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Mandala Mindfulness with 14 Secrets

July 29, 2013

The last few weeks I’ve been following Lani’s and Susanna’s 14 Secrets Mandala Challenge:

Mandala Mindfulness with 14 Secrets | creativity in motion

Part 1 of the challenge introduced this prompt by Lani: “Think of your mandala as sacred and work consciously from a quiet place inside yourself that contains your goodness and compassion”. In response, I created the above digital mandala using one of my favorite creative e-curating sites, Polyvore. Lots of mandala inspiring imagery to be found here!

Having created this mandala on a Monday morning, I remember feeling sincere appreciation for this time and moment at the beginning of the week- as well as left the experience with setting my mandala’s intention with love & growth.

Part 2 of the challenge (with lots of inspiring links!) and a how to prompt by Susanna about digital mandalas, inspired me to further experiment with digitally transforming my original mandala created for Part 1 through this lens.

I discovered the app Kooleido and that the app’s full version provides the feature to upload your own photo to create an awesome digital mandala kaleidoscope in motion using this image.

Below are only a few of the still screenshots I took of my Love and Growth Mandala morphing in action into new forms and expanding with moving life before my eyes:

Mandala Mindfulness with 14 Secrets  | creativity in motion

Mandala Mindfulness with 14 Secrets | creativity in motion

Mandala Mindfulness with 14 Secrets | creativity in motion

 To watch this transformation was absolutely soothing, relaxing, and completely brought my presence to the here and now. It was a very comforting experience to see the familiar details of colors, shapes, and symbols from my source image come together in new these mandala forms and patterns.

Thank you to Lani and Susanna for these 14 Secrets mandala prompts, links, and inspiration! Looking forward to the next part of this challenge…

You can participate every Monday in the 14 Secret’s Challenge here:


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Getting Addicted to and Making Art with Polyvore


Beginnings of a Dichotomy Fatbook

December 13, 2009

I recently was invited to and signed up for a group fatbook project with some art therapists and artists in my area.  The way this collaborative mixed media project will work is that everyone creates a 4 x 4 page for each person participating,  and then at the conclusion of the project, participants will all come together to swap pages and bind our book with the creative content everyone has created.  For more about making fatbooks check out this link here. 

I am looking forward to creating my pages for everyone and excited to see what pages and variations of the fatbook’s theme will be created by everyone else.  The swap won’t be until the summer, so I have lots of time to work on the pages I need to get done!

I started to work on some ideas via Polyvore around the theme of this fatbook: Dichotomy.  Right now I am brainstorming concepts and cultivating imagery related to the dichotomy of right-left brain characteristics, mind-body connection and theory, as well as ideas about the thinking brain vs. the feeling brain that I can incorporate into collage.  I am drawn to these concepts in my art therapy work with clients, especially related to trauma and I think this fatbook project will be a fun and creative opportunity to explore these subjects more and the relationship between them.

Below are some of my sets created with Polyvore that I will print and use for collage in the 15 pages I need to create.  Look for more updates on my dichotomy fatbook as it develops– the process is just getting started!

Dichotomy 1-Think/Feel by Gretchen Miller
Left Right Brain Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Mind-Heart Dichotomy
Mind-Heart Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Logic Intuition-Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller

See more progress on my pages here:

Think, Respond, Create: Art Peace Sustainability

September 1, 2009

Yesterday the Art Therapy Alliance and IATO launched a global interactive art event called “Art Peace Sustainability.”

The event includes submitting postcard-sized art works reflecting these concepts or making response art inspired by the following questions:

  • Does art therapy impact peace & sustainability on the planet?
  • How do art, peace, and sustainability intersect?
  • Does the creative process of art making resolve conflicts?
  • Does art therapy build and sustain community?
  • Is art therapy a “green” practice?
You can create as many artworks as you want to and participate here: submit your image to the Art Therapy Alliance group on Polyvore. The event’s concepts have important meaning to me personally and something I also try to incorporate professionally into my work as an art therapist working with children and families impacted by domestic violence. I regularly offer a community-based Peacemakers Art Therapy group for kids to help teach skills and empowerment related to peacemaking and conflict resolution through art-making, creative writing, and other activities to promote non-violence and sustainable living.
In this group, I implement art interventions that explore what peacemaking is, why it is important, and to help identify/develop peacemaking strategies that the child can use at home, school, in the community, as well as with family, friends, and bullies. The art therapy group also supports the child’s emotional expression, self-esteem, working together, and problem solving skills related to the peacemaking concept. The image below was inspired by this work and values I try to inspire in the kids I work with in the Peacemakers Group:
Make Art, Make Peace
How would you respond to the above questions? Time to make some art for a good cause!

Getting Addicted to and Making Art with Polyvore

August 9, 2009

This week-end I stumbled upon Polyvore, a free on-line web application and creative community that allows users to create works of art called “sets” from mixing and matching images from all over the web. The site is primarily style and fashion driven, with lots of brand selections to choose from, such as endless catalogs, stock photos, and image content. It is easy to keyword search for images or install a “clipper” to import images from other websites, and begin dragging and dropping items to arrange, layer, and create your set. In addition, you can add text to what you have put together, choosing from many different types of fonts. It’s also easy to share your sets with the Polymore community, its many groups, or with your own social media network.

After exploring Polyvore a little more to create my first “set”, it did not take long for me to become hooked. I had a lot of fun searching for images, designs, objects, and words that I could use. Below is the first image I put together with only a few images from searching different Polyvore categories.

BeTrue by Gretchen Miller on

After playing around with Polyvore a little more, including a few drafted and published sets later, I started to incorporate more images/content and experimented with layering.

rev o' lution
rev o’ lution by Gretchen Miller on
Learn, Live, Hope: Never Look Back
Learn, Live, Hope: Never Look Back by Gretchen Miller

It was difficult to stop once I got started! Lots of opportunitity to be creative, become inspired, and share…. I’m sure I’ll be creating many new sets soon with this new discovery and as I learn more about what Polyvore has to offer. Check out new additions of images I created here. Tips and suggestions are welcome!

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