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Social Media’s Role in Cultivating Art Therapy Connection, Community, & Creativity

July 26, 2014

Earlier this month at the national art therapy conference in San Antonio, I was able to spend time dialoguing in a focus group I led about one of my favorite topics: the role of social media in creating connection, community, and sustaining creativity.

Social Media’s Role in Cultivating Art Therapy Connection, Community, & Creativity | creativity in motion

This group time was a very nice opportunity to talk with art therapists and art therapy students about how they use social media, what interests & challenges them, as well as the different ways social media can be used within the art therapy community for networking, collaborating, art-making, and inspire one another.

In comparison to a focus group I led on this same topic at the national conference 5 years ago (2009), the awareness and use of social media seemed to be a lot more integrated into our regular professional interactions and activity.  This included, but was not limited to: connecting with other art therapists, inspiring & supporting our own creative process with art-making, taking to the social media air waves to promote what we are passionate about in art therapy (through blogging, creating Facebook pages, using hashtags, QR codes) and keeping updated on worldwide happenings and news in the art therapy community.  The increasing use of smartphones, tablets, and apps (vs. 2009) to access social media in mobile form definitely has contributed to this day to day practice.

Challenges voiced included understanding how to leverage the most out of different social media sites, having a mindful awareness of ones personal vs. professional life online, and keeping up with the constant changes, new developments, and activity in the world of social media.

Check out this SlideShare inspired by this focus group’s topic:

This was a great time to gather together about this topic off the grid!  Thank you to everyone who attended! It is inspiring to learn more about how we as art therapists continue to use social media to strengthen our professional connections, enhance the relationship with our creativity, & create online opportunities for supporting our work, interests, & practice.


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San Antonio Art Therapy Fun

July 3, 2014

Next week I’ll be heading to San Antonio to attend the national art therapy conference and I am looking forward to opportunities for learning, connecting, and community building.

San Antonio Art Therapy Fun: Artist Trading Card Exchange | creativity in motion

My ATCs for the San Antonio Art Therapy ATC Swap

Early on at the conference, Andrea Davis, LPC, ATR-BC and I have organized an artist trading card exchange and meet up exploring the theme of art therapy dreams. I am eager to spend time swapping art and re-connecting/connecting on site with art therapists and students I’ve met through the 6 Degrees of Creativity or Art Therapy Alliance communities, as well as meeting some new faces and enjoying the creative company of friends.

San Antonio Art Therapy Fun: Artist Trading Card Exchange | creativity in motion

Swapping & Meet Up Accessories

I hope this gathering will be a great space for networking & coming together through creativity!

Later on Thursday (5-7 pm), I’ll be participating in the Arts & Crafts Marketplace, offering some handmade pocket journals and books (created from miniature file folders, matchboxes, & inchies) for sale… Stop by table #5, say hello, and check out the creative goodness:

Matchbox Journals

Matchbox Journals


Inchie Love

Inchie Love


Inchie Inspiration Books

Inchie Inspiration Books


Marketplace Creative Goodness

Marketplace Creative Goodness


Pocket Journals

Pocket Journals


Pocket Journals

Pocket Journals


San Antonio Art Therapy Fun: Marketplace Creative Goodness | creativity in motion

Marketplace Creative Goodness

Following the Marketplace fun, I am looking forward to attending the free screening of Inocente and have the honor of leading a discussion following the film with audience attendees about the role and benefits of art expression in helping youth living with homeless.  Don’t miss out on seeing this inspiring and Academy award-winning film from 8-9:30 on Thursday evening- I hope to see you there!

INOCENTE Screening

INOCENTE Screening

On Saturday morning (10:30-11:20 am), I’ll be facilitating a Focus Group on one of my favorite topics: Social Media’s Role in Cultivating Art Therapy Connection, Community, & Creativity. This focus group will stimulate innovative dialogue about social networking’s important role in building community, cultivating creativity, and creating connection for art therapists worldwide. Participants will engage in discussion about the power of social media to mobilize and engage a community, as well as how to leverage this participation to bring art therapists together for art-making, support, and crowdsourcing efforts. Discussion content will include websites, groups, and communities available on-line for art therapists and how to professionally get the most out the social media experience for networking, empowering creativity, and sustaining a sense of community and belonging.

