Creative Goodness Continues: Link Love Round Up #4

On this last Monday in April, I have 5 more creative blogs for Daisy Yellow’s Link Love Mission…It’s been lots of fun being a part of this effort this month!  It’s also nice to see the Mission is going to continue in May too if you’re interested in joining.

Link Love

Check out more creative inspiration I would like to pass on for others to check out & discover:

Link Love #4

  • realizing your creative life:  This past week I’ve enjoyed reading Jocelyn Paige Kelly’s blog posts and interviews focusing on wellness, self-care, and meditation’s role in our well being & creativity.
  • seth snap: I started following Seth’s blog post links on Twitter this year after being super impressed by his photography- especially photos of light.  Last week Seth’s post, Your Story: Morning Sun and his invitation to write a story about a sunrise he had taken on the way to work really inspired me as a way to further develop the connection & narrative behind the photos of light I’ve been taking or what I’ve been witnessing from others sharing their light seeking ways.
  • drawing the self out: Lizzie Bellotto’s blog shared this link love from Petrea Hansen Adamidis and I loved it so much, I had to give it another shout out here!  Read more about Petrea’s musings on vulnerability, creativity, and Brene’s Brown’s daring greatly wisdom here.
  • hannah klaus hunter arts: I learned a new term from Hannah: Blogsence and the importance of “taking time to catch up” with ourselves, our work, relationships, and life…. sans blogging…

It’s been great fun blogging about the creative people and spots in the blogosphere where I receive good energy, inspiration, and creative goodness from….and there are many more! Hopefully in May, I’ll be able to share a little more link love!

Here’s a recap of April’s round up:

April 8 | April 15 | April 22


Have Sock Monkey, Will Travel- Part 3

Last month I made a sock monkey for my friend Donna in St. Augustine, Florida to adopt.  Meet Nelson:

Here’s some of the fun he’s been up to:  (Lucky sock monkey!)

Nelson on the go
Nelson in New Orleans

It’s been lots of fun receiving Nelson photos and updates from Donna to check out  & share.   I know he is in great hands  and will enjoy his new home and adventures!   Stay tuned for more of Nelson the Traveling Sock Monkey!

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own sock monkey, check out where I learned everything I know about sock monkey making from the fabulous Kat Thorsen, an art therapist in Vancouver, British Columbia:

Also check out the amazing sock monkeys and sock animals Kat and youth artisans create and sell on Etsy via Post Street to support her Sock Monkey Art Therapy program for at-risk youth.

Have Sock Monkey, Will Travel Past Posts:  Part 1 | Part 2

Have Sock Monkey, Will Travel- Part 2

Yay!  This week I received my swap sock monkey from the 6 Degrees of Creativity sock monkey exchange, made and sent by Lisa Miller in San Jose, California.  I have adopted the name “Albert” for him, inspired by an exchange Lisa and I had about how the youth she works were able to see her sock monkey in the making and thought he resembled Albert Einstein (!). Thank you Lisa for my new sock monkey friend!

Throughout this week, Albert has been settling into his new surroundings and home, getting acquainted with my other sock monkeys, our three cats,  hanging out in my studio/office space a lot, and adjusting to the colder temperatures that come with winter in Ohio.

Meeting My Sock Monkeys

A friendly welcome for Albert from my sock monkeys I have created already in Kat Thorsen‘s Sock Monkey Therapy workshop via 6 Degrees of Creativity.

Albert seems interested in art journaling

Albert checks out my art journal for Lani Gerity‘s workshop 6 Easy Lessons for a Happy Artist’s Life (Lesson 2).

Albert loves Artist Trading Cards!

Albert checks out the Artist Trading Cards I received in the 6 Degrees of Creativity ATC Exchange!

Have Sock Monkey, Will Travel- Part 1

Over at 6 Degrees of Creativity, I recently helped organize a sock monkey swap for Kat Thorsen’s awesome Sock Monkey Therapy workshop-  What fun!   This exchange includes 6 Degrees community members from Kat’s workshop who signed up to receive a sock monkey, as well as make and send their own sock monkey to a fellow 6 Degrees Sock Monkey Maker.   Sock monkeys from this exchange are heading across the US, to Canada, Australia, and Italy…I can’t wait to learn more about these sock monkey adventures!

