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Sewing, Swapping, & Service

December 8, 2012

The last month has been full of sock monkey sewing, swapping, and service!

In November, I re-blogged a post from 6 Degrees of Creativity announcing another sock monkey swap, in addition to a service project with Operation Sock Monkey to benefit Hoboken, New Jersey’s Boys and Girls Club that experienced devastating flooding damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Throughout November and now into December, art therapists, students, OSM Operatives, 6 Degrees of Creativity community members, and craftivists have been creating handmade sock monkeys to exchange with one another and many are also creating another or group of sock monkeys to donate to Hoboken.

The response to this project has been truly inspiring and wonderful to be a part of: whether it was randomly swapping over 50 names for the sock monkey swap and helping to connecting these individuals together, collaborating with OSM Founder Lindsey Hogdson and Art Therapist Suzanne Martino on the service project, or temporarily taking in all the sock monkey arrivals full of loving care, good vibes, and well wishes for the youth affected Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath.

Experienced sock monkey creators to first time makers in the US and from different parts of the world came together for this project to create, connect, and give back. I think our collective effort has been amazing!

Here’s a little of the sock monkey business that’s been going on:


Sock Monkey Making Party!

Hong Kong’s Centre on Behavioral Health participated in the 6 Degrees of Creativity sock monkey swap fun, which included hosting a sock monkey making party organized by Jordan Potash.  This effort also inspired making sock monkeys for the Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists Holiday Toy Drive.  Nice!


Sock monkey group photo fun from The Centre on Behavioral Health

For the 6 Degrees of Creativity Sock Monkey Swap, I was thrilled to have two sock monkeys I made traveling to Hong Kong- one to Jordan and another to Phyllis Lo:


Swap Sock Monkeys ready to go to their new home in Hong Kong

The sock monkey fever spread to Lani Gerity’s 14 Secrets Group, where Barbara St. Jacques organized another fun swap! I was super lucky to have Barbara making a sock monkey friend for me and this week received with joy what she made. Her sock monkey was sewn from a pair of beautiful woven socks she got in Turkey. I am looking forward to making a sock monkey for Suzanne soon, who I received in the 14 Secrets swap…What a small sock monkey world it is!


Barbara’s Swap Monkey she created from Turkish socks

This week it was also nice to read this blog posting from Carolyn Mehlomakulu on Creativity in Therapy about her sock monkey making for the 6 Degrees of Creativity projects, including helpful lessons she learned from her sock monkey about patience, acceptance, and enjoying the moment.


Sock monkey making supplies

I got out my sock monkey supplies for some group fun and hosted my own sock making party this week where a few local art therapy friends & me got together to create OSM NJ delegates. The evening also included Janet and Theresa from Edmonton who joined us online via a Google+ Hangout.


Delegates who have arrived for New Jersey

Delegates for the service project have been arriving every day this week, getting orientated about their mission to bring smiles to the NJ youth they will be meeting soon, and doing lots of delegation bonding. More delegates are expected to arrive this week and then they will be ready to travel together for their adventure to the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club right before the Christmas holiday.

Big thanks to everyone who has helped with this effort, contributed to the project, and continues to spread the joy of sock monkeys to others!   Check out the Operation Sock Monkey website if you are interested in learning more about ways you can keep on helping!!

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