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Twentythirteen Creating on the Go: My Mobile Art Stash

September 7, 2013

 In preparation for upcoming travel, I’ve started to think more thoughtfully about creating on the go again and what common art-making essentials I’ll need to bring with me…. especially in relationship to my daily 365 revo’lution making!

For my day to day art making out & about, I usually have a Ziploc baggie with me of papers, words, collage stuff, as well as a gluestick & scissors for cut & paste fun. This year I’ve also started to carry around a small paperback dictionary, ChitChat word stickers, and Label Letters inside the quart size bag to use with my 365 project.

Creating on the Go: My Mobile Art Stash | creativity in motion

Bits & Pieces

Creating on the Go: My Mobile Art Stash | creativity in motion

While it’s a very nice treasure hunt to use this method, I thought my mobile art stash required a little organization upgrade to make it easier to figure out what I’m really working with. To replace my Ziploc bag, I bought a small plastic accordion file folder (in the $1.00 bin at Target!) that fits everything really well, including the dictionary!

I also re-purposed this tin to nicely stash my Smash Stick (my favorite glue and pen combo!), scissors, paper cutter, ink pad, marker, and pen in:

Creating on the Go: My Mobile Art Stash | creativity in motion

I’m excited to put this new mobile art stash into practice!

Creating on the Go: My Mobile Art Stash | creativity in motion

Here are a few other inspiring ideas & examples for art-making on the go!

Create a Travel Art Kit | Daisy Yellow DPP #18

My Traveling Art Studio | Dirty Footprints Studio

Traveling Zendoodles | Positive Art Therapy


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On the Go: Change, Transformation, & Action through Art

May 18, 2013

I’ve been prepping for some art therapy offerings I’ll be teaching and presenting on this summer that highlight the use of art as a tool for change, transformation, and action:

In June, I’ll be teaching Advocacy and Empowerment: Social Action and Trauma Informed Care as an intensive summer course for graduate students in Ursuline College’s Art Therapy & Counseling Program. This course will introduce students to trauma informed art-based strategies and creative applications that can be implemented into a socially engaged therapeutic practice with individuals, groups, and in the community.  Students will discover how creative expression helps provide a voice for women & youth survivors of domestic violence, families living with homelessness, and learn more about the role of art-making for empowerment, peacemaking, craftivism, and social action.

Advocacy & Empowerment: Social Change and Trauma Informed Care

In July, at The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC)’s Childhood Trauma Practitioners Assembly in Clinton Township, Michigan I will be presenting the workshop Peace Begins with Me: Creating Peacemakers through Creativity. This offering will focus on strategies important to facilitating group work about peacemaking themes with children who have been exposed to domestic violence, bullying, and relational aggression.  Participants will be introduced to sensory-based interventions, therapeutic books, and art expression that fosters peacemaking concepts, as well as cultivates possibilities for social change. In addition, content presented will help participants gain a trauma informed understanding about how these strategies and interventions promote safety, emotional expression, and coping.

I am looking forward to sharing my work, as well as other inspiring programs, projects, & initiatives with students and professionals interested in these topics. Lots of opportunities to get more involved with social action through art and the creative process!

And on a related note, I’m also thrilled to share this interview I did with Jocelyn Paige Kelly for Realizing Your Creative Life about using art for change and transformation. It includes some reflections on my passion for art therapy, my work with survivors of trauma, the artist trading card exchange Pocket Change, art based socially engaged projects that inspire me, and more.  Check it out! Thanks to Jocelyn for the invitation to contribute to this interview series!

Adventure Visioning: A Page From My Smashbook

April 7, 2013
“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” ~W. Somerset Maugham

Adventure Visioning

 I started to play with doing some visioning in my smashbook. Using magazine photo collage, drawing & inking, I began to visually organize content & happenings for the next few months ahead by converting my to-do post-it notes and lists into image form. Above is a page for April, May, June, and July, which includes inspiration about appointments, proposal deadlines, projects, brainstorming ideas, upcoming events, bits & pieces of fun stuff, & more.

Twentytwelve On the Go Adventure Gluebook

November 4, 2012

Earlier this year I started an adventure gluebook to visually document some of my travels from this year and as part of the 6 Degrees of Creativity e-workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks.  I’m super excited that I’ve finally finished this book, which is made from four repurposed file folders.

