More Gluebook Goings On @ 6 Degrees of Creativity 2

 It’s time for another gluebook round-up and inspiring happenings from my 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 e-workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks!

I am excited to share only a sampling of the books, pages, and ideas being created from workshop participants (!) :

Nancy’s Gluebook

Nancy Lautenbach facilitated a file folder gluebook project with a workshop she offered for Arts at Smith student orientation with the theme of managing the upcoming year.  The gluebook above is Nancy’s example that she made for students. You can see more of Nancy’s pictures from this gluebook workshop on her Flickr Set


Janet’s Gluebook

Janet McLeod has also been busy with file folder gluebooking in New Zealand!  On her blog Positive Art Therapy, Janet posted how she has used her file folder gluebook to explore her Ikigai and the intentions Create, Inspire, Share, Care and Be. Learn more about this gluebook’s theme by reading Janet’s post My Ikigai: What gets me up in the mornings.


Hannah’s Gluebook Spread

After receiving some inspiration from a NY Times Arts article, Hannah Klaus Hunter decided to dedicate her gluebook theme to all the art exhibitions around the country she wants to visit in 2013.  Read more on her blog and post Gluebooks on the Move.


Emma’s Gluebook

Emma Parker continues her pages in her gluebook created from envelopes at Stitch Therapy Headquarters in the UK.  On this spread above , Emma uses a page from an old nurse’s dictionary combined with fiber art.  Follow Emma’s gluebook happenings and stories on her blog here.


Gluebooks from Natalya

Natalya Garden-Thompson was inspired by the brown paper bag gluebook idea to start experimenting with it in her adult art group for storytelling.  Check out this beautiful pic of Natayla’s embellished brown paper shopping bags drying in the sun in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Jolie & Sandhya Digital Smashbooking

Inspired by the Paper Stash Swap we had in September, Jolie Buchanan and Sandhya Artique have taken this activity to a new and virtual level!  They have both been collaborating on & exchanging “digital paper images” with one another to use in their smashbooking.


Susanna’s Gluebook Pages

Another upcoming collaboration within the Creative Goodness with Gluebooks Workshop is a gluebook page exchange this November.  The photo above is a batch of gluebook pages received from Susanna Suchak this week from Ontario, Canada.  Participants in this exchange are creating a series of 5 x 7 gluebook pages that will be swapped with other community members next month!

I’m excited to see what continues to develop over the last few months of this workshop. Thank you to all the workshop participants for sharing their art, inspirations, & ideas!

Today’s SMASH Booking: 6 Words to Discovering My Ikigai

Earlier this week Janet McLeod shared an inspiring post about Ikigai on her blog Positive Art Therapy.  Ikigai in Japanese connects us to the purposes or intentions that get us out of bed every morning to help bring happiness and meaning to our lives.  To learn more about the concept of Ikigai and how it can be applied to our daily life, career path, and relationships, check out this posting via the WorkLife Group.

Janet described a prompt she participated in that explored her Ikigai through identifying six intentions that described it in only five minutes.   After creating her list, Janet went a step further and created a file folder gluebook dedicated to her Ikigai— what a great idea!

Over at Lani Gerity‘s blog and also inspired byJanet’s post, Lani created some of her own art Ikigai art and a list using the same prompt. Lani also encouraged us to contribute to our collective Ikigai through taking five minutes to make our own list of six words.

This morning I woke up with Ikigai on the brain and put these six words on this list in my new SMASH book:

I think these six words (I know a couple are two!) are what gets me going and up every day, despite the challenges life can bring.   I believe Hope, Creativity, Loving Kindness, Growth, Inspiration, & Meaningful Connection are essential driving forces in my day to day life, the work I do, the choices I make, my well being, and in my relationships with others.

Thank you to Janet and Lani for sharing their experiences and Ikigai good vibes!  I would love to see more Ikigai!