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A Happy New Year Gift: Empowering Your Creative Values & Strengths

December 30, 2017

To celebrate the New Year, I am re-sharing one of my free and favorite e-workshops from a couple of years ago!


Creative Covenants

How would you define your creative covenants?  Your creative covenants are values that you believe are core to the way you create, practice, and live as a creative and artful being.  When you know your own creative values, you can activate them to empower your creative life.  In this e-workshop, you are invited to create an inspiring book made from a series of permission tags that honor these promises to our creative self and practice.  Content in this workshop will also be nurtured through a series of prompts exploring what celebrates, challenges, and empowers the creative goodness in each of us!What are your Creative Covenants? | creativity in motion

What are your Creative Covenants? | creativity in motion

This free workshop download includes a PDF & video offering and is available here:

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An oldie, but goodie New Year’s creative practice I’ve enjoyed for almost 10 years now:

Ready for Revo’lution Art Journaling


Check out these freebie downloads below from archived Creativity in Motion posts that are still available here:

Creative Goodness with Gluebooks eBook

The Art of Emotional Resilience

Art Journaling’s Visual Voice in Trauma Intervention

Paper House Making with Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence

Best wishes for a great 2018!



Bring On Illuminating 2016!

January 1, 2016

‘Most new discoveries are suddenly-seen things that were always there. A new idea is a light that illuminates presences which simply had no form before the light fell on them.’Susan Langer

On this first day of the New Year, I am excited to share the new 365 project I’m about to embark on: Illuminate 365.

Illuminate 2016 | creativity in motion

My intention with this new daily creative practice is to capture images throughout the year that reflect variations on Illumination.   In 2012 and 2013 I started regularly taking photos of light with a project I called Through a Grateful Lens.  The last few months, I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve missed this practice and the special connection to gratefulness, hope, and comfort these light captures helped inspire during this time. I am curious to discover what a whole year’s worth of captures each day sparked by the expanded concept of light, insight, and understanding will reveal or offer.  Bring on Illuminating 2016!

My plan is to use digital art making through fun apps and programs to get creative with the images that I take in the spirit of this project and share them in quarterly round ups here on this blog. Daily captures will be shared on Instagram.

Illuminate 2016

How would you like to illuminate 2016?

Here’s to a Happy New Year to us all full of art and creative goodness!

Now playing: 2013 revo’lution in motion [VIDEO]

December 31, 2012

I’ve been putting the final touches on this year’s revo’lution making and I think my six intentions for 2013 are ready to go!

Sweet Stuff : 2013 revo'lution cards

This neat SMASH bag is going to safely hold this year’s revo’lution that I created in the form of intention cards.

Check out my 2013 revo’lution in motion- Revo’lution #5 (!):

And here’s another 2013 revo’lution from AJ, who has continued the practice as well in her art journaling! Always inspiring!

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2013!  Soooo….What does your revo’lution look like?   🙂

What does your revolution look like?

twentytwelve revo’lution book reflection

December 27, 2012

In these last few days of 2012, I’ve been thinking more about this past year’s ready for revo’lution book and the intentions I identified: Authenticity, Creativity, Attention, Sincerity, Re-Connection, Kindness, Perspective, and Joy. I re-read my posts archived for this year’s revo’lution and also spent some reflection with the art. Each intention still resonates with the strong connection and positive energy the pages inspired during their creation last December, manifested in my 2012 life, and the important gifts they each continue to provide.

2012 revo'lution pages

I hold such amazing appreciation for the places, people, moments, choices, and opportunities that nurtured these eight intentions throughout this year.

My process has come full circle:

Preparation:  [prep·a·ra·tion]
The action of making ready or being made ready for use.

Intention: [in·ten·tion]
A course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action; an objective, purpose.

Creation: [cre·a·tion]
The action or process of bringing something into existence.

Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion]
A marked or thorough change in form.