#twentytwelve #onthego

The contents of the pages (as well as for the page’s fun pockets!) are collaged of mostly items I collected on the go which included, but was not limited to: receipts, maps, stickers, stamps, flight stuff (boarding passes, baggage tags, etc.), ticket stubs, business cards, food wrappers, thank you cards, mini art I created, pins, and print materials from local tourist magazines, brochures, or related to the events I was attending.

I also used my SMASH stamp to date most of the pages, distressed ink for some of the page edges, added a little hand stitching, as well as used the wonderful collection of paper and creative goodness I received in the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Paper Stash Swap.

Sometimes I took this gluebook with me while I was traveling to work on in the hotel, on the plane, or to stash stuff. I always had a quart size plastic bag (or two!) with me full of goodies and supplies.  Other times I worked on the pages when I returned.  Working on each page was a great way to process the experience and events.

May: Arts, Military + Healing Conference : Washington DC

I think my favorite gluebooking material for this spread was all the maps I collected from around the Washington DC area featuring the city, landmarks, and public transportation.

July- TLC Childhood Trauma Practitioner’s Assembly: Michigan

In the pockets for this spread, I added mini art that I created at the conference or inspired by the program.

September- Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association Conference

I started to use some of my paper stash swap goodies I received in September for this spread.

September- Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Just before I left for my visit to SIUE, I received a portion of an Illinois map in another paper stash exchange that fit perfectly for this page!

October- Kansas’ Art Therapy Association Conference

I probably collected the most things while visiting Emporia!  My favorite gluebook addition here is probably the fortune cookie wrapper and fortune that I saved from the Chinese Buffet!

Birthday in Vegas

This page is dedicated to the week-end getaway we took to Vegas for my birthday and the various keepsakes I saved from this trip: stuff from our adventure to In and Out Burger, the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum, my filet mignon birthday steak, and fun fortune telling encounters.

October- Florida State University, Tallahassee

This spread pays tribute to FSU’s campus, which was so beautiful!

Gluebooking fun continues in a different form this week: it is the deadline for completed gluebook pages to be received for our exchange @ 6 Degrees of Creativity 2!  Stay tuned for photos and more sharing about this soon… go, gluebooking, go!

SMASHing Gratitude, Inspiration, & Rounding Up Gluebooks

August 31, 2012

Earlier this week during a trip to the art supply store, I couldn’t resist taking a look (again) at the SMASH stuff. This time I walked out of the store with purchasing a SMASH Label Maker and some SMASH calendar tape. Let the SMASHing fun continue!

My first label was dedicated to my gratitude art journal that I try to work in on Mondays.

Then I made an INSPIRE label to add to the cover of the file folder gluebook I’m working on about 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.

I also did a gluebook round up this week to assess what I’m working on… I love this pile & all its contents!

I’ve been collecting these little calendar pages all year long to use in my art journaling. This image below is from one of my SMASH books using the calendar SMASH tape.

I can’t believe it is going to be September… twentytwelve on the go continues!

Nepalese Style Peace Paper On the Go

August 25, 2012

Last week-end during a visit by Drew & Margaret, they kindly left me with two large pieces of Nepalese style Peace Paper they recently made at the Grass River in Lampson Falls, New York (thank you!). Check out the awesome photos of their outdoor papermaking in action here.

With the Buckeye Art Therapy Association Symposium approaching in a little over two weeks, I thought we could donate a piece of art created from this paper for BATA’s Annual Silent Art Auction. Money raised @ the auction will go to continued legislative efforts for Senate Bill 205, regulation to license art therapists in the state of Ohio.

I wish you could all feel the texture of this piece!  I chose one of the sand dusted papers covered with embedded pine needles to work on with beeswax, crayon wax, a little acrylic paint, and some earthy tone paper pieces received in the recent 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 paper stash swap. Lastly, I added words as part of a Prayer Flag made by Drew and also serves as one of  Peace Paper’s Icons:

love on earth

praise the lives of all

and let me deliver

the aid of humanity

to offer persistent

hope and trust

My next step is to attach a wooden dowl rod & twine across the top so it can hopefully be displayed as a wall hanging.

Margaret, Drew, and I are looking forward to spending time at this year’s BATA Symposium presenting about Peace Paper and exploring the variety of ways that the papermaking process can be used for social action, trauma intervention, and within the art therapy setting.  It’s going to be great three days…

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