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Survival, Hope, & Art: Inocente to Debut on MTV

August 9, 2012

Back in March I blogged about the documentary INOCENTE and how excited I was that this film was part of the 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF).  It was absolutely amazing! Since this screening, INOCENTE has continued to be shown not only across the US, but also in Canada, Australia, and recently funded a $50,000+ Kickstarter to increase the film’s promotion, showings, and to  create a free online art-based educational curriculum.  It is great to see this film doing so well and creating more awareness about important issues such as chronic family homelessness, immigration, and the arts role in coping and providing hope through difficult times.

Next week on August 17th, INOCENTE will be making its TV broadcast debut on MTV, which is more great exposure to tell Inocente’s story and continue to spread the word about her experience as a survivor.  In celebration of this premiere, I am having a viewing party with some art therapy friends to watch it together!  There are also fundraising viewing parties being thrown to benefit A Reason to Survive (ARTS), the San Diego arts organization that Inocente  received support, advocacy, and services from, as seen in  the film.  “ARTS is dedicated to creating, supporting, and advocating for creative arts programs that heal, inspire, and empower at-risk youth” ( and was one of the film’s co-creators with Fine Films and Shine Global. Check out the ARTS website to learn more and to donate to the program’s important efforts, as well as a list of upcoming screenings and news!

Inocente-MTV Premiere: August 17

Continued best wishes and success for Inocente, the filmmakers, ARTS, & the film’s powerful message about the possibilities and potential the arts create to transform youth’s lives.  I look forward to showing the DVD of the film (coming in September) to the adolescents I work with in shelter, as well as my community based Latino youth art therapy group of pre-teens and teens impacted by family violence.

Enjoy the MTV showing next Friday night!

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