Creative Action Link Round-Up: Racial Justice, Anti-Racism, & Social Change

This creative action link round up shares some art therapy and art-based resources to learn more about racial trauma, ways that art therapists can practice anti-racism, as well as how the arts are providing a voice to pain, loss, suffering, and bring communities together in protest, meaningful change, hope, solidarity, & advocacy.  This post also honors the contributions of African American pioneers in the field of art therapy.

  • Creative Healing Spaces: Healing From Racial Wounds: Three lessons art therapist Lindsey D. Vance has learned about changing the framework of therapy in her practice with clients of color to respond to racial trauma, engage in community based practice, and bring communities together through art.  Lindsey also participated last week in a Creative Justice FB Live with Sharon @ Spark Your Creative to discuss the intensity of what we are seeing and hearing, how it can deeply affect our ability to create , what we do create, and how we can heal ourselves and others affected by violence in our communities.
  • Cultural Humility in Art Therapy– In this book published early in 2020, art therapist Dr. Louvenia Jackson writes about cultural humility in art therapy, as a lens to address power differentials and encourage art therapists to examine privilege within social constructs, become mindful of our own bias, assumptions and beliefs.
  • Anti-racist Approach to Art Therapy: Re-examining Core Concepts– Three strategies from art therapist Dr. Jordan Potash for art therapists to confront race-based injustices & power differentials in our practice and with systems. Learn more about how art therapists can develop an anti-racist perspective, re-examine art therapy concepts through anti-racist paradigms, and advocate for system change.
  • Framing Race in the Context of Art Therapy: Art therapist Dr. Cheryl Doby-Copeland frames race in the context of art therapy through defining racism, racial trauma, & bringing awareness to the impact of societal discrimination & oppression with clients & families of color.






  • Honoring African-American Art Therapy Pioneers : Learn about the contributions of Georgette Seabrooke Powell, Charles Anderson, Dr. Sarah McGee, Dr. Lucille Venture, and Cliff Joseph to the profession of art therapy as leaders, clinicians, educators, researchers, authors, artists, and advocates.



My Own Call to Action: 


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Creative Resilience Link Round Up

Creative Resilience Link Round Up

Creative Resilence | creativity in motion
make&do 365: Resilient Insights

I’ve put together a round up of recent links and posts that highlight the role of creativity in managing challenging times, finding hope, and empowering resilience. I hope you find them as inspiring and helpful as I have.  As I was reading these posts over the last couple of months, they have been comforting messages about the importance of creative expression to make sense of new shifts, uncertain moments, and distressing times. They have also been amazing reminders of the power art and creative expression hold to connect us to our voice and each other.

On this day, I am grateful for all of this.


Creative Resilence | creativity in motion
make&do 365: Change Agent: Artful Entry


Creative Resilence | creativity in motion
make&do 365: Creative Evolutionists

Shout Out Of Creative Blog Love – Round Up #3

Link Love

Here’s my 3rd installment of Link Love-  the mission I’ve accepted for the month of April inspired by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  I am starting a new week of rounding up with a shout out of love to these blogs:

Link Love- Round Up #3

  • 37 days: This “make art“, daily rock post from Patti Digh’s blog was a refreshing reminder to see pop up in my news feed on Friday
  • lani puppetmaker: Last week, Lani Gerity announced the release of her new eBook, Elephant Training and the Happy Artist, 24 chapters dedicated to “developing a creative practice, or fine tuning it to make it more inspiring and joy filled.”  I’ve been following Lani’s blog posts featuring her beautiful images and inspiring writings about the art of elephant training and look forward to receiving this book… My order is in and on its way!

One more round up left for next week on 4/29/13!  Want to catch up on my past Link Love recommendations?  Check them out here.

Inspiring, Artsy Link Love- Round Up #1

Not only did I discover Tammy’s awesome Link Love initiative last week, but that she also kindly included Creativity in Motion and my 365 Project on her list of five blogs in her recent post.  Thank you Tammy! 🙂  I want to contribute towards her search for fun this April and pay the shout out I received forward to other blogs I am inspired by… and you can too…. Read more about Tammy’s mission to share the link love here and how to get involved!

Share the :Love!

Every Monday for the rest of April (8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th), I’ll be posting five blogs to help spread some link love … Blogs that I hope inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Here’s my 5 for this week..Check them out:

Link Love for April 8
  • {stargardener’s} right brain planner: I’m really drawn to Teresa Robinson’s creative mojo of art journaling, quotes, photo goodness and her doses of beautiful light… I smile when I see Teresa’s stuff pop up in my newsfeeds….
  • art evolutions:  For more good vibes, I look forward to seeing posts from Lizzie Bellotto, whether this is her Inspiration Monday or Mid-Week Pondering updates.  I’ve also really enjoyed her recent work of mandalas!
  • a big creative yes: I loooove Dan James’ inspirational writing and reflections… it’s one of the few blogs that I go back and re-read past posts from his archives.
  • inner canvas: For the art therapist in me, reading Lisa Mitchell’s blog is super nuturing!

SMASHing Gratitude, Inspiration, & Rounding Up Gluebooks

Earlier this week during a trip to the art supply store, I couldn’t resist taking a look (again) at the SMASH stuff. This time I walked out of the store with purchasing a SMASH Label Maker and some SMASH calendar tape. Let the SMASHing fun continue!

My first label was dedicated to my gratitude art journal that I try to work in on Mondays.

Then I made an INSPIRE label to add to the cover of the file folder gluebook I’m working on about 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.

I also did a gluebook round up this week to assess what I’m working on… I love this pile & all its contents!

I’ve been collecting these little calendar pages all year long to use in my art journaling. This image below is from one of my SMASH books using the calendar SMASH tape.

I can’t believe it is going to be September… twentytwelve on the go continues!