Moments of Creative Breath: Creative Deed 365- September & October Offerings

It’s been a super active last couple of months during my Creative Deed making, so I am catching up on sharing my offerings here for the months of September and October!

Creative Deed 365 | creativity in motion

In moments of long days & busy scheduling; having a moment everyday to stop & create truly fosters a sense of centering and opportunity to catch & regulate my creative breath.  It’s times like these that this daily creative practice is important more than ever.  It’s also a valuable reminder how essential it is to have this commitment part of my day and self care. I breathe in stillness & grounding. I exhale the possibility each deed released into the world could offer to another.

Creative Deed 365 | creativity in motion
Creative Deed 254 discovered on September 11

So here are the offerings I’ve made over the last 2 months with these quick videos from Flipagram (click on the image to view!)… These little videos are so much fun to create!

Creative Deed 365: September Offerings

Creative Deed 365: October Offerings

I also recommend these great reads to advocate for the role of creativity in self-care:

The Creative Life and Well Being- The Creativity Post

Are you missing out on an essential ingredient? – Kind Over Matter

Happy November and Art On!





273 days of revo’lution making | my 365 project

September: 365 revo'lution making | creativity in motion

Here is September’s revo’lution making for my 365 project:

Days 244-249 : 273 days of revo'lution making | my 365 project: creativity in motion
Days 244-249
250-255: 273 days of revo'lution making | my 365 project: creativity in motion
Days 250-255
256-261: 273 days of revo'lution making | my 365 project: creativity in motion
Days 256-261
262-267: 273 days of revo'lution making | my 365 project: creativity in motion
Days 262-267
268-273: 273 days of revo'lution making | my 365 project: creativity in motion
Days 268-273

Some revo’lution making and intention inspirations:

{stargardner’s} right brain planner

14 Secrets for a Happy Artist’s Life

Dirty Footprints Studio

Messy Canvas

Rebelle Society

daisy yellow


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6 Degrees of Creativity On Sale Now!

I am excited to announce that The Art Therapy Alliance’s 6 Degrees of Creativity goes on sale today!  Woo hoo!

As first introduced in July, 6 Degrees of Creativity is inspired by the “Six Degrees of Separation” concept that each of us, no matter where we live in the world are only about six relationships away from one another, as well as embraces the power of social networking, the arts, and interactive creativity to making a difference through art-making, creative goodness, and community.

6 Degrees of Creativity is a 6 month on-line workshop opening October 10, 2011 and running until March 1, 2012 with 6 different workshops, offered by a group of 6 inspiring instructors from the art therapy community to explore hands-on concepts, art-making, and ideas related to themes about transformation, social change, collaboration, and using art for good.

You can now register anytime between today and December 1, 2011 & participate from anywhere in the world, anytime, and on your schedule, whether it is on your laptop, tablet, desktop, or even on the go via your mobile device!  This workshop is open to art therapists, artists, creatives, students, and those interested in art-making connected to the workshop’s theme.  Workshop content will include PDFs, video tutorials, written instruction, photos, art sharing, and on-line chats that will be available within the 6 Degrees of Creativity community. The community’s social networking component will further enhance the sharing of creative goodness among participants, offer opportunities for discussion & idea exchanging, as well as deepen connection through art-making.

6 Degrees of Creativity features a fabulous line up of instructors: Kristina Bell DiTullo, Lani Gerity, Cathy Malchiodi, Jenny Navarro, Katarina Thorsen and yours truly. Only $49 for all 6 workshops!

For more 6 Degrees of Creativity workshop and instructor details and to register, please visit:

Enjoy!  Lots of fun beginning this fall through next spring– Get ready!