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Prepare > Intent > Create > Transform: ready for revo’lution [2014]

January 7, 2014
ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion

ready for revo’lution 2014


I’ve spent the first few days of January working on the pages of my 2014 revo’lution book, transformed & altered from a small children’s board book.

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion

My 2014 intentions for this year are Grace, Tranquility, Mercy, Blithe, Soul, and Openness:

[Inward grace calls me here….]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


[That tranquility you call peace… lives in my heart]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


[Your mercies are new + begin again everyday…]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


[Boundless + Free…]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


[Listen to + trust the voice of your own soul…]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


[Abundance everyday…]

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion


Revo’lution making for the past 6 years has taught me how important intentions are for new beginnings, change, growth, challenge, and transformation.

ready for revo'lution [2014] | creativity in motion

I want to share another annual revo’lution making tradition that always inspires me–this year Lani created a Create Happiness Revo’lution and transformed her board book pages into a downloadable PDF that you can find here. I am also excited to read that AJ who was an active participant in my 2011 21 SECRETS revo’lution workshop continues to engage in this creative practice and will be working on her revo’lution book throughout this year. Having just finished my 365 revo’lution and taking time throughout the year to focus on this intention manifesting process, I love that AJ will be spreading out her 2014 revo’lution love this way!

If you’re interested in creating your own revo’lution, check out my ready to revo’lution e-book or consider joining in on this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity where I’ll be offering an art journaling workshop dedicated to revo’lution making (includes the e-book!) as one of 6 online workshops dedicated to concepts of connecting, collaboration, art-making, and creativity into an engaged community of artists exploring transformation and using art for good. Registration goes on sale in a couple of weeks (stay tuned!) and will be open until July 31.


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Art and Soul

June 17, 2009
Art & Soul- 2009 Buckeye Art Therapy Association Symposium

Art and Soul- 2009 Buckeye Art Therapy Association Symposium

I am excited to announce that  program offerings are now available and registration open for The Buckeye Art Therapy Association’s 28th Annual Symposium – ART & SOUL.  BATA’s Symposium will be held September 11 and 12, 2009 in the Columbus, OH area at the Embassy Suites Dublin.  Keynote speakers include Bruce L. Moon, Ph.D., ATR-BC and Catherine Moon, MA, ATR-BC  who are nationally recognized art therapists, authors, and educators in the art therapy field.  Their Friday night keynote address will be In the Thick of Things: Considering the Material and Immaterial Essence of Art Therapy and they will be providing a workshop on Performing Art Therapy’s Essence Saturday morning. Read more about these offerings and Bruce and Cathy here. 

The BATA Symposium will also include many other presentations, workshops, and forums about art therapy throughout the two days. Topics range from medical art therapy, art therapy and social media, supervision, ethics, as well as many opportunities to make lots of art in the workshops being offered. There will also be an open forum and dialogue with BATA founder and AATA co-founder Don Jones. For more information and descriptions about what is being offered, check out the program schedule here

This gathering in September is not to be missed!  Register today! If you are interested in learning more, visit BATA’s Symposium website at: I hope to see you there!

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