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Things I Remembered: Looking Back with Some Creative Clarity

February 23, 2014

Throughout this month I’ve been reflecting on some of my past art journaling and creative work from the last couple or so years…

Things I Remembered: creativity in motion

#thingsiremembered: circa 2012 revo’lution making

That’s one of the awesome things about art expression, it is a tangible & visual record that the artist can look back on at any moment in time. Often the process of looking back on a series of creative work can reveal new discoveries or provide clarity that can now be seen in a different light or perspective.

In this tinybudda post about [writing] journaling tips for growing, healing, and thriving (which I think I’ve posted here before!), author Loran Hills shares:

“Reading back through my journals has helped me reflect on where I used to be and where I am now in my life. It’s a method of allowing the light of understanding and compassion to shine on my past.”

I agree!

You can learn more about the benefits of looking back (and going forward!) here.

On a “things I forgot” (related) note: In a moment of material sorting and organizing this week-end, I also discovered some art that had been lost & forgotten- buried underneath a stash of art stuff I threw in the closet of my creative space probably about a year ago.

The piece was a little crumpled and disheveled, but it was a super nice discovery to be re-united with it again. With care, I took it to my Smashbook and taped it to one of the pages. Ahhhh…. a safe home. Finally where it belongs. How refreshing to look at it now with fresh eyes and some breathing space… What was lost is now found.

Things I Remembered: Looking Back with Some Creative Clarity

Lost & Found

How have you used looking back on your creative expression as a way to grow?


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twentytwelve revo’lution book reflection

Prepare > Intent > Create > Transform: ready for revo’lution [2014]

twentytwelve revo’lution book reflection

December 27, 2012

In these last few days of 2012, I’ve been thinking more about this past year’s ready for revo’lution book and the intentions I identified: Authenticity, Creativity, Attention, Sincerity, Re-Connection, Kindness, Perspective, and Joy. I re-read my posts archived for this year’s revo’lution and also spent some reflection with the art. Each intention still resonates with the strong connection and positive energy the pages inspired during their creation last December, manifested in my 2012 life, and the important gifts they each continue to provide.

2012 revo'lution pages

I hold such amazing appreciation for the places, people, moments, choices, and opportunities that nurtured these eight intentions throughout this year.

My process has come full circle:

Preparation:  [prep·a·ra·tion]
The action of making ready or being made ready for use.

Intention: [in·ten·tion]
A course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action; an objective, purpose.

Creation: [cre·a·tion]
The action or process of bringing something into existence.

Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion]
A marked or thorough change in form.

These intentions and the lighted path they have led me to has also created an important foundation of understanding for my next revo’lution dedicated to Stillness, Honor, Trust, Light, Simplicity, and Service in 2013.

2012 revo’lution in reflection, 2013 in creation begins

December 1, 2012

my 2012 revo’lution

Throughout this last month of the year, I’ll be spending some time with my annual practice of reflecting on my 2012 revo’lution, as well as starting to create my new revo’lution for twentythirteen:

2013 revo'lution brainstorming

2013 revo’lution brainstorming

 Ready for some revo’lution reflection & creation! I’m looking forward to posting more soon….

Strengh in Hand: Merging the Perception of Reflection with Reality

October 23, 2012

“In art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine. ” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve been inspired by this art prompt from Lani and Susanna (thank you!) over at the 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist’s Life community that presents the challenge to find images merging the perception of reflection with reality:

Hand Reflection

On Sunday (also my birthday), I took this image of my hand surrounded my mirrors. The photograph reflects at the same time (via the mirror and camera lens) the outside/top of my hand, as well as the inside/palm of my hand.

The image of the hand and its meaning has a lot of wonder for me (to create, comfort, express, help, feel) but on this day my hand extends strength radiated by the light coming from my fingertips (like a superpower!) activated and visible only in the reflection.

my 2011 revo’lution reflection!

December 16, 2011

This week I have started to take an end of the year look at my 2011 revo’lution.  For the last few years I have been practicing a year end tradition of creating my “revo’lution”, a process where I identify intentions that I want to focus more on and strengthen throughout the upcoming year. I then create images in response to these concepts and make an annual revo’lution book as a visual reminder, as well as take a look back at the end of the year.

This year’s intentions were Truth, Choice, Nurture, Imagine, Inspire, Change, Freedom, and Passion:

My revo’lution intentions throughout 2011 invited lots of activity that I am excited to reflect on!  This year’s revo’lution helped me with discovering where to spend worthwhile energy, work on maintaining balance, and how to create meaningful use of my time.  Being mindful throughout this year to engage in activities that empowered me to spend thoughtful time and focus related to art-making, community organizing, strengthening my gratitude practice and embracing activities that nurtured my relationships, creativity and work thrive with good vibes were all very important.  This year’s revo’lution also helped me honor the parts of myself that enjoys having fun, independence, and remembering to value my individuality, ideas, and motivation without the need to seek permission.

I am grateful for inspiring friends, colleagues, kind creative souls, new inspirations, ideas, travels, unconditional support, and loads of positive energy that helped contribute to making this year’s revo’lution rewarding and fullfilling!  A slideshow of faces and places highlighting some of my 2011 revo’lution fun can be seen here.

In the works: Creating my 2012’s revolution book with the intentions Sincerity, Re-Connection, Authenticity, Creativity, Perspective, Kindness, Attention, and Joy.  Look for the reveal of this coming soon!


What does your revolution look like?

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