Below are some of the photos I took of the sock monkey I made for this exchange and mailed out today. I hope he reaches his new home safely and his travels out of the country go well!  I also hope he brings much joy to my special sock monkey recipient (ssshhh..) I know he will be in good, good hands!


Enjoying Kat's Sock Monkey Therapy!


Sock Monkey Accessory!

Super excited to meet the sock monkey coming here soon! I’ll be sure to share photos in Part 2!  🙂

Operation Sock Monkey Making

My creative addiction to sock monkey making continues and has gone into overdrive this month!  Not only am I stopping at random Dollar Stores and Five Belows to check out the selection of inexpensive, fun socks I can use, but I’ve also started to invite others around me to join the movement and make their first sock monkey with my stash.

Below are some pics (click to enlarge) from some sock monkey fun with art therapy colleagues and students this month during Ursuline College’s Art Therapy & Counseling Program‘s Holiday Happening and my ATR Supervision group.  Making sock monkeys with others is so much fun!

Sock Monkey Making | December 2011

As posted here in October, 6 Degrees of Creativity instructor, sock monkey guru, craftivist, and art therapist Kat Thorsen has been the wonderful inspiration for bringing the joy of sock monkey making into my life and so many others in the art therapy community!

During Kat’s online chat for 6 Degrees of Creativity last month, I was further inspired by what she shared about the therapeutic, healing, and empowering qualities of sock monkeys for at-risk youth and communities in need.  Examples shared by Kat included helping women in Africa create a sustainable source of income through learning how to make sock monkeys, as well as having sock monkeys or the sewing process accompany youth survivors involved in court testifying as an object of safety and comfort.  You can learn more about Kat’s work through her blog Sock Monkey Art Therapy and Post Street.   In addition, if you are looking to give a sock monkey a new home or a creative, handmade gift purchase going to a good cause, check out Post Street’s Etsy Store, where all the proceeds go to supporting Sock Monkey Art Therapy.

Another great sock monkey meets social action effort is Operation Sock Monkey (OSM), where Kat is also an Operative.  (Worth another mention!)  You can adopt sock monkeys from OSM here or buy cool sock monkey merch  as donations towards OSM’s important work with communities around the world affected by disease, disaster and social/political turmoil.

Learn more about Operation Sock Monkey here:

I’m sure this won’t be my last sock monkey related post!  I’ve been inspired by an art therapy colleague and 6 Degrees of Creativity community member to create my next sock monkey with camouflage socks, but still on the hunt scavenging the local stores for that lucky find.

The Joy of Sock Monkey Making

I recently created my first sock monkey thanks to Kat Thorsen’s Sock Monkey Therapy workshop @ 6 Degrees of Creativity.  Meet Arygle!

I used a pair of black and red argyle knee high socks that I hadn’t worn in awhile. I was curious what this design/pattern would look like as a sock monkey and was happy with the results!  Below are some photos I took while my sock monkey was in the making:

Kat is telling the truth when she says that you will never look at a pair of socks the same again!  Ever since I finished Argyle, every time I see a pair of long length socks I envision them as a sock monkey!  Argyle was easy to make with Kat’s awesome video demonstrating each step. This process was so much fun and I cannot wait to make more!  It is also fun to see some of the sock monkeys that participants are already posting in the 6 Degrees of Creativity community (one from Australia, another from Canada this week)!

Learn more about Kat’s work and passion for sock monkeys on her blog Sock Monkey Art Therapy.  Kat is also an Operative for Operation Sock Monkey a “volunteer-run initiative in support of humanitarian organizations that provide laughter, hope and healing to communities around the world affected by disease, disaster and social/political turmoil” through providing some sock monkey love to those in need.

Thank you to Kat for introducing me to the joys of sock monkey making!  And I look forward to visiting Argyle at his new home with Nicole Brandstrup… I hope he is behaving himself!