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Through a Grateful Lens: Spring Light Simplicity

April 13, 2013

These photos of early spring light I’ve taken with Instagram throughout the last few weeks bring me to a place of quiet simplicity…

Through a Grateful Lens: Spring Light Simplicity

Spring Light

 The photos reflect captured reminders of the nourishing and warm light that continues to surround me (and us all), even on those days where the air is still chilly and the sky is covered in dreary cloudiness.

Spring Light & Me

Springtime is slowly (sloooowly) arriving on this end… which makes the light’s radiance during this time of renewal even more sacred and precious to honor with gratitude.

Through a Grateful Lens: Following the Light

October 29, 2012

We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice.  ~Albert Pike

Since June, I have been taking photos of light with my iPhone and often posting them to Instagram.  Over the last five months this practice of “following the light” has become a mindful reflection for gratitude, good energy, hope, inspiration, love, and connectedness.

June sunshine beaming gratitude

As I put the collection together for this post, the moments in each of the photographs are very memorable.  I remember fondly the details about where I was, who I was with or what happened during the unfolding, beginning, or ending of that specific day and moment of the photo.

July’s glowing sun shines down

Often my photos of followed light were taken of the sun, sometimes the moon, or perhaps light reflected through a window or on a mirror.

Breathing in this August sunset

Through this process, the significance of light became a means to shine the way, be in the moment of what’s true and pure, as well as experience & share loving kindness and thankfulness for life’s abundance.

September sunset

The light in these photographs are inspired by not only nature or the surrounding environment, but also an inner connection of strength to manage those times when the light has trouble shining through or darkness begins to ascend. Being in the presence of light represents resiliency for me.  These photos also remind me that some amount of light is always present somewhere: to find, to become, to grow, to shine, find comfort in, and be grateful for.

Light before the storm: October

The entire collection below includes 24 photographs I’ve taken in a variety of places: at home, work, on the go locally, or travels I’ve made this summer and fall to Michigan, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, Kansas, and Florida.

Click on the image below to see the Flickr set of each image and description:

Following the Light Collection: June-October

Spaces & Places: Where We Create Now Accepting Submissions | Art Therapy Photo Documentary Project

February 13, 2012

Spaces and Places: Where We Create is now accepting submissions from art therapists, art therapy students, expressive art therapists, and art organizations for this photo documentary project that aims to provide education, awareness, inspiration, and understanding about the spaces & places, settings, populations, and materials that the art therapy community works in and uses within their practice.

This collaborative event using social media and digital photo sharing via Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram invites participants to submit a photo or photos of their creative work space and favorite tools of the trade.  The project will be accepting submissions until May 31, 2012.

Learn more via the Art Therapy Alliance website for more information and details about how to participate:

Get Your Camera Ready! Spaces & Places: Where We Create Starts in February

January 3, 2012
It’s exciting to announce a new art collaboration coming in February being organized by The Art Therapy AllianceSpaces & Places: Where We Create will be an art therapy community photo documentary project developed by me and Magdalena Karlick, ATR, LPAT, LPCC inviting participants to submit a photo of their creative work space and favorite tools of the trade.

Through social media and digital photo sharing with Flickr & Instagram, this collaborative project aims to provide education, awareness, inspiration, and understanding about the spaces & places, settings, populations, and materials that art therapists, art therapy students, expressive arts therapists, and art organizations work in and use for their practice.

Photos (or video!) that this project will be looking for include:
  • Images of your creative space:  Where you work, intern, or your own personal art-making space
  • Commonly used art supplies and media in your art therapy work or internship with clients
  • Favorite technique: An art intervention or technique approach with individuals or in groups
  • If your creative space has changed: Before and after photos
Submission guidelines and more details to be announced when the project officially launches next month!  Information will be posted to the Spaces & Places: Where We Create project page February 13.

We are also looking for organizations, programs, and blogs interested in becoming an endorser of this project.  Feel free to contact me via for more information. 

The Art Therapy Alliance is proud to be partnering with Art Therapy Without Borders and International Art Therapy Organization for this new project, with endorsement by  Southwestern College, PeaceLove Studios, Art Therapy Institute North Carolina, and Sock Monkey Art Therapy.

If you want to receive updates and news about the project, RSVP to the project’s event page on Facebook. Yay to a new art therapy collab for 2012!  Get your camera ready!

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