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Art Therapy Happenings and Goings On: twentythirteen fall on the go

August 19, 2013

I’ve been gearing up for art therapy fall happenings and goings on that I’m looking forward to this year… Lots of good stuff on the calendar! Check it out:

This week begins the first day of Art Therapy Studio I that I’ll be teaching for Ursuline College’s Art Therapy  and Counseling Program.  I’m very excited to meet the students and work together throughout the fall semester exploring concepts about the creative process, developing their unique self-expression, and symbolic language through art.  This course engages students in tons of personal art making in and outside of class, as well as time to reflect about their identity as an artist, which I believe is so essential in the on-going work of an art therapist. Students will be creating a portfolio of work, exploring artist mentors, and telling their own path as an artist through digital storytelling to help facilitate this discovery.

Next month, I’ll be attending Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association’s Annual Symposium (September 28 & 29) featuring  Dr. Harriet Wadeson as the Keynote Speaker. Dr. Wadeson “will focus on the use of creative self-expression in facing severe illness as an experienced art therapist and from the subjective vantage point of her own cancer diagnosis and treatment as highlighted in her recent book, Journaling Cancer in Words and Images: Caught in the Clutch of the Crab.” On-line registration is still open until August 26 to attend this 2 day event of art therapy offerings!

toplogoIn October I’ll be visiting Mount Mary University in Milwaukee again to teach a week-end class about Art Therapy Interventions and Strategies with Survivors of Domestic Violence. Content related to group work & appropriate themes, using art to help re-establish safety, build resiliency, manage traumatic stress, as well as art’s role to empower a visual voice in trauma intervention will be explored. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with Mount Mary’s art therapy graduate students and to share my experiences over this 3 day offering.

Also in October, I’ll be attending the Illinois Art Therapy Association Conference (October 26), Collective Rekindling: Healing Narratives in Art Therapy being held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The Keynote Speaker for this conference is Dr. Lani Gerity, which is so perfect for the conference theme!  As part of the conference, I’ll be presenting a workshop on Art Journaling’s Visual Voice in Trauma Intervention. This hands-on workshop will explore the use of art journaling as a safe, contained space for processing emotional expression, promoting self care, and sharing ones personal narrative and intentions. Content will include themes and the benefits of art journaling as a visual voice and means of trauma intervention with youth and women survivors of trauma.  Participants will engage in creating their own mini art journal with mixed media to identify and support their own professional self-care practices and intentions related to working with trauma & loss issues.

I’ll also be presenting my art journaling and trauma intervention workshop at the 4th Annual Expressive Therapies Summit while in New York City this November. Check out my offering on November 10 and others related to Story, Journaling, and Poetry in Therapy available at this year’s Summit here. This year’s Summit includes over 175 faculty presenting on 7 Creative Arts over 4 days throughout NYC!

I hope our paths will cross to meet up or say hello at one of these offerings this fall!


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Twentythirteen Revo’lution Cards of Intention

December 14, 2012

Throughout this month I have continued working on my 2013 revo’lution.  This has become an annual practice for me called ready for revo’lution where I identify intentions that I want to manifest and cultivate throughout the upcoming new year and then create an image that represents it that I can keep handy as a visual reminder.

During the previous four years I have created an altered book using a children’s board book and mixed media to feature 8 intentions.  For this 5th year, I was really drawn to simplifying my practice and only identifying 6 intentions in the size of artist trading cards.  I think this was inspired by and and has become an extension of the powerful experience I had this year with creating my Blessing Cards for Hannah Klaus Hunter‘s 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 e-workshop Still Place in a Changing World: Mindful Studio Practice.

2013 Revolution Intention Cards

My 2013 core revo’lution Intention Cards

This year’s revo’lution includes the core intentions Light, Stillness, Trust, Service, Stillness, and Honor.

I’ve also been studying up on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s perspective on intention as “not as something you do—but as an energy you’re a part of.”  The 6 intentions I have named above are energies I want to be connected to, help create, and be mindfully aware of in this new approaching year.

You can learn more about Dr. Dyer’s work and research about the Power of Intention in this lecture:

Soooo….I wonder what would manifest if we developed an intentional revo’lution practice every day in 2013 through art-making? What would your 2013 revo’lution look like?

2012 revo’lution in reflection, 2013 in creation begins

December 1, 2012

my 2012 revo’lution

Throughout this last month of the year, I’ll be spending some time with my annual practice of reflecting on my 2012 revo’lution, as well as starting to create my new revo’lution for twentythirteen:

2013 revo'lution brainstorming

2013 revo’lution brainstorming

 Ready for some revo’lution reflection & creation! I’m looking forward to posting more soon….

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