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Artful Living

February 21, 2015

Space is the breath of art.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Artful Living | creativity in motion

When I saw that Seth Apter put out a call for his new online collaboration Living with Art, I thought taking a virtual tour into artist’s homes and spaces to see and learn how they live with art was a fabulous idea!   Every Thursday over on Seth’s blog The Altered Page, a group of different 7 artists are featured with a photograph that captures his inspiring concept.

  The project just revealed its second week of artists (including yours truly!) and it’s already been so exciting to see what each artist has contributed and the artful living surrounding their physical space.  Whether it’s personal art, collected art, found & curated objects, or how works are displayed within the room, on a wall, shelf, furniture piece, or frame…. it is a beautiful and creatively stimulating sight to behold…. each celebrating a unique creative style & incarnation.

You can take in the series for yourself here.  And….if you are interested in contributing your own Living with Art capture, the project is still open to new submissions.

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I’m eager to see (and continue to be inspired by) more Living with Art artists & their captures as new posts in the Altered Page’s series goes live every week!  Thank you Seth and all the participants- I wish we could do a real-life tour of all these spaces! 🙂


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Art Therapy Group Strategies & Interventions with Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence- Seton Hill University Trauma Conference

March 13, 2011

This week-end I attended Trauma, Recovery, & Growth: Art Therapy & Other Therapeutic Approaches hosted by Seton Hill University, the Graduate Art Therapy Program, and the program’s Student Art Therapy Association. I had the pleasure to present an afternoon workshop focusing on strategies and important themes to consider when facilitating group work with youth exposed to domestic violence.

Part of the workshop included a hands on art experiential where participants were introduced to making paper houses and encouraged to think about and create what makes a house a home & safe. Exploring issues around home in the context of safety planning, safe places, and helping to contain overwhelming feelings associated with worry and fear are important for children and adolescents from violent homes and have been impacted by the terror of domestic violence in their daily lives.

The PDF below includes information and a visual how-to about creating a three dimensional house from a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and some simple paperfolding steps. Art expression in trauma intervention can create a safe, welcoming, and non-threatening environment that can support traumatized youth in sharing their story through the creative process and artmaking.  This paper house intervention and the process of paperfolding combines mindfulness elements with the structure of containment to help youth feel safe and explore experiences rooted in trauma and loss through art.

If you are interested in learning more about art therapy with youth impacted by domestic violence, check out some of my presentations here.  Thanks to Seton Hill’s Graduate Art Therapy Program and Student Art Therapy Association for an awesome conference!

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