These intentions and the lighted path they have led me to has also created an important foundation of understanding for my next revo’lution dedicated to Stillness, Honor, Trust, Light, Simplicity, and Service in 2013.

Ringing in the New Year with Revolution Art Making

December 31, 2011

All week I have been in denial that 2011’s 21 SECRETS is closing on December 31, 2011, but today that day is finally here.  I still can’t believe it.  I’ve sooo enjoyed being part of and teaching in this art journaling community organized by Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio…21 SECRETS has truly been a highlight of my 2011.  The creative connections, art journaling ideas, inspiration, and encouragement have been amazingly wonderful and I will really miss this community!

I will especially miss everyone who participated in my 21 SECRETS workshop ready for revolutionIf you haven’t already checked out this post from November, it features many of the revolution art journal pages and books created since 21 SECRETS opened in April.  So inspiring!  Definitely worth another mention (and watch)!

With 21 SECRETS coming to a close, I’ve invited ready for revolution participants to share their 2012 intentions or any of their revolution art in the works:

Janet's 2012 Revolution Intentions

I created this image on my computer to share my Revo’lution words for 2012. The background image is of a Pohutukawa tree flower bud.  Here in New Zealand we call them the NZ Christmas tree as they have bright red joyful flowers that are out at Christmas time. This bud is about to burst open and “OPEN” is a big word for me this year.  To be authenticially OPEN to  vulnerability, love, joy, gentle kindness, compassion, gratitude, connection and belonging, so I can allow my resilient spirit to live whole-heartedly    ~Janet


Janette's 2012 Revolution-Page 1- Inspire

I have started my Revo-lution 2012 book, I’ve only done one page so far but I thought I would share it…The book is a 5″ by 5″ board book stripped back to the board and then gesso’d and I’ve used images that inspire me.  The couple on the left are my parents who have loved and inspired me all my life; the sunset at Castara bay in Sunny Tobago (one of my favourite places on earth); a bit of an old map of Ryde which has a fascinating history; Albert Einstein – who was a genius, deep thinker and often a little playful, I would have loved to have met him; Joan Miro is one of my favourite artists and so is Keith Haring.  The little image bottom right says Plant a Seed, because that’s what inspiration is – the potential for something great.  I’ve included ArchBishop Desmond Tutu because he is another highly intellegent man, deep thinker, has a heart the size of a planet and a ‘wicked’ laugh.  I would love to meet him.  ~Janette 

(See more of Janette’s revolution book making forthcoming on her blog.)


Lani's Revolution Page for Joy

I was also very excited to see Lani Gerity share her completed 2012 revolution book on her blog.  Check out Lani’s wonderful revolution book for twentytwelve and reflections on her intentions here.


And this great idea from Phoenix was posted yesterday:  I’m hoping to spend 12/31 contemplating and creating pages for my revolution journal for 2012. I ran out of time to make one during 21 Secrets, but my goal is to have photos of the pages on my phone or Ipod so I can look at them regularly and remember my priorities for the year.  Honestly, thank you so, so much for your class. I’ve always been big on resolutions that vanish within a day or so of real life. I hadn’t realised just how exhausting it all was until I sat and watched your workshop and something inside me seemed to just relax at the idea of visual reminders of the direction I’m heading (not the dress size I’m wanting!!!)

I looooove all these good vibes for ringing in the New Year with revolution art making….  and here’s some more good stuff for art journaling in 2012:  A new 21 SECRETS line up has been announced for 2012 and goes on sale January 2.   Yay!

Happy 2012!

ready for revolution twentytwelve

December 29, 2011

“You must give birth to your images.  They are the future waiting to be born.”  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

It’s here!  I’m ready to reveal and share my revolution for twentytwelve— Take a look:

I am so grateful that I take time to do this process.  I find it so valuable. Identifying my intentions and creating a revolution book each year (this is #4) has helped me take purposeful and meaningful time to reflect on what I want to focus on within myself, as well as invite and attract into my life during the upcoming new year.