Social Media & Art Therapy Focus Group

Social Media & Art Therapy Focus Group

I’m also excited to bring & share some of the Art Therapy Alliance‘s new Favicards to help spread the art therapy & social media love….. 🙂

2014 Art Therapy Alliance Favicards

2014 Art Therapy Alliance Favicards

And finally, if you want to join in on the conference’s social media activity while in San Antonio, AATA’s Social Media Committee will be hosting Pop Up Photo Taking & Hashtag Creative Fun in the Exhibit Hall @ the Marketplace of Ideas during Networking and Lunch Breaks Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  You are invited to stop by!  Also, if you will be in attendance at the conference and want to share your updates, check-ins & photos, use the event’s hashtag #AATA2014 on Twitter, Instagram, and on FB.

 I hope our paths will cross at one of these happenings or at another offering throughout the week if we are both in San Antonio!


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Make, Swap, & Meet Up: San Antonio Art Therapy Artist Trading Card Exchange

May 1, 2014
Posted previously via the Art Therapy Alliance and 6 Degrees of Creativity Blogs:

Coming this Summer….. An Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange and Meet Up in San Antonio, Texas co-organized by Andrea Davis, LPC, ATR-BC and me….

Make, Swap, & Meet Up!

This Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange coincides with the annual American Art Therapy Association Conference this July in San Antonio, Texas.  If you’ll be at this year’s conference, you are invited to participate and spread the word to others who might be interested in this swap and networking opportunity.
Meet up in a fun, creative way with others from the art therapy community to swap some art!
San Antonio Artist Trading Card Swap | creativity in motion
ATC Exchange Overview:
  • You will create 3 Artist Trading Cards to exchange with 3 other community members who are participating in this exchange in San Antonio. Create 3, Receive 3!
  • Please make sure your ATCs are created prior to the swap.
  • Your ATCs can include the same image, but all must be original.
  • This swap’s theme: Art Therapy Dreams: What wishes & dreams do you have for art therapy and your work as an art therapist?
  • The dimensions of your ATCs should be 2.5″ x 3.5″.  Tips, examples, techniques, and more can be found via this how-to.
  • On the back of each ATC you can include your name, city, state, and contact information in the form of a blog, website, or email.

 Exchange Site: Participants will bring their ATCs to the Conference’s Marketplace of Ideas (Exhibit Hall) on Thursday, July 10 during lunchtime.  A great time to eat lunch, meet up, swap, and network together!

Gather to Meet up/Network/Eat lunch: 11:30-12:30
ATC Swap begins at 12:30.

To Sign-Up: If you’ll be in San Antonio for the Conference and are interested in participating, (or have any questions) please e-mail me at with your name and e-mail address to sign up.

See you in San Antonio!


ATC Delivery in Route: Creative Goodness x 6

February 6, 2012

This week-end I exchanged all the artist trading cards (ATCs) I received throughout the last few months for the 6 Degrees of Creativity swap and mailed them all to their new homes in different parts of the globe. Since the moment my ATC workshop started in October for 6 Degrees I have been patiently waiting for this creative moment!  It is such a joy to see all the ATCs that have been sent and then to further connect participants through exchanging and mailing them all back.  We are now truly connected with the mini artworks we will receive ( x 6 ), along with the messages, creativity, and good intentions sent with each of them.  So wonderful and so much fun!

Lots of thanks and appreciation to everyone who was able to contribute and participate in this ATC exchange. It was an honor to host this swap for the 6 Degrees of Creativity community and connect to participants through this experience.

Here are some photos I took before, during, and after the exchanging:

Pre-Exchange ATCs that have been coming in since October 2011:

A sea of creative goodness is ready to be exchanged!

