Creative Goodness with Gluebooks: eBook [Free!]

Inspired by my 2012 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 e-workshop, Creative Goodness with Gluebooks, a mini eBook is now available to download!

Creative Goodness with Gluebooks eBook

Creative Goodness with Gluebooks invites you to learn about the possibilities and creativity of gluebooks! This free 6 page color PDF will introduce you to easy ideas that gluebooks can be created with repurposed and general art materials, as well as fun ways to develop, collect, and use your paper stash!


  • What is a Gluebook?
  • Cultivating & Creating Your Paper Stash
  • Paper Stash Ideas
  • Material Ideas to Use with Gluebooking
  • Gluebook Prompts
  • Brown Paper Bag Gluebook How To
  • File Folder Gluebook How To [VIDEO]
  • SMASH books
  • Inspiration, Resources, & Links

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Happy Gluebooking!


Today’s SMASH Booking: 6 Words to Discovering My Ikigai

Earlier this week Janet McLeod shared an inspiring post about Ikigai on her blog Positive Art Therapy.  Ikigai in Japanese connects us to the purposes or intentions that get us out of bed every morning to help bring happiness and meaning to our lives.  To learn more about the concept of Ikigai and how it can be applied to our daily life, career path, and relationships, check out this posting via the WorkLife Group.

Janet described a prompt she participated in that explored her Ikigai through identifying six intentions that described it in only five minutes.   After creating her list, Janet went a step further and created a file folder gluebook dedicated to her Ikigai— what a great idea!

Over at Lani Gerity‘s blog and also inspired byJanet’s post, Lani created some of her own art Ikigai art and a list using the same prompt. Lani also encouraged us to contribute to our collective Ikigai through taking five minutes to make our own list of six words.

This morning I woke up with Ikigai on the brain and put these six words on this list in my new SMASH book:

I think these six words (I know a couple are two!) are what gets me going and up every day, despite the challenges life can bring.   I believe Hope, Creativity, Loving Kindness, Growth, Inspiration, & Meaningful Connection are essential driving forces in my day to day life, the work I do, the choices I make, my well being, and in my relationships with others.

Thank you to Janet and Lani for sharing their experiences and Ikigai good vibes!  I would love to see more Ikigai!

Ways to Stay Creative

I’ve created an abbreviated list of my ways to stay creative inspired by this week’s 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist‘s Life blog post:  30 Secrets to Stay Creative  and Lani’s prompt for #30 on the list:

Ways To Stay Creative List- July2012

Here’s a top 10 list that I created in my SMASH book:

1. Play!   In my creative making, I enjoy doing this through experimenting with new art materials, techniques, and programs…. I think most of what I have discovered I love has been through trial & error and having fun with the process!

2. Connect with your passion and what inspires you.  For me, being creative is lots more fun when I feel a connection!  I try and discover new or re-connect with existing  inspirations and motivations that will help cultivate these creative connections on an emotional level.

3. Start over. Starting over, from scratch, going back to the “drawing board” or beginning again and again often brings new discoveries for me!

4. Practice random acts of creative kindness.   It’s fun to create stuff for others- either for something special or for no reason at all!

5. Take pictures.  Of people, places, & things!!  I especially enjoy checking out my Instagram feed to see images of what creative friends & colleagues are currently working on in the moment, new projects, daily intentions, or for inspiration.

6. Make time and space.   Physical, emotional, and virtual at home, work, and on the go.

7. Enjoy breaks.  Enjoying the breaks I take are important to keep my creative flow going.

8. Create with others & collaborate.  Sharing ideas, working on projects, and inspiring one another. I like being able to take some time for an art making meet up or gathering with friends.

9. Try new ideas and things.  Art materials, music, places, experiences, and more that help me grow.

10. Keep a journal.  Art journaling, gluebooking, smashing & stashing for list making, collaging, note taking, visioning, imagining, and more!

On my SMASH book spread I also included some of the things I currently enjoy creating and have inspired much activity in my recent creative life!

If you haven’t seen the 29 Ways to Stay Creative video out there, take a look- it’s one of my favorites!