This year I also added a “2012 Revolution” Board on Pinterest to help further inspire my intentions.  I still need to finish the book’s cover and back, but I look forward to this revolution book serving as a visual reminder, affirmation, and guide throughout 2012 for each of the intentions I’ve chosen:

Attention: Value. Energy. Worth.

Paying attention to one aspect of the environment while ignoring others.

Authenticity: Real. True. Genuine.

A particular way of dealing with the external world, being faithful to internal rather than external ideas.

Creativity: Strength. Connect. Grow.

The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships to create meaningful new ideas and forms.

Joy: Happiness. Gratitude. Heart.

A state of happiness or felicity, a source or cause of delight.

Perspective: Choice. View. Forward.

Attention to the choices of a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences.

Re-Connection: Strong. Hope. Inside

To link or be linked together again.

Sincerity: Open. Truth. Clarity.

Acting truly about feelings, thoughts, and desires.

Kindness: Choose. Forgiveness. Love.

The practice or quality of being kind.

Sooo..Bring on 2012!  Wishing you all happiness, creativity, & goodness for your own revolution making & in the New Year…


Want to discover what your twentytwelve revolution looks like?  Learn more here.

ready for revolution eBook

Ready for Revolution Art Journaling eBook Now Available

December 10, 2011

It is that time of year where I begin to eagerly review my revolution created at the beginning of this year, as well as start to think about the revolution and intentions I want to create and welcome for this new year approaching.  I can’t wait to share my reflections from 2011’s intentions and what my new revolution looks like soon…

In celebration of this annual practice and tradition, I am excited to finally announce the Ready for Revolution eBook, which is a visual how to of the art journaling workshop I did throughout this year for 21 SECRETS.

This 10 page full color PDF download provides the step by step process and creative resources to explore, identify, and get started with your own revolution making!  No need to create resolutions for the New Year when you can artfully create your very own revolution to invite and welcome into your twentytwelve life!  Start 2012 with intentions you want to cultivate, build on, and attract more of in your personal and professional life!  Through material and media ideas, journaling prompts, and visual journaling examples, this e-book will guide you to inspire and discover the hopes and aspirations of personal transformation through your art journaling.

The eBook’s contents include four sections:

Preparation:  [prep·a·ra·tion]
The action of making ready or being made ready for use.
  • Learn how to prepare and create your own revolution art journal using a children’s board book.
Intention: [in·ten·tion]
A course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action; an objective, purpose.
  • Identifying your 2012 intentions
  • Why are intentions important?
  • Journaling prompts and inspiration
Creation: [cre·a·tion]
The action or process of bringing something into existence.
  • Mixed media and collage material ideas
  • Visual journaling examples of handmade revolutions
Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion]
A marked or thorough change in form.
  • Tips to help put your handmade revolution into motion

Also included is the wonderful art journaling examples, inspiration, and reflections from artists Janette Gregson, Kathryn Taiaroa, and Janet McLeod who have participated in their own revolution making with me this year!

Ready for Revolution eBook is only $9.99 (USD) and is available to purchase now here:

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This e-book is a PDF file that will be sent to the e-mail you used for your purchase. (Please also monitor your spam/junk folder as well).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

2011 revo’lution in motion & made visible

December 28, 2010

Introducing my 2011 revo’lution made visible!  As a re-cap for first time Creativity in Motion readers, for the last few years I have been practicing a year end tradition of creating my “revo’lution”, a process where I identify intentions that I want to focus more on and strengthen throughout the upcoming year. I then create images in response to these concepts and make an annual revo’lution book as a visual reminder.

This year’s intentions include: Truth, Choice, Nurture, Imagine, Inspire, Change, Freedom, and Passion. Below are images from this year’s altered board book I created to contain these eight concepts. Book spreads were created with a combination of magazine photo collage, stamping, vintage dictionary pages, distressed ink, and Tim Holtz’s idea-ology embellishments.