On the way to the post office! It took 45 minutes for the postal clerk to make sure all the postage and delivery methods (first class vs. parcel, international vs. domestic, etc.) were all good…ATCs were mailed out to the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada. Many custom forms were filled out!   🙂

In celebration of this exchange and everyone who contributed I put together a short video featuring one ATC received from each participant:

I also created a collective image of one ATC from each batch:

International Postcard Exchange Postmarks [SlideShare Presentation]

November 7, 2011

This post features the presentation I did at the Canadian Art Therapy Association and Ontario Art Therapy Association joint conference last week about Art Therapy Without Borders’ International Postcard Art Exchange.

The presentation includes the project, its impact, and the role of art and social networking to connect the art therapy community worldwide:

It was a pleasure to explore attendees’ interest in using the combination of social media, art-making, and online connecting to create outreach and community.

It was also great to meet community members face to face at the conference who have participated in either ATWB’s postcard art exchange or past Art Therapy Alliance Artist Trading Card exchanges!

Celebrating Creative Goodness with Artist Trading Card Fun @ 6 Degrees of Creativity

September 21, 2011

My Artist Trading Card (ATC) Workshop for 6 Degrees of Creativity is all ready to go!  I can’t wait!   I am super excited to create more community and connection with lots of ATC making throughout the next six months and everything culminating with a global exchange of our art from this workshop in February 2012.  I hope you’ll consider joining me:

What are your 6 Degrees of Creative Goodness?

And… don’t forget, 6 Degrees of Creativity also includes five other workshops– chock full of offerings that will inspire and empower your art making and creative practice with themes of positive psychology, gratitude, transformation, social contemplation, and more!  Registration is open now until December 1.  The 6 Degrees of Creativity fun starts October 10!

Creating a Dialogue & Resource for Domestic Violence: Trauma Network Blogging

May 15, 2011

It’s official! I’ll be blogging as a core contributor for The Trauma Network,  a growing community of therapists coming together to learn new ways to advance their clinical practice, exchange resources, interventions, and find support related to trauma informed work.

My posts for the network will focus on considerations, strategies, best practices, and ideas for  therapists working with children, adolescents, families, and women impacted by domestic violence, including the benefits of using art and creative interventions with this population.

I hope my blogging will start a dialogue and create a trauma informed resource within this community connected to domestic violence and offer practical information useful for this area of work.  

To learn more about The Trauma Network and how to join (free!), please visit

Social Media: Benefits for Professional E-Networking

March 1, 2010

I am excited to be presenting on “Social Media and Its Benefits for Professional E- Networking” at the First Annual Therapist Resource Telesummit being held March 12-14, 2010.  Experts in the field will share with therapists how to create a successful therapy business and tools they can use to do this!  This telesummit is not to be missed if you are interested in developing your own therapy business or want new ideas and resources to enhance its success. I invite you to join me and over 10 other expert speakers for this complementary program. Over these three days, you will have access to some incredible information on how to create an authentic and profitable therapy business.

My presentation will highlight the potential and benefits for therapists interested in using the Internet for professional networking to enhance their career, strengthen support, as well as discuss how social media can promote our work and bring therapists together in a global web community to share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.  My community organizing with the Art Therapy Alliance will also be highlighted.  To learn more or to register, click on the box below or follow this link.

Social Media: Art Therapists and the Internet

August 17, 2009

SocialMediaIn September, I will be presenting on the topic of social media and art therapy at The Buckeye Art Therapy Association’s 28th Annual Symposium. I am really looking forward to this, as presenting on how art therapists can navigate and use the web is one of my favorite topics.

The dynamic digital landscape of the Internet is continuously in motion, making it essential for the modern day art therapist to remain up to date on new advancements and resources emerging in the art therapy community’s web presence. Obtaining and acquiring information on-line, as well as building and sustaining connections with colleagues and professionals through e-mail, e-groups, blogging, and social media sites are important resources that not only help decrease isolation for the art therapist, but can cultivate new opportunities.

The presentation will highlight the potential and benefits for art therapists interested in using the Internet for professional networking to enhance their career, strengthen support, as well as discuss how social media can promote art therapy and bring art therapists together in a global web community to share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Attendees will be introduced to and learn more about how to use social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote art therapy, as well as other on-line tools and applications that are available to art therapists for professional networking, development and communication. Social media’s role in developing and building communities such as The Art Therapy Alliance will highlight how developing a strong web presence can support the many professional needs and interests of art therapists in an accessible and cost effective way.

