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Gratitude Round-Up: Creativity, Resilience, & Well-being

November 23, 2017

I thought today would be a nice time to re-share some of my favorite archived blog posts about gratitude, creativity, resilience, and well-being. I enjoyed re-visiting these and I hope you will enjoy this round-up too:

These posts continue to guide me about the importance of having a gratitude practice and the role of creativity in helping support and express what we are thankful for– especially in times of uncertainty, stress, or conflict. Not just today or when times are tough, but beneficial for our well-being everyday.  A wonderful opportunity for us to activate daily creative practices with an attention to gratitude.  🙂


Twentythirteen A-Z Word Mandala o’ Thankfulness

November 19, 2013

One of the ways I’ve enjoyed making my practice of making gratitude lists a little creative is to turn them into Wordles.  I recently started experimenting with the word cloud site Tagxedo, where you can transform your words into even more shapes!

As the Thanksgiving season quickly approaches here, this is my annual A to Z gratitude inspired list…. in the form of word mandala:

Twentythirteen A-Z Word Mandala o’ Thankfulness | creativity in motion

A: Ascending & Abiding
B: Breath, Beginner’s Mind, Blessings, Balance, Boundaries
C: Creativity
D: (1) Day at a time
E: Energy (flows where intention goes)
F: Future, Firewalking, Freedom, Forgiveness
G: Grace
H: Health (ier), Healing, Hope
I: Intention, Inspiration
J: (2013’s) Journey
K: Kindness
L: Light, Love, Life
M: Mercy
N: Namaste
O: Openness, Open Heart
P: Patience
Q: Quiet time
R: revol’ution making, renewal, recovery, resolve
S: Silence, Soul, Stillness, Simplicity, Shift, Sacred, Space
T: therapy, treasure
U: understanding
V: voice, values
W: wings, wholeness, witness
X: x-tra ❤
Y: yellow (sun)
Z: zen moments

No amount of tagxedo words can fully express the love & deep appreciation that this list embodies, including so many individuals, adventures, and experiences that have inspired, nurtured, and brought clarity to my 2013 journey.  Thank you!


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Twentytwelve A-Z Wordle O’ Thankfulness

November 21, 2012

Twentytwelve’s A-Z Wordle o’ Thankfulness

Here’s an A to Z gratitude list that I’ve made into this year’s Thanksgiving Eve’s wordle o’ thankfulness! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this list in my twentytwelve life:

A- Art Therapy:  The community, my work, and being able to help & serve others with this profession.

B- Breaks: For art-making, resting, & getting grounded.

C- Creative Goodness: To make art for good, foster community & meaningful connection.

D- Distressed Ink: For my art journaling pages, smashbooking, artist trading cards, and more!

E- Energy: Finding & re-discovering positive energy full of good vibes and intention.

F- Friendship & Family: love, care, and support.

G- Gluebooks: And how they fill up with so much joy, adventure, and creativity!

H- Health: What helps me stay strong and appreciate what really matters in life.

I- Inspiration & Ideas: My favorite blogs, colleagues, friends, artists, organizations, and projects I admire for collective inspiration, idea sharing, and passion that fosters my practice as an art journaler, artist, art therapist, and individual seeking to contribute good and passion into this world.

J- Joy: Moments of simple happiness and good things.

K- Kindness: The receiving and giving of loving kindness.

L- Love & Light: For showing me the way.

M- Music:  Especially on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube.

N- Niceness: Comforting smiles, kind words, and welcoming spirit.

O- October: Good times.

P- Paper:  For art-making, for paper swapping, for making peace.

Q- Quiet Time: Breathing and relaxation moments during my group work with youth.

R- Random Acts of Creative Kindness: Mail art fun & unexpected notes to give and receive.

S- Strength: To be well, be true, be brave.

T- Trust: The process of letting go.

U- Unconditional Love: To be, offer, share, and grow.

V- Vision: Hindsight, foresight, insight.

W- Wings: For flying, adventure, and soaring.

X– (e)Xchanges: Paper stash swapping, sock monkey exchanging, permission card swapping, & gluebook page sharing.

Y- Yoda’s Wisdom: Always good.

Z-  zzzzz’s:  8 hours of peaceful sleep and rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  Thank you for your interest and support throughout the year of Creativity in Motion!

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