effort! Whether this included organizing an Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange with Art Therapy Alliance members, participating in my first Fatbook project with local area art therapists, creating a life changing book from handmade paper of transformed pulp, making more mini films, creating issues of FUSION, or continuing to engage the art therapy community through my love of social media and technology, there has been a lot of new ideas, great energy, and creative activity this year.

Dare:  Having the courage and strength to be true to myself and what I find to have meaning, truth, and purpose in my day to day life, relationships, and work often required difficult, but necessary choices throughout this year.  These challenges have ultimately helped bring a calmness, happiness, and liberation I am grateful for and hope to continue in 2011.

Balance:  This intention is always my biggest need. Choices I put into motion towards the end of 2009 did provide an authentic grounding for 2010.  On-going lessons of letting go, detachment, and being mindful of what/who/where I wanted to invest my energy, time, and focus proved to be important decisions throughout this year.

EncourageLearnWonder:  When I created the images for these intentions I wasn’t too sure about how or why the appearance of birds ended up as part of my revo’lution.   I think the repeated theme of letting go surfaced many times over throughout this year to help me explore the power (and freedom) of new ideas, possibilities, and move forward/fly free in my own professional and personal growth, which was at an important crossroads. I am thankful for this process and important friends that supported and mentored me to make these discoveries and embrace these lessons throughout the year.

Sustain and Transition: These two intentions had a significant impact throughout my 2010, as I started to make future decisions related to balance, moving on, and to zero in on ideas, causes, and efforts I believe in to create change, hope, and positive energy.  I look forward to this focus enhancing my community building with The Art Therapy Alliance and Art Therapy Without Borders, as well as my clinical work as an art therapist with youth who have experienced trauma and loss.

As I re-look at the above reflection, I am struck at the power of decision, action, and choice in much of my 2010 revo’lution and how this has influenced (for the better) my year, present life, work, and relationships.  The results of this are an excellent way to begin 2011!

Creating is already underway for my 2011 revo’lution- More to come on this soon…

Truth, Choice, Nurture, Imagine, Inspire, Change, Liberate, Passion

FUSION- e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy is Here!

October 22, 2009
FUSION- an e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy

FUSION is here!

This week myself and International Art Therapy Organization [IATO] Founder Cathy Malchiodi launched the premier issue of FUSION, an e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy inspired by members and work of the Art Therapy Alliance and IATO, as well as a voice for news, stories, and the art therapy community worldwide!

Publishing this e-Zine developed from our common commitment and outlook to provide quality resources and a connection for art therapists everywhere.  FUSION is all about a new energy, excitement, and blend of ideas, cultures, and people for a sustainable future in art therapy.

This 18 page issue includes news, art and feature stories from all over the globe, as well as partnerships, special projects, and events taking place worldwide.  Take a look at some of what’s featured in this first issue below:

Download your free, complete PDF issue here:

If you are interested in submitting content or information to be considered for future issues of FUSION, please contact us at or  Enjoy!

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