Come and join me for this presentation and many other interesting topics on art therapy at BATA’s Symposium in Dublin, Ohio during September 11 and 12, 2009.  For more information, visit

Art Therapy and Social Media’s Top 3

April 18, 2009

It probably comes to no surprise that I am a big fan of using the Internet to network, meet new people, share resources, and learn new things- especially related to my work as an art therapist. This interest started over ten years ago when I was in graduate school and I wanted to connect to or stay in touch with other art therapy students all over the country or share news important to what was happening in the field. Creating an e-mail list-serv for students and then  networking forum on Delphi for several years, helped with this need. These days the Art Therapy Student Networking Forum continues on LinkedIn (see the Art Therapy Alliance link below) for students interested in art therapy or enrolled in an art therapy education program to ask questions and network with other students and art therapists.

Ten years ago there wasn’t the buzz word “social media” used to describe this kind of activity or various platforms, but it was the beginning (for me) to the world of art therapy engaging in the possibilities and benefits of Internet forums, e-groups and on-line networking.  Now there is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogging, podcasting, and  so many other forms of social media- it is amazing!  Within the art therapy field, I am seeing great things happen with these tools and the activity that comes from it.   In this posting, I wanted to highlight some of these considerations, as well as provide ways in which art therapists not involved (yet!) with the social media scene can acquaint themselves, get started, and find resources to help with networking and promotion.


This week I read the article, Are You Taking Advantage of the Social Media to Promote Your Business? by  E.G. Sebastian and his thoughts on the top three social media sites to grow and build the work that you offer, services you provide, and create a following about your business, company, or cause. I agree with Sebastian’s top three choices (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and can already see how these sites are having an impact on art therapists and the field of art therapy:

LinkedIn– I have mentioned LinkedIn in previous posts and have found this professional networking site really valuable for enhancing and promoting my work as an art therapist and these related interests.   LinkedIn is a social media site dedicated to helping build your professional relationships, promote your work and service through your profile, and provide networking opportunites by making connections, introductions, and giving/receiving recommendations related to your work with those you trust and who trust you.  LinkedIn also incorporates many application programs to help promote your work, such as, but not limited to: posting/viewing PowerPoint presentations, synching your blog, sharing files, and letting others know “what you are working on”. For me, these updates and exchanging of information has been helpful with staying up to date on what colleagues are working on or looking for.

LinkedIn also has many Groups that you can join based on your career or special interests. Joining a LinkedIn Group provides additonal networking around a similar skill or area with other professionals who share this same interest. Group members can post news links, start discussions, and access group members for help with questions, feedback, or support.  This past week celebrated the one year launching milestone of The Art Therapy Alliance, a professional group on LinkedIn for art therapists, art therapy students, and professionals interested in art therapy and want to network, exchange ideas, and discuss related news and happenings.

Facebook– Sebastian also identifies Facebook as another platform to help spread the word to the masses about your work, services, upcoming events, current news, network, with a personal touch.  I enjoy when my art therapy friends post news links, event information, websites, and blog postings related to our work, as well as find the support and community that is exchanged really helpful and encouraging. Facebook also has Groups to join and there are many, many art therapy focused groups available to join by keyword searching  “art therapy”.

Twitter- Lately, I have been most impressed with the reaching power of Twitter, another social media site that provides updates to those following you about your status and what you are up to. If you “tweet” (post) on a regular basis with content for potential followers to become interested in, it’s easy to build a group of people curious about your postings.  Becoming a follower of others also contributes to strengthening your network opportunities and keeping informed. Go to to start tweeting!  This NYTimes article, Putting Twitter’s World to Use also describes examples on how people are using this social media site.

To learn even more about the power of social media, view the brief video below. I think the residents of Scoopville, ice cream, and the future of art therapy have a lot in common! By the people, for the people!

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