Something new that I experimented with was taking all the image photos on my iPhone using the Urbian Inc.’s Retro Camera app to feature in the gallery above and in the short film below:

Many of the intentions I chose this year focus attention on concepts related to continued growth, authenticity,  and of course, creating.  I believe 2010 revo’lution lessons and periods of letting go, reclamation, and transitioning have built a strong foundation for 2011 opportunities, exciting projects, meaningful relationships, and partnerships.  In my professional life this year, I am looking forward to having more energy, space, and imagining for new ideas related to what I am passionate about and creating ways to share these experiences with others through my work as an art therapist and trauma consultant, as well as my community organizing for The Art Therapy Alliance.

So what does your revolution look like?  What are intentions you would like to focus on and develop/sustain/strengthen throughout your 2011 life? It’s a great time to gather your revo’lutionary ideas and thoughts as this new year approaches and do some visioning through art!

Stay tuned here as my 2011 revo’lution in motion unfolds throughout the year!

revo’lution reflections 2010

December 12, 2010

For the last few years I have been practicing a year end tradition of creating my “revo’lution”, a process where I identify concepts that I want to focus on more and bring into my life during the upcoming year.  I then create images in response to these concepts and make an annual revo’lution book as a visual reminder of these intentions.  As 2010 starts to come to a close, it is time for me to reflect on my revo’lution I crafted for this year, as well as start to think about what I want my 2011 revo’lution to look like.

Below are pages from this year’s altered board book and what I wanted to bring into/focus on during my 2010 life:

Here’s a brief summary of my revolutionary actions during 2010:

Create: My hopes for this  intention was for much energy, vision, and meaning for creating, making, and doing in 2010 in the form of art-making, writing, through technology, and opportunities for connecting and collaborating with others.  This year brought much to be enjoyed related to this effort! Whether this included organizing an Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange with Art Therapy Alliance members, participating in my first Fatbook project with local area art therapists, creating a life changing book from handmade paper of transformed pulp, making more mini films, creating issues of FUSION, or continuing to engage the art therapy community through my love of social media and technology, there has been a lot of new ideas, great energy, and creative activity this year.

Dare:  Having the courage and strength to be true to myself and what I find to have meaning, truth, and purpose in my day to day life, relationships, and work often required difficult, but necessary choices throughout this year.  These challenges have ultimately helped bring a calmness, happiness, and liberation I am grateful for and hope to continue in 2011.

Balance:  This intention is always my biggest need. Choices I put into motion towards the end of 2009 did provide an authentic grounding for 2010.  On-going lessons of letting go, detachment, and being mindful of what/who/where I wanted to invest my energy, time, and focus proved to be important decisions throughout this year.

EncourageLearnWonder:  When I created the images for these intentions I wasn’t too sure about how or why the appearance of birds ended up as part of my revo’lution.   I think the repeated theme of letting go surfaced many times over throughout this year to help me explore the power (and freedom) of new ideas, possibilities, and move forward/fly free in my own professional and personal growth, which was at an important crossroads. I am thankful for this process and important friends that supported and mentored me to make these discoveries and embrace these lessons throughout the year.

Sustain and Transition: These two intentions had a significant impact throughout my 2010, as I started to make future decisions related to balance, moving on, and to zero in on ideas, causes, and efforts I believe in to create change, hope, and positive energy.  I look forward to this focus enhancing my community building with The Art Therapy Alliance and Art Therapy Without Borders, as well as my clinical work as an art therapist with youth who have experienced trauma and loss.

As I re-look at the above reflection, I am struck at the power of decision, action, and choice in much of my 2010 revo’lution and how this has influenced (for the better) my year, present life, work, and relationships.  The results of this are an excellent way to begin 2011!

Creating is already underway for my 2011 revo’lution- More to come on this soon…

Truth, Choice, Nurture, Imagine, Inspire, Change, Liberate, Passion

creating a new revo’lution: re-discovered meaning + intention for 2010

December 28, 2009

No Evolution Without Revolution

I’ve been posting recently on my 2009 rev o’ lution and recent reflections on this from the past year… I was excited to see the rev o’ lution action also take form on Lani Puppetmaker’s Blogspot, where Lani Gerity started her own rev o’ Lution inspired by the concepts of Friendship, Stillness, and Simplicity. Check it out!

So the time has come for me to create my new rev o’ lution for 2010- which I honestly have been looking forward to all month.  My process includes first creating a list of words/concepts/intentions I want develop and cultivate more in the new year, that I then narrow the list down to eight words.  From there, I create a special altered book where each page is dedicated to the intentions chosen. 

This year, an image that I usually keep on the nightstand by the bed kept grabbing my attention as I started to form 2010’s rev o’ lution. It’s a small mixed media image on canvas board that I created sometime in 2006 when I was thinking about running for President of Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association, after my name was thrown in for nomination consideration.  At the time, I remembered having a lot of anxiety and self-doubt about this. I wondered if this was something that I could really do?  It’s one thing to be a board member and focused on your specific committee tasks and commitments. I’m good with details, following through on projects and tasks at hand, but was uncertain about my abilities to be responsible for the “big picture” and setting the overall tone, energy, organization, and leadership of an entire board and its members.

The idea frankly freaked me out a lot.  And when I’m freaked out, one of the things I do is make art.  In response, I created this image of my intentions and anticipations connected to what I wanted to bring to being a leader at this level.  It helped stabilize my anxiety, doubt, and create meaning behind my decision to move ahead on this path if given the opportunity.


Encourage. Care. Hope. Create. Learn. Dare. Wonder. Listen. 

These were all important concepts that I wanted to develop, contribute, and inspire.  I also remember at this time wanting to bring an energy and enthusiasm to move efforts forward through action, dedication, and hard work.

That was three years and two terms as President ago.  To date, that’s 14 board meetings, 17 board members, over 200 members, 2 Symposiums, 1 national art therapy conference, introducing 2 art therapy legsilation bills, 2 strategic plans, a new mission statement, a new website, and too many e-blasts, e-mails, follow up phone calls, newsletter and meeting reports, and website updates to count.  Most  importantly, I believe this collective work and everyone’s participation has contributed to energizing our community, connection, and hopefully truly serving the needs of art therapy in Ohio and our members.

I reflect on all of this because 2010 will be my last year finishing this term.  In creating this year’s rev o’ lution, I thought a lot about this journey and its impact on my life over the last few years, including how other experiences and expectations of good vs. bad leadership have ultimately influenced and shaped future desires, intentions, priorities, and decisions that I face in the here and now.

I have learned *a lot*.  And there are many good friends and supports who have helped, encouraged, and taught me so much along the way.  This journey and those who have walked with me over the last few years have been invaluable to keeping me on course and reminding me of the “big picture” during times that were uncertain, difficult, and challenging.  Where I stand today is with gratitude, strength, and a renewed passion connected to what and who matters most.  I believe there’s lots more great work still to come in this upcoming year- not just here in my own backyard, but also on a bigger scale.  I’ve gotten a little better with seeing the “big picture”.

I am looking forward to what this new year will bring as I remember some of my old intentions with re-discovered meaning to create new ones for this year’s rev o’ lution.

So here’s my rev o’ lution for 2010: Create Dare Balance Encourage Wonder Learn Sustain Transition

To celebrate the launching of this new rev o’ lution, watch a short film I created featuring the altered book I made about each of these concepts.  During these last few days of 2009, it’s time to kick off next year’s rev o’ lution and believe me, I am ready to go!!!  Look for more rev o’ lution reflections throughout this week.

What does your 2010 rev o’ lution